Thursday, May 19, 2011

I think I've Just Been Proposed To...

A few weeks back, we confirmed an in-store appearance for our book, Times Two: Two Women in Love and the Happy Family They Made, at a Barnes & Noble on Staten Island. I could seriously digress and lose the entire point of this blog if I revealed how I envisioned this in-store appearance to go. But the really really good news is that I was TOTALLY wrong.

I'm totally wrong most of the time now anyway. I think it's a hormone that goes off after pregnancy that makes you wrong 85-90% of the time. And the more adamantly right you are in a situation, the more definitively wrong you are. At least that's how it's been for me since the babies were born.

Upon arriving at B&N, a man with press credentials introduced himself and started snapping photos of Sarah and me at the book signing table. This, of course, made us look important to all the people who came out to our book signing. And, quite frankly, it made us (read: me)  feel important - which, I've learned as I'm maturing, counts for a lot.  Snap away, Papparazzi.

Shortly after the bulbs stopped flashing, a woman from The Staten Island Advance introduced herself. She said she may be doing a story in an upcoming issue about the Marriage Equality bill about to be voted on in the NY State Senate. Sarah began chatting with the writer, not realizing her discussion was actually "the interview" and every word she uttered was completely on the record.

Not even 12 hours later, The Staten Island Advance hit newsstands worldwide (this slight exxaggeration continues to make me feel important, so roll with me) with a front cover headline that blared the following:

"Former Staten Islander and her Partner "Married" but State Law Says Single" with a photo accompanying the article that looked like this:

Staten Island Advance 05.18.11/Hilton Flores

I strongly suggest you read the (front page, did I mention) article yourselves to draw your own conclusions, but Sarah was quoted with the following statement: 

"We've been holding [off on] getting married until it is legal in our state," Ms. Ellis told the Advance. "It would be amazing if it happened. It it's passed, we are going to get married instantly."

She's obviously talking about me with regard to who she's going to marry instantly upon this law passing, right....?

Assuming that's the case, SKE, my answer is a resounding YES, under one major condition. ROLL VIDEO:



ps-As of this moment, our story is the most commented article on SI this week BY FAR in comparison to the other online articles. Many comments are supportive, some are people who "feel badly for my kids," and that's when I stopped reading the comments. I tweeted the following out to the people who pity my family:


  1. They feel bad for your kids?? really?? I find it disturbing that people can comment on things they know nothing about. I grew up in a hetero household. However my parents were not supportive, not loving, not involved, etc.

    I WISH I had parents like you and Sarah. Maybe then I'd be on a different (better) path in my life. In fact I KNOW I'd be on a different path.

    Cheers to you and your BEAUTIFUL family! and congrats on your proposal ;) lol


  2. Nope. She did not propose to you. A proposal involves a question, or even a suggestion, to which you have the option of saying no. Doesn't sound like she's giving you an option! Which I find rather romantic, given the circumstances. :-)

    And phooey on those that feel sorry for your kids, for any reason other than dealing with Mothers' Day.

  3. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's what happened, alright... 8>)

    My best to you and the intended, and the whole family (& if there's room, I hope we're invited... 8>)

    - That guy James, who's married to/united with Kate, and is very happy about it, whatever it's called.

  4. I...LOVE...THAT...TWEET!!!
    Rock on! :-)

    Do the right thing New York!!

  5. What really gets me is the commenters who say "I have gay friends but I don't agree with their lifestyle choices and they know this!" as proof that they're not bigoted. I know a lotta gay people, but I don't know a single one who would be friends with someone who "didn't agree with their lifestyle choices"! I do have have family members who don't like it, but I choose my friends better than that.

  6. well if she isn't going to make an honest woman of you, i am certainly willing to...

  7. OMG that is classic Hendo!! That tweet takes the cake. L-O-V-E it. Brilliant. Oh yeah and welcome to stardom. :-)

  8. They feel bad for your kids? Really?? Because growing up with two loving parents is such an awful thing...people are strange.

    Love the blog - keep it up!!

  9. I know I'm late commenting on this blog. I apologize. I cannot understand why anyone would voice their opinion , especially when no one asked for it.What gives anyone the right to judge what makes a family work? Like an anonymous poster commented above, I grew up in a cold and unloving hetero household.You and Sarah just ooze love, peace and warm fuzzy happy feelings. Thomas and Kate are two of the luckiest babies around.If I could turn back time. I'd want to be raised by you two!"The only thing we take with us is love"