Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Holy Tour Day 2 (Part 3) - My Mortifying Mohammed Moment - The Hangin' With Hendo Blogumentary

"Hangin with Hendo, The #HolyTour Blogumentary", is my attempt to document as much of our trip through Israel and the West Bank as humanly possible. I did blog a bit while we were there, but it was incredibly difficult to keep up with posting entries while tweeting, facebooking, playing shows and learning to speak Hebrew and Arabic fluently. So follow along while I recount our trip. I'll incorporate some of our Facebook and Tweet action wherever it makes sense, and plan to include a video with each post incorporating photos & videos from mine and Julie's iPhones, Sib's mini-cam, my camcorder and any other media I can yank from various sources to paint as complete a picture as possible. I will leave no stone unturned, except the one under the Dome of the Rock. And we did have a few #Holytour moments I reserve the right to keep on the #Holytour. --#Hendo


A lot of nervous energy led to the moment I am about to blogfess to. I'm sure it could be attributed in large part to the jet lag and Israeli shots the night prior, and a warning from the US Embassy workers that "the kids may have culture shock" upon seeing us. Needless to say, I believe it is what led to the "in-my-headness" I was experiencing as we took the stage in Beer Sheva, the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel.

Let me rewind the cassette tape to the beginning of the day. After spending our first night in Tel Aviv, we woke on Tuesday morning, 02.21.12, and headed to a town called Beer Sheva. I was confused, misinformed, actually maybe only half paying attention, and was under the impression we were headed to Jerusalem that morning to conduct an "outreach program" for an eclectic mix of Israeli and Arab students. So during our hour plus drive, that did include camel sightings, I was tweeting misinformation about poor Beer Sheva, as evidenced here:

Though it does seem our tour manager's first morning tweet could be what led me astray as we embarked on our journey to Beer Sheva:

I realize now, his tweet meant we'd be in Jerusalem later that night for a theater performance, but no good did it do me as we pulled into Beer Sheva and I continued tweeting ignorance:

Finally, as we pulled up to the school we'd be "outreaching" at, someone loudly proclaimed we were in Beer Sheva. I pried my face away from the iPhone and, in my snottiest tone, asked a van full of bandmates, managers, and US Embassy workers, "have none of you been reading my ignor-tweets (that's a sniglet for ignorant tweeting)?"

Insert crickets chirping.

Well, regardless of whether any of my bandmates, managers, or US Embassy peeps were reading my twitter feed, I had close to 2,000 followers back in the United States likely glued to my every tweet. After all, it was anywhere from 1am to 4am in America, depending on which state you were in. I could only imagine the confusion I was causing knowing our tour dates page clearly stated we'd be in Beer Sheva at the time of my "we're in Jerusalem" tweets.

So I quickly recanted to the best of my ability as follows:

If only this were the worst of my missteps on this, the first full day of our #holytour. There were so many more misfires ahead of me on this day, and I cringe knowing every single one of them was either captured via Sib's video camera or various social media vehicles. #FourSquare. #Twitter.

So roll the video and enjoy the third installation in my v-blog series, "My Mortifying Mohammed Moment."

I couldn't possibly be the only person to have one of these moments...could I be?


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  1. hi Hendo -

    I am in a band called Cobalt & the Hired Guns. I have had a blast reading about Antigone Rising's trip to Israel as well as watching the videos.

    I have travelled to Israel three times in the past three years both on organized trips as well on my own. I have fallen in love with Israel and my dream is to one day tour the country with Cobalt as part of the US Department of State’s Arts Envoy program. In particular, we would like to play, teach, give workshops and host mentoring sessions in diverse socioeconomic areas ranging from large cities like Beer Sheva to smaller cities like Afula and Akko. Performing and hosting workshops in Afula and Akko would be particularly meaningful to the band since I spent time volunteering there this past spring.

    I was wondering if you put me in touch with a contact at the US Embassy that might help us get the ball rolling??

    Thanks so much,

    Mike www.cobaltandthehiredguns.com
    mike (at) CATHG.com