Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Midwest Run is ... done

It turns out I really love the Midwest. I mean, I was always a fan of the accent, in fact I have often been accused of having one. I believe it's my blend of Long Island with 4 years in central PA that gives me my Midwestern sound. Debate if you must.

Everywhere we go, people are nice. And the Midwest people were as well. The only difference was that every single person we met on this run was hilariously funny. I mean like full blown colorful character funny. All of them. In fact, I could claim Detroit to be one of my favorite cities on earth based on the people alone. There were too many broken windows around town for me to threaten to move there, but Detroit has some serious character(s). Double entendre intended.

Watch this video from our appearance on Four songs plus interview w Pam Rossi. The interview starts out a little awkward, but we pick up steam and it ends up being 45 of the most hilarious minutes we spent together the whole trip. Charo reference courtesy of Sibby's twisted brain.

#Hendo/Posh Spice (roll video)

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  1. Hey,
    Just found your blog after purchasing the book you and sarah wrote - must admit I had never heard of your band - but I really like the stuff I have listened to - might see if a store over here has a copy of your new album (or is that too old school... maybe Itunes?) My partner and I loved the book - we have a little boy, Oliver, and we related to the IVF experiences you wrote about (I was the jabber!!)
    Anyway - thought I'd say Hi

    Denise in Brisbane Australia