Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinosaur Towels & The Like Button

In the ten free seconds I found for myself yesterday (exaggeration), I figured out how to copy and paste some code into the back end of this blog that makes a "Like" button appear at the bottom of my posts. While I love that many of you leave comments, I also understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to leave one. So now I've got this "Like" button for all the people who mean to post to my blog but just can't muster up the energy. All you have to do is click "Like" to help boost my self esteem.


ps-Depending on your definition of free time, I did manage to make it over to TJ Maxx yesterday to impulsively buy a set of dinosaur towels. Two out of three members of my family were thrilled about it when I returned home. One is not sure how we will integrate dinosaur hand towels into our everyday living. I say to that one, lighten up...

TJ Maxx - T Rex Towel - "LIKE"


  1. Well I "like" the dinosaur towels, even though it looks like he's dropping green dinosaur poop behind him. lol

  2. there is obviously some type of buggy issue with the "like" button I embedded because it shows up on some browsers and not on others. oh well...

  3. i found the like button... which is surprising since i usually need breadcrumbs to find my way home...

    and tell the one who isn't so into the dino towels... that they won't be for company... just "everyday towels"...

  4. T.J. Maxx? Oh no. First of all, they denied my sister a job once. Second of all, their sister company, Marshall's, denied me a job once. Third of all, I once lived next door to two women -- interestingly enough, twin sisters -- who both worked there and they said it was a horrible company to work for. Worse than Macy's, worse even than those hours-cutting numbskulls at Sears. I wouldn't shop at T.J. Maxx if they paid me.

  5. Uncle Mike, you almost sound like an anti TJ Maxx internet troll, but I don't think you really are. I think you actually are someone's Uncle Mike who honestly despises TJ Maxx. So I promise, I won't go there again...even though they have really reasonably priced board books that my children just love.

  6. The towel picture is not showing up, so I can't voice my approval. (Chances are slim I'll ever buy a set of white towels with a blue boxed question mark in the middle of 'em--which is what I see where the Dino towel photo should be--if that piece of news means anything to ya...)

    On the positive side, my browser is one of the ones that displays the "like" button. So I tapped that. Use my little dose of esteem wisely and well.

    Verification word:
    reasu - (Nope... I got nothin'...)

  7. I like the dinosaur towels!! I like the "like" button.I have no qualms with TJ Maxx. other than the fact that the store that opened here in Brooklyn is always a mess! It looks like a flea market.