Monday, October 14, 2013

The UM in Columbus Day.

What's up with this holiday? It has been well refuted that Columbus did not discover America. He landed in the Bahamas. Last time I looked out my window, I was not in the Bahamas.

And it's well documented that he committed some nasty atrocities that led to the deaths of many many people. Some counts are as high as millions of deaths if you take into consideration the after affects of diseases he helped spread.

When the government re-opens, they should consider telling the art teachers to stop cutting out Ninas and Pintas and Santa Marias with the kids. Or have the art teachers already stopped doing that? I haven't seen many Ninas, Pintas or Santa Marias hanging on my friends walls. Fortunately, my kids are still too young to wield scissors, at least concisely enough to cut boats out of paper.

The guy was kinda wretched, and I've done some reading on it. It seems we made a mistake all in the name of a three day holiday weekend. And when I say "we made a mistake" I mean the government made a mistake in the 1930s when they declared this guy worthy of celebration on the same level as Martin Luther King and Santa.

I am sure we can find someone truly heroic to celebrate on this day in order to keep the three day weekend intact, if that's the issue.

In fact, I nominate Mia Hamm. She is one of the greatest female athletes of all time. We can mark the holiday by playing soccer, a beloved sport amongst American youth, and by eating ham, a real boost to the pork industry. And Mia Hamm is not suspected of slaughtering and enslaving men, women or children for her own personal gain. Truly heroic.

Let's use this blog as a forum to discuss possible Columbus Day replacements. I will then forward it to the government, where I am certain it will be placed on the docket for immediate discussion. Because if it's one thing I know about our government, needlessly shutting itself down in celebration of a man proven unworthy of celebration would truly upset our elected officials.

Once we point this out to them, I am sure they will agree.



  1. Good Evening Hendo,

    I have a solution but I don't think you gals and guys down south want to have Thanksgiving simultaneously with us.

    Also, if you're interested, in the next few hours, I will post pics from Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum on FB. Title of the album: "Jurassic Shift"

    Hope you had a wonderful Mia "Ham" weekend. I too like "Hamm". :D

    From Richmond Hill, ON,


  2. Kristen,
    We should replace it with Birth of Rock & Roll Day. It is proven that listening to upbeat music (especially Antigone Rising's music) boosts our mood. Let's cut some riffs instead of Ninas and Pintas and Santa Marias!