Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holy Tour - Day 1 (part 2) - From Landing to Sleeping - The Hangin' With Hendo Blogumentary

"Hangin with Hendo, The #HolyTour Blogumentary", is my attempt to document as much of our trip through Israel and the West Bank as humanly possible. I did blog a bit while we were there, but it was incredibly difficult to keep up with posting entries while tweeting, facebooking, playing shows and learning to speak Hebrew and Arabic fluently. So follow along while I recount our trip. I'll incorporate some of our Facebook and Tweet action wherever it makes sense, and plan to include a video with each post incorporating photos & videos from mine and Julie's iPhones, Sib's mini-cam, my camcorder and any other media I can yank from various sources to paint as complete a picture as possible. I will leave no stone unturned, except the one under the Dome of the Rock. And we did have a few #Holytour moments I reserve the right to keep on the #Holytour. --#Hendo

(watch it on YouTube to get the full hi-def effect...)

Nini, Bird & Sib get dropped at JFK
carrying our purple guitar flight cases, the "barneys"

It will surprise none of you that Jude drove the band to the airport to catch our sweet Delta flight to Tel Aviv. One of the things that excited us most about flying Delta was that Dena heard they served free beer and wine on all international flights.

The Tweets of @denatauriello, compliments of The Twitter

One of the other things that excited us about the trip was that our itinerary had fantastic catch phrases and buzz words in it like: "Embassy driver and expeditor will meet you at Ben Gurion International Airport and drive you to Savoy Hotel, 5 Geula St., Tel Aviv." One of our later itineraries used the phrase, "you will travel by motor pool," but I don't want to jump ahead of myself.

So, if you rolled the part 1 video in my prior blog post, you heard Julie mention that we were in "passport control with Tal, who's picking us up and rushing us through customs." And that is PRECISELY what he did. It was so f'in rockstar hot. We rolled off the plane like a bag of pretzels, our entire double decker flight racing to customs, the line was already about four days long without our Delta free boozin' flight mates, and Tal literally walks us right up to the counter and tells us to bust out our passports for the customs agent. Voila, just like that, we're standing at the baggage claim waiting for our oversized Barney cases, bagzillas, and whatever else we checked in back at JFK (total cost for checked bags, $750 - #holytour, #holybaggagecrisis).

Us blowing through Israeli customs. That's Tal behind my left shoulder. Or is that  my right shoulder? He sorta looks like an Israeli Joe Pesci, but I didn't tell him that.
We hop into our Tal driven white van, heads feeling like it's 6am, the sunlight in the sky sitting somewhere around 3:30PM, and start our drive to Tel Aviv. The roads look just like the ones we'd be driving on back in New York. I do know this makes me sound like an idiot, but I wasn't really expecting it to feel exactly like home. I mean, I didn't think we'd be driving via camelback on dirt roads, but maybe...on some deep, dark, inundated by CNN/Fox News propagandized media level, I was! The only reason I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore was because the street signs were in Hebrew and every single building, and I do mean every single one of them, was built using Jerusalem Sandstone. Benjamin Moore really needs to come up with a tan paint color called Jerusalem Sandstone, by the by.

Across the street from our hotel
Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv

Anyhooch, we pull up to our hotel in Tel Aviv to be greeted by THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA. They don't have that in the United States, I'll tell you what. And we also finally get to meet Michele and Polina, our United States Embassy (Tel Aviv) point peeps who put together the most amazing schedule of events for us in Israel.

Us with Michele from US Embassy, Tel Aviv
on our way out to dinner standing in front of
the Mediterranean Sea, of all things.
Tony, our tour manager, checks us all in. We're staying at The Savoy, a boutique hotel with plenty of charm and a free cappuccino machine in the lobby. We all have single rooms, meaning no roomie nonsense, not that we don't love each other, but we're psyched about it. He hands us our room keys and our electric plug converters so we can plug our various social media driven smart devices in for a charge and we make a plan to meet in the lobby 25 minutes later for dinner, even though it's breakfast time in our bodies. and minds. and souls.

Roll video to see if I run into Julie in the elevator on our way out to eat...

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  1. Hahaha! It seems purple color is meant for Barney, huh? Anyway, how was your trip to Jerusalem? There’s a lot of place to go over there. Good for gigs. And talking about gig, I wish the “barneys” is taking care of your guitar.

    Mana Smoot