Monday, April 4, 2011

Times Two Satellite Radio Tour for April 5, 2011!

Let's toast to Times Two, IN BOOKSTORES TOMORROW!

I'm going to live blog from our satellite radio tour least I'll try to. It probably won't be totally live blogging because the radio interviews are live...and they're literally stacked one after the other after the other.

Basically, what's happening is Sarah and I will be sitting in a studio at MTV (shout out to Emily and Gretchen and Jill for pulling this whole thing together for us, btw). Every ten minutes, we get beamed out to a new market/station and we just start answering questions.

Do you all recall a little while back, Paula Abdul was doing one of these satellite tours (on tv) and she started talking gibberish to one of the markets still thinking she was on somewhere else? She got "confused?" Click here to roll the video. Sarah and I are thinking about drinking mimosas tomorrow morning to celebrate the release of our first memoir (can you say franchise? though I have no idea how we'd follow this one up...) and see if we can pull a Paula Abdul in the studio.


It is good to know that you're reading my blog, though.

Here's tomorrow morning's schedule of events, should you happen to be in one of the markets Sarah and I will be beamed into (with mimosas in hand):

Portland, ME “Morning Show,” WJBQ FM 9:30-:40am EST
Kansas City, KS “The Buzz” KRBX FM 8:40-:50am CST
State College, PA “Morning Show” WBVH 9:50-10:00am EST
Seattle, WA “Jackie & Bender Mornings” KBKS-FM 7:10-7:20 PST
Rapid City, SD “Morgan & Murdoc” KDDX-FM 8:20-:30 MST
Albuquerque, NM “McKenzie & Kiki” KKOB-FM 8:30-:40 MST
Las Cruces, NM “Trinity & Joey” KHQT 8:40-:50 MST
El Paso, TX “Johnny Kage & DJ Kavi” XHTO-FM 8:50-9:00am MST
Harisburg,/Mt. Jackson VA “Morning Show,” WSVG 10:00-10:10am EST
Santa Cruz/Monterey/Salinas, CA PST “Morning Show” KRXA-AM 7:00-7:10am PST
Orange County/Riverside/Inland Empire, CA “Morning Show” KCAA 7:00-7:10am PST

I did my best to get EST/CST/MST/PST times right. I had to google a few of these markets...I get fuzzy around MST markets. Sorry MST peeps.

The book comes out tomorrow. Did you buy it yet? Well, go buy it! And if you already have, please tell your friends to buy it. Or just buy it for them. Really. Every purchase gets Sarah and me closer to being best selling authors. Hah. What a hoot that would be.


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  1. i get fuzzy with abbreviations... MST, OPP, TLC, BBD... TNT..

    You're a hoot. Sarah's a hoot.. it's a hootenapalooooza. i think i get fuzzy with that too:-) Good luck grasshoppas!!


  2. I was going to double dare you to get Jordan Knight into a conversation if you were on in LA, but I don't think I'll be able to hear you to make sure ;0)
    Ordered the book, can't wait to get it!

  3. Darn! If we were on in LA, I know EXACTLY what I would have said about Jordan as be heard in LA only. Too bad I'll never be able to say it....