Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Knucklehead List.

Every now and then, something will fly by my eyes in my twitter feed that reads so unbelievably I feel like I'm standing on a grocery store line looking at a tabloid headline. You know, the front page says "John Travolta caught with his pants down...again." So you open the magazine and it's a picture of him on set during a costume change. You just feel duped.

Well. This tweetline caught my attention in much the same way. It read so heinously, I imagined the 140 characters were just not enough space to accurately portray what this person actually said. I'm so busy making ham sandwiches for lunches that I don't have time to click and dive down the rabbit hole...but...the tweet is so bad, I forgo mayonaissing whole wheat bread and click further to investigate.

Meet Todd Kincannon. He's the former executive director of the South Carolina GOP. And he is the first submission for my new blog within a blog series, "The Knucklehead List." As long as knuckleheads continue to exist, my list will go on and on.

Allow me to editorialize. I mean, it is my blog. I understand there is oppression and heinous acts against humanity happening all over the world. But in the United States of America, saver of the world, we can fix your fucked up country by occupying you, or dropping bombs late at night and get very little news coverage that it ever happened, here we have people like Todd Kincannon.

More from my first knucklehead:

Some people have come to this man's defense. The freedom of speech defense. How grateful we should all be that we can say whatever the hell we want to anyone anywhere anytime. 

Here's my problem with that. Our perfect, amazing, American society has evolved to such a place that a human being with a heartbeat and possibly a conscience, thinks it's okay to publicly say something so ugly, so hurtful, and so dark about other human beings. He could say absolutely anything he wants to say. And this is what he chooses. 

Before I had kids, I would have found his words offensive and I would have been disgusted. But now that I am a mom, and can barely sit through most episodes of Law & Order SVU, I literally get a pit in my stomach knowing this person exists. I think of every mom whose child is questioning their gender identity, and how terrified she must be knowing this person is not that much in the minority, and that her child has to go out into a world that thinks these things about her baby. 

In the 1990s, the LGB Community extended the acronym to LGBT community to include transgendered people. Though, arguably, the LGB people struggle with sexual identity, while the T people struggle with gender identity. As a person who struggled with sexual identity, I can attest first hand that there is a huge difference between gender and sexual identity. It is not the same thing. Not at all. 

So really, what gay, lesbian and bisexual people have in common with transgender people is a shared fear of being rejected by society, a fear of being found out. But even that is changing, as the LGB faction sweeps across the country gaining equality at an, albeit surprisingly, rapid pace...all of a sudden. 

So while my friends Marcye and Karen got married in New Jersey last week, and Sarah and I celebrate two full legal years as a married couple, Todd Kincannon aims his twitter feed like an uzi at the most disenfranchised faction of my community, and ultimately yours as well. 

I just think this guy is a total knucklehead. 



  1. Good going, Kristen. Keep it up. Love the passionate punch.

    Any group isolated and set aside for the uzi must be protected. Typically it will be someones for whom the experience of living is entirely different from ours. That's how the power game works. It works so well because life is always evolving. Always something new! Always something to fear? To persecute? I don't think so. It's time we caught on.

  2. WOW... You're being much too kind by calling this guy a knucklehead. Perhaps he should be put in a cage or mental institution simply for being an asshole. <(by the way that's me using my freedom of speech. thank you very much.) A little bit of empathy or compassion never killed anybody, sheesh!

  3. Please check my FB friend NZ-based musician Daphne Lawless. Thank you!