Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sinead vs. Miley Gate

I have a hard time following news stories. I'm not saying that's a good thing. But truthfully, I get most of my news from my Facebook feed. Headlines that I may or may not click depending on how busy my day is.

If the TV is on in my house it is likely tuned to Tom & Jerry. Because, honestly, most of what they show on the news is too heinous for my kids to see (Tom whacking Jerry over the head with a shovel pales in comparison to Boston Marathon explosions and mug shots of crazy people who keep women locked in their homes for years on end).

All that being said, I did find the time to rather closely follow Sinead O'Connor's open stream of consciousness on Miley Cyrus. I am not referring to it as a feud, as Sinead claims it is not a feud. It was, at first at least, an attempt by Sinead to reach out to Miley midway through her narcissistic overdose in a rather loving way, I thought. Miley, who has single handedly set back the women's movement about 50 years, did not view Sinead's loving open letter in that way (not shocking), and she proceeded to publicly annhiliate Sinead.

The kid is a knucklehead. And she comes by it pretty honestly. Her dad wore his hair backwards through the entire 1990s.

But my job here is not to sling mud at Billy Ray. The point of this blog is a few things, but not that.

The first point of the blog is to point out, much as Sinead did, that girls should not have to publicly rub their asses on men's crotches, men who are twice their age no less, in order to have a successful career. For some reason, in the year 2013, Miley thought she had to, and she proceeded to teach America's youth via the MTV music awards that they should either rub their ass against crotches or expect asses to be rubbed against their crotch. It's depressing trying to calculate how much damage was done by that seriously skanky move. And even more depressing to think that we cannot unsee what we saw that evening.

Meanwhile, split screen, Robin Thicke is moving right along with his day. Go Team USA.

The second point of my blog is to remind everyone what an amazing artist Sinead O'Connor is. With all that is wrong with Miley-Gate, Sinead rises like a phoenix from the ashes to remind me, at least, to feel empowered and not disgruntled. She is the very definition of an artist, and women like her inspire me and make me love what I do for a living.

So today I'm sharing some of my very favorite Sinead songs. The first is an absolutely mind blowing cover that was on the Elton John/Bernie Taupin tribute album, Two Rooms. Sinead's cover of "Sacrifice" caused me to hear the song for the first time, even though I'd heard it a million times sung by Elton. I love when an artist can cover a song like that. So here it is:

Super cool Mandinka

The Prince penned Nothing Compares:


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