Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mob Wives?

I'm actually a little nervous to even blog about them...for the same reason I try not to blog about Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But, these ladies aren't even mob wives. I don't mean to scrutinize or nit pick, but wife indicates to me that one is married to someone in the mob. And all the "husbands" (who are actually their fathers) are in jail. So. Who cares?

This show would have rocked in 1986...when there was a mob.

This show is so lame that even the Gotti daughter isn't on it.

And WOW. As if it wasn't hard enough for Staten Island to convince us it's not such a bad place...

If this blog sounds like I won't be watching it again, you don't know me very well AT ALL! I will be watching, and I will likely lie in public that I am watching. But I'll blog about it for those of you not watching who secretly wish they were watching. This is serious train wreck TV.

And I hope I don't piss Sarah off by telling you that SHE WENT TO SCHOOL with one of the mob wives! How exciting is HER life?! Sarah's book comes out AND Mob Wives starring someone in her year book premier's all within 2 weeks of each other? Someone send our house an oxygen tank!

This is the one I'm most scared of, personally. #Shecrazy.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stuffing A Ballot Box: The Gift That Keeps on Giving...

@lizbrooks & Dena meet the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

A few years back, our tour manager (@lizbrooks, whom many of you know and love) stuffed a ballot box to win a contest to meet the United States Women's Soccer Team. I'm talking about the Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain team. And she didn't really stuff a ballot box (I can feel Liz's eye roll from Passover in Wellesley, MA as I type).

Basically, it was a contest to get people to sign up for the US Women's Soccer Team email list. So we emailed the Antigone Rising list and told them all to sign up and say "Liz Brooks sent me." And a good majority of our email list (for the love of Liz Brooks) did so. And she won the contest. Which led to her being flown out to a US Women's Soccer Team practice. Liz got to bring a guest, so she brought Dena (AR's drummer), and this led to Dena and Liz becoming friends with many of the players. This led to Antigone Rising being invited to perform and play at the team's annual Go-Girl-Go Celebrity Golf Tournament Event in California, which also led to the band becoming great friends with the soccer team's marketing guru, Jen, who birthed the whole email list contest idea in the first place!

And now, six years after Liz "stuffed" the contest's ballot box, Jen has sent the following email out to her personal list of friends. I encourage you to copy and paste Jen's email, change the names where appropriate, and send it out to your very close group of friends. And you should cc: Liz Brooks on your correspondence!

An email sent from the computer of Jen Rottenberg:

To all my friends:

I hope you all are well and for those I haven't talked to in a while, let me know what's up in your lives!!

The reason for my mass email: my friend Kristen Henderson and her partner Sarah Kate Ellis have just had their book, Times Two (Amazon:, published.  Now, I may be a bit biased since I know the authors and many of the "characters" in the story, but Kristen is a great songwriter and it turns out she and Sarah are excellent authors as well.  To be a good friend, I ordered my copy on Amazon and when it came in on Monday I thought, "well, I'll wait until the weekend when I might have some time, to start reading this," but I started thumbing through it and then I found myself reading and I just kept reading...I can't tell you how few books I've had a chance to read lately, but I kept coming back to this one all week until well, i'd finished's a great, easy read...and a poignant story of two women, how they met, fell in love, and somehow unconventionally created a conventional family.

Some of you have taken bold leaps into motherhood yourselves and I think Kristen and Sarah's story will resonate with you. Some of you have met Kristen and her bandmates, or heard their music at my behest, and so this book may feel familiar. And, even if you haven't done either, I hope you all will purchase the book (look, making it easy, here's the link again: just the same way that the somewhat mainstream success of "The Kids are All Right" helped breakdown stereotypes, mainstream awareness of a book like this will help further chip away. So, order it! And, forward this email to all your friends and send them out to purchase it...let's make it a best-seller!!!

And, when you get the book, be sure to quickly flip to that glossy section of pages in the middle, you know, the ones in every memoir, that include photos of the sure to check out the photo of Kristen on stage, as I am honored that of all the thousands of photos that exist in the world of her performing over the past couple of decades, she chose an image from one of her two performances at MY golf tournament to include in Times Two! :)

Buy it!

All my best,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Author Interview for Times Two

Our publisher did this author interview with Sarah and me a few weeks back! Check it out, and please spread the word that our new book Times Two, is available in bookstores and online everywhere!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Times Two Satellite Radio Tour for April 5, 2011!

Let's toast to Times Two, IN BOOKSTORES TOMORROW!

I'm going to live blog from our satellite radio tour least I'll try to. It probably won't be totally live blogging because the radio interviews are live...and they're literally stacked one after the other after the other.

Basically, what's happening is Sarah and I will be sitting in a studio at MTV (shout out to Emily and Gretchen and Jill for pulling this whole thing together for us, btw). Every ten minutes, we get beamed out to a new market/station and we just start answering questions.

Do you all recall a little while back, Paula Abdul was doing one of these satellite tours (on tv) and she started talking gibberish to one of the markets still thinking she was on somewhere else? She got "confused?" Click here to roll the video. Sarah and I are thinking about drinking mimosas tomorrow morning to celebrate the release of our first memoir (can you say franchise? though I have no idea how we'd follow this one up...) and see if we can pull a Paula Abdul in the studio.


It is good to know that you're reading my blog, though.

Here's tomorrow morning's schedule of events, should you happen to be in one of the markets Sarah and I will be beamed into (with mimosas in hand):

Portland, ME “Morning Show,” WJBQ FM 9:30-:40am EST
Kansas City, KS “The Buzz” KRBX FM 8:40-:50am CST
State College, PA “Morning Show” WBVH 9:50-10:00am EST
Seattle, WA “Jackie & Bender Mornings” KBKS-FM 7:10-7:20 PST
Rapid City, SD “Morgan & Murdoc” KDDX-FM 8:20-:30 MST
Albuquerque, NM “McKenzie & Kiki” KKOB-FM 8:30-:40 MST
Las Cruces, NM “Trinity & Joey” KHQT 8:40-:50 MST
El Paso, TX “Johnny Kage & DJ Kavi” XHTO-FM 8:50-9:00am MST
Harisburg,/Mt. Jackson VA “Morning Show,” WSVG 10:00-10:10am EST
Santa Cruz/Monterey/Salinas, CA PST “Morning Show” KRXA-AM 7:00-7:10am PST
Orange County/Riverside/Inland Empire, CA “Morning Show” KCAA 7:00-7:10am PST

I did my best to get EST/CST/MST/PST times right. I had to google a few of these markets...I get fuzzy around MST markets. Sorry MST peeps.

The book comes out tomorrow. Did you buy it yet? Well, go buy it! And if you already have, please tell your friends to buy it. Or just buy it for them. Really. Every purchase gets Sarah and me closer to being best selling authors. Hah. What a hoot that would be.


Purchase Times Two