Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mob Wives?

I'm actually a little nervous to even blog about them...for the same reason I try not to blog about Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But, these ladies aren't even mob wives. I don't mean to scrutinize or nit pick, but wife indicates to me that one is married to someone in the mob. And all the "husbands" (who are actually their fathers) are in jail. So. Who cares?

This show would have rocked in 1986...when there was a mob.

This show is so lame that even the Gotti daughter isn't on it.

And WOW. As if it wasn't hard enough for Staten Island to convince us it's not such a bad place...

If this blog sounds like I won't be watching it again, you don't know me very well AT ALL! I will be watching, and I will likely lie in public that I am watching. But I'll blog about it for those of you not watching who secretly wish they were watching. This is serious train wreck TV.

And I hope I don't piss Sarah off by telling you that SHE WENT TO SCHOOL with one of the mob wives! How exciting is HER life?! Sarah's book comes out AND Mob Wives starring someone in her year book premier's all within 2 weeks of each other? Someone send our house an oxygen tank!

This is the one I'm most scared of, personally. #Shecrazy.



    OF COURSE you are watching it... i saw it and was rivied (in the mouth open, i can't even believe these people are real kinda way) and yes... that one freaks me out too...

    can't wait for the next episode... and i know you and sarah can't either...

    You think Sarah can get season 1 dvd signed by her classmate... (and i can't stop crying laughing about this fantastic fact...)

    VH1 has certainly out done themselves with what trash tv means...

  2. omg! love it! seriously 2 r daughters and 2 our wives...all men in jail...dumb! then again..if you r really an active member of a mob why would u announce it on national tv? lol

    btw - fam is friends with one of the mobwives.

    yea for next episode!

    asa for the book...bravo!
    no oxygen tank needed