Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Tune Tuesday On a Wednesday.

I always had this fantasy of being in a band (check), going on tour (check), and becoming BFFs with whatever band or artist we were on tour with (check-ish).

I'm going to be honest here in my partial tell-all blog post. Sometimes the BFF part does not happen. Like the one time we shared a few bills with an unnamed act who complained of us drinking the diet coke on their rider. Because unnamed artist must have thought they were the only artist on the bill who put diet coke on a rider.

Imagine what that artist must have felt like on the inside as they reported our band to a rock club venue manager regarding our diet coke violation. And then imagine how foolish they felt as the very uninterested rock club manager informed them they're not the only diet coke drinkers on the bill. And then imagine returning to that venue once a year every year since the incident and laughing with the rock club manager about that artist who complained about us drinking their diet coke. And imagine the case of diet coke the club provides us with every time we play the room.

Wow. The memory of that tour came back as if it were only yesterday. And it reminds me of why we love certain artists we share bills with so so so much more than ones who complained about soda sharing.

With that, I don't mind declaring that our band does have a very favorite band to tour with, and if our band could have married this band we would have. Unfortunately, band marriage is just not legal in New York. Or even Massachusetts.

That band is The Pushstars, the loves of Antigone Rising's lives since 2001.

But that's not what this blog is about.

This blog is about Malone. Michelle Malone. She's the person that's in our band without (the hassle of) actually being in our band. For example. When we lose a lead singer but don't want to cancel dates, Malone sits in. Here's another example. She writes a song. We hear it and think we should have written that song ourselves, so we start playing it in our show every night. She saves us time from having to write songs that have already been written. And sometimes we actually even sit down in the same room with her and write songs together.

That's what this free download is all about today. A song we wrote with Michelle Malone. And it's not about diet coke.

Learn more about Michelle Malone.
Learn more about The Pushstars and Chris Trapper.

Download Weed and Wine, written by Antigone Rising and Michelle Malone. (Recorded live at The Bitter End in New York City on July 17, 2012 during the Antigone Rising/Michelle Malone Mash-Up show)