Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook is Annoying Me Because...

We have a band page on Facebook. It is But there is ANOTHER annoying Antigone Rising Facebook page that seems somehow linked to Wikipedia that has 1,930 likes and whenever anyone tries to tag our band or add photos of our band, the post and/or photos end up on this bogus wiki nonsense jackass page that we have no control over.

I google it every which possible way to figure out how to get rid of it. But I can't. And I don't have time to shake a solution out of my computer like I once did. But MAN, it is SO annoying.

I try to report the page as "duplicate or miscategorized" and then it asks which page it's a duplicate of....and the only option it gives me is of the bogus page!

If anyone has any suggestion that leads to the removal of this annoying page, we will give you free things. I mean, we have lots of things. So you can choose the things you want for free.

And no matter what you do, DO NOT LIKE the bogus annoying page. It's the one that DOES NOT have a photo of us on it and has around 1,129 likes. You need to LIKE the one with our photo on it that has over 4,000 likes. Please.


ps- this is a link to the annoying bogus page that I really don't want you to click on.!/pages/Antigone-Rising/108165915877542
You can also just go to FB and search Antigone Rising - two musician/band pages pop up. The real page has a photo and over 4K likes. The fake one has no photo. And I deeply despise it.