Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook is Annoying Me Because...

We have a band page on Facebook. It is But there is ANOTHER annoying Antigone Rising Facebook page that seems somehow linked to Wikipedia that has 1,930 likes and whenever anyone tries to tag our band or add photos of our band, the post and/or photos end up on this bogus wiki nonsense jackass page that we have no control over.

I google it every which possible way to figure out how to get rid of it. But I can't. And I don't have time to shake a solution out of my computer like I once did. But MAN, it is SO annoying.

I try to report the page as "duplicate or miscategorized" and then it asks which page it's a duplicate of....and the only option it gives me is of the bogus page!

If anyone has any suggestion that leads to the removal of this annoying page, we will give you free things. I mean, we have lots of things. So you can choose the things you want for free.

And no matter what you do, DO NOT LIKE the bogus annoying page. It's the one that DOES NOT have a photo of us on it and has around 1,129 likes. You need to LIKE the one with our photo on it that has over 4,000 likes. Please.


ps- this is a link to the annoying bogus page that I really don't want you to click on.!/pages/Antigone-Rising/108165915877542
You can also just go to FB and search Antigone Rising - two musician/band pages pop up. The real page has a photo and over 4K likes. The fake one has no photo. And I deeply despise it.


  1. Was wondering about that BOGUS page. It tricked me recently. I had some nice photos I wanted to post/tag the band in.I tried and I think they ended up getting lost somewhere in internet land. Or maybe they posted on said bogus page?It was annoying and the pics were cool. I will call upon the services of my techno geeky brother in law. He can solve any problem.No prizes required.

  2. Hate those "community" pages. Try this route. If you haven't yet, authenticate the official AR page at...

    I know that link looks wonky but it's the real deal. Once the authentication goes through (may take 2 business days) try merging the pages using this link...

    Hope that helps!

  3. I have the same problem with our corporate pages. Try finding a phone number for FB; none and their email help responses are HORRIFIC

  4. that page is connected to this wikipedia page, which looks like is pretty easy to edit. I wonder if you go into history and just undo the whole thing if it would take care of the facebook page too.

    main page

    edit page

    you can also report it through wikipedia

  5. Hey Hendo, that page is literally linked to Wiki. I don't think there's anyway to get rid of it. It's just an info page. I've seen those pop up for lots of people, bands, musicians, actors, shows, movies, etc.

    Some info here:

    Hope I was some help....

  6. If they do a merger, you don't want faceBook to delete the official one and leave the Wiki copied page there. That would be worse!

  7. @anonymous, that thought has crossed my mind...SHUDDER.

    Thanks to everyone for posting. It's just so annoying. Looking into various options you've all posted. I do think FB reviewed our page at some point and deemed us not official. #whuck! And I was in a pregnancy haze and probably didn't catch it and let it we are currently a community page. But I can't change it in our edit. options.


  8. This blog is the best thing I’ve seen on the subject, follow their steps, it’s the best thing you can do until Facebook decides to change their community page policy.

  9. I would suggest asking all your fans to complain to fb authorities about the bogus page. In numbers there is strength - and enough annoyance to fb to do something about it!

  10. you can appeal your community page status here.

  11. Ok. I just appealed our status and got this very life like response upon hitting send:


    Facebook User Operations has received your inquiry. Stand by as we should be back with you soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to review our 'Help' page ( You'll find lots of information about Facebook as well as many answers to your questions. Check out the FAQs on the Support page too.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook and enjoy the site!

    -Facebook User Operations

    Let the games begin...

  12. hi, also ask Chuck, aka my husband. He should know how to get rid of it. If he doesn't i'll be very suprised at him, and have to think twice why he is my husband. he he he

  13. Good luck. Get a lawyer and have them contact facebook. All will be well as soon as possible. Otherwise you're stuck talking to robots that don't care about you and won't fix your problem because they don't have any active customer service. They fix things when millions of people complain.

    I'd say merge the pages, I bet it's the only think you'll be able to do to fix it.

    Good luck