Thursday, November 7, 2013

There's a New Knucklehead in Town...

I'm just going to say it. And it may be hard for some of you to hear. But I'm struggling with Blake
Shelton. I know. You love him. You pick him to be your coach every time you daydream all four judges chairs flip around to the sweet sound of your (The) Voice.

The reason I am struggling is because I thought I wanted to be on his team too.

But what do you think Blake Shelton means when he says something like this:

"You can't be a geek AND be that awesome!" - (Blake Shelton, "The Voice" live Monday night 11.04.13)

I wasn't even looking at the screen when he said it. I, of course, was tweeting...but listening to The Voice and getting blown away by the level of talent I heard coming from my TV set. When the contestant was done singing, that's what Blake Shelton said to him, out loud, on national television. Probably while both Blake's mom and the contestant's mom were watching. Thomas and Kate's mom happened to be listening as well (that's me). She had a "last straw" reaction to Blake's comment.

Angelica the bully. 
I just think (yes, I'm back in the first person) if you are someone who feels you can call someone a geek to their face on national televison, you might have a bully complex. You are undermining someone in an extremely public way when you call them that in front of, let's assume, millions of people. It's humiliating. It's belittling. You're like Angelica from The RugRats. Or. You're like Blake Shelton.

Let's revisit his recent twitter rant that unknowingly pushed me to the brink, and him to the cusp of the knucklehead list:

Re-writing my fav Shania Twain song...any man that tries touching my behind he's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy..." - Blake Shelton

And then, instead of apologizing for what reads to me like a pretty violent sentiment directed at gay men, men whom I bet Blake perceived as geeks in high school, he follows it up with:

Ba! Ha! Reading all my anti-gay hate tweets...Ha! Ha! If people only knew even a little about me, my family, and friends. Dumb asses..."

Wow. That really cleared things up for me. I always apologize for saying completely ignorant things by saying even more completely ignorant things. Oh wait a minute. No I don't...

How often do you actually call someone a geek or a dumb ass over the course of a day or a week or a year? I mean call them that out loud, not under your breath or quietly to yourself in the office conference room.

Okay, let's try this question. When was the last time you posted a public apology to your Facebook or Twitter account and referred to the people you're apologizing to as dumb asses?

Lastly, this question is specifically for Blake, why can't a geek be awesome? Is it because geeks were theater fags in your high school?

Blake's laywer: OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR.

Your Honor: Objection sustained.

#Hendo: I know, I know. I'm not allowed to connect dots or make assumptions, not even here in my own Kangaroo Court. So I withdraw the question.

But I officially have my eye on your client's dumb ass (I am directing that statement to Blake's make-believe lawyer).

And I've got him in my knucklehead column until further notice.

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  1. Kristen - I totally agree with you RE: Mr. Shelton, lock-stock-'n-barrel. If Blake weren't doing the "good ol' boy music thang", I think it's a good bet that he'd be date-rape FRAT BOY at a same-type school.

    A misogynist is a misogynist, no matter what accent!