Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bobby McGee in the Key of C

People keep asking me if we are going out on tour anytime soon. And the answer is.....soon. maybe. ish. no. not really. sporadic dates here and there. Got it?

Before we embark on any official tour, you know, the type with a string of dates all in a row, we plan to release a new EP. EP is code for a CD with 5 or 6 songs on it. EP stands for Extended Play. I personally do not understand how fewer songs than a full length CD means Extended Play. But. It. Does.

We recently wrote a song with Lori McKenna called "That Was The Whiskey," and we plan to release it as the first single from our EP. People seem to be having very enthusiastic and positive reactions to the song. And that's a very very nice thing, when people have positive reactions to your songs.

When we were signed to a major label, they often would say things like "it's not a single." Which always made me wonder, "why the heck did you sign us, you dingbats?" But, you know what, I'm running toward the light these days, so let's not relive that silliness. We need to live in the present. And in the present we have a new song called "That Was The Whiskey" that even record people from the label we are no longer affiliated with say is a "hit single." And they have nothing to gain from saying that because we are no longer signed to their label. In fact, the label no longer exists, which says a lot about labels and what they know about hit singles.

So let's not say "That Was The Whiskey" is a hit single. Let's just say it's a catchy fun song that makes my kids want to sing along. In fact, during my special day at my twins Pre-K, Kate told the teacher that her mom was going to sing a song for the class called "The Whiskey." And it was awkward. Very. Very. Awkward.

To summarize what is happening in Antigone land:  We are going to be playing sporadic live dates through the spring and summer. We are recording our new EP at Campy Town Studios on Long Island to be released later this Spring (2013). And we are going to launch some type of extremely creative fund raising campaign in the coming days/weeks/maybe month to raise money so we can properly promote and market our new EP with an extremely strong focus on our song "That Was The Whiskey."

We are discussing the possibility of filming a video for the song. So if you are a fledgling amazingly brilliant video maker or if you happen to know of one, please send them our way immediately. We are interested in seeing what you or your video making friends are capable of doing.

Once all of these balls are rolling in the right direction, we will plan a tour - one with strings of dates all in a row that will include all towns, not just those within 2 hours of our homes in New York & New Jersey!

And I will blog more about our latest project very soon.



ps-anyone with opinions about kickstarter vs. pledge music vs. DIY fundraising, please sound off here. we want to know what you think!

Some of our sporadic dates - more to be announced:

Friday - April 12, 2013 - The Mercury Lounge, NYC
Buy Tickets Now

Saturday - May 4, 2013 - Northampton Pride Festival
3 County Fairgrounds - Northampton, MA
More info.

July 6 Hartford, CT Riverfest
July 13 Athens, NY Athens Street Festival


  1. I have film maker/photography/video friends.. I'll pass their info to Julie!

  2. Someone (who does entertainment management and promotion) mentioned to me that with kickstarter it's all or nothing. You either make your goal and get your money, or if you miss your goal, you get nada. I haven't verified that, though, so check the fine print.

  3. Very cool catchy tune!

    Great Job!


  4. Yay Hendo bloggin'!

    I have a thought for an incentive for the fundraising...perhaps some photographic prints from live shows, signed by the band members? I'm more than happy to put something together. Maybe a collection of 3 or 4 shots on one print...? We can discuss...

    And I can help raise more for you that way, that just donating... especially these days.

  5. Sounds awesome, I've been streaming it all afternoon! Digging the ideas for fund raising too, I'd definitely buy into some photographic prints. But of course, I'll donate in general too. I will stay tuned for more info!

  6. Very catchy and may even cross into the ever popular country genre...nice

  7. Sounds really catchy. You really have pulled through a major change and come out true to AR's sound! God bless, James.

  8. Love the new song! Great tune, great sound. Can't wait to hear the new CD! Always so happy to hear new stuff from AR!

  9. I've contributed to bands both on Kickstarter and on PledgeMusic and I marginally prefer PledgeMusic. The person above who said they heard Kickstarter is all or nothing is correct; if you don't reach your goal, you get nothing, so you get nothing until your goal is reached. On PledgeMusic, I'm getting updates every week even though the artist is at 85% because he gets the money right away so started recording almost right away.

  10. Love that you worked with Lori McKenna on "That Was The Whiskey".

    Crowd funding: If you use http://www.indiegogo.com/ you have the option for all or nothing funding or keep what you get funding so even if you don't reach your goal you still get some financial backing to work with.

    Pledge Music is nice because you get a mp3 download of the project at every pledge level. you can put little pictures to go with each pledge option here.

    I would say Kickstarter, Indigogo and Pledge Music are all known and trusted sites for crowdfunding.

    For the most part I think that it really depends on the artists and how they set their crowd funding up. I think that the ones that cover plenty of price ranges and have different options at each price level and at increasing price levels are the more successful projects. Also having creative options to choose from are always a plus. Additionally, I think campaigns where the artists take an active roll in the project( consistent updates and maybe videos or pictures) tend to do better too.

    A recent kickstarter I participated in kept upping the anti, after they reached their initial goal they made another goal, and another, sometimes they added in additional incentives. It wasn't a music pledge but I don't see why this couldn't be translated to a music crowd funding(http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jivacubes/jiva-coffee-cubes-and-hot-chocolate-cubes)

    Video: She might be on the wrong coast but check out Catie Laffoon. http://catielaffoon.com I know her site is geared towards photography but she has done music video work before. Directed: http://vimeo.com/45673062

  11. I've heard the song quite a few times live and love it but I love the studio version even more. Very cool vocals that you added between Cathy's guitar solo.

  12. Maybe you can try www.indiegogo.com its the same thing as kickstarter, but from what I hear you keep whatever you raise even if its under your goal. (I'd still double check though)

  13. That was GREAT!!! your sound is really tight and that drummer of yours is fantastic!!! ;) Congrats on your family, book & music. I've already asked Dena when the band would make it back out to Columbus & now understand why the gigs are primarily in the city & parts of NJ.

    Looking forward to hearing more of the "EP".



  14. Very happy to hear that this song will be on the EP. I love the song and enjoyed it most in its original version "Toilet Tunes". :-) Keep doin' what you're doin'. Hope you make it out to the Pacific Northwest someday. Maybe you should start a KickStarter fund to do just that....put on a cross-country tour.

  15. BTW...did you realize the very beginning of this song sounds like the beginning of "Walk Like an Egyptian"?? Coincidence? I think not. :-)

  16. A few more differences between the 3 sites.

    Pledge music shows progress towards the goal as a percentage of 100% (dollar amount that you're trying to raise is not shown unless you put it in the text you personally enter).

    Indiegogo ad Kickstarter show progress towards the goal as the dollar amount raised of the total dollar amount goal

    if I recall correctly from my experiences: Pledge music gathers information needed to fulfill pledge rewards when each order is placed. Kickstater uses a survey that is sent sometime after the pledge goal is reached to collect the information needed to fulfill rewards. From my one indiegogo use, some of the information need to fulfill the reward was collected when the order was placed but additional information (ex. t-shirt size) was collected by an email sent straight from the artist's (well someone working for the artist.)

  17. Oh, come on! I'm only a few years older than you.

    "Extended play" dates back to vinyl records. They released albums or LP's ("Long Play") and singles (which, having two sides, should be called "doubles"). Anything with less playing time than an LP, but more than 2 songs, was an EP.