Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soundtrack to Times Two, Oh Yes There Is.

Sarah and I have written a book. Sorry if that's redundant, but I don't want to leave behind any potential first time visitors to 'Hangin' With Hendo', as I'm sure my blog is inundated with first time readers on a daily basis.

If we're to believe google analytics, which @lizbrooks does, then often enough we do have first time readers. I just personally can't imagine where you're coming from, so it shocks me and makes me think google analytics is full of crap. @lizbrooks, fortunately, begs to differ.

As I was saying, Sarah and I have written a book. A memoir, even. It's called Times Two.

It's out April 5th in bookstores everywhere. Unlike me. I'm just out. Everywhere.

Anyway, this blog was not meant to be a tangent about the outness of me or my book. I'm reeling my artist back in.

The point of this blog is to tell you about the book's soundtrack.

Now many of you are saying, "Kristen's book has a soundtrack?"

And I'm here to tell you, "Damn straight, Kristen's book has a soundtrack!"

Here's how. And here's why.

When it came time to name chapters, I was force feeding the babies daily doses of The Beatles. Music, that is. In fact, I wanted to name every chapter after a Beatles song...rename the whole book after one, even. It felt like my inner genius was percolating, overflowing, and I couldn't wait to share my brilliant idea with our publisher.

Before getting to our publisher, a very good writer friend suggested I take a deep breath and "maybe not do that." She suggested, instead, that we give the book "the best title you possibly can without limiting it to a Beatles song title" (sound advice) and that we name the chapters after "any songs that we happen to love. Not just Beatles songs."

So, I handed Sarah my iPod, loaded with about 20,000 of my favorite songs. She began taking it to and from work on her commute, scrolling the songs for appropriate song titles that would work as chapter titles. OK, in a few cases I did step in and direct. But overall, Sarah ended up picking 14 of my all time favorite songs as titles for our book chapters. And I'm telling you, that's a jaw dropping coincidence because Sarah truly has absolutely no way of knowing that The Pretenders, "Talk of the Town" was my end all be all song in 1983. I mean, seriously, we tell each other everything...but if you're going that deep with your person you're in major co-dependent hell. #therearebooksyoucanreadaboutit.

And no book would be worth it's salt without a theme song. So, Antigone Rising's "Borrowed Time" serves as that. Soundtracks are cliche enough without naming the book's theme song after the book. Wouldn't you agree?

The end result, all 15 songs (14 chapters and the theme song) are available for download at the top of this blog. It's the Times Two Soundtrack.

And I think it kicks ass.


Times Two, in bookstores April 5, 2011


  1. I do not like to gloat... but I'd be more than happy to review the analytics with you... numbers are up... and people from far, far away have been here....

    oh, and the soundtrack is totally neat. well done Henderson-Ellis clan.

  2. My name is Brandi. I live in Montgomery, Alabama. I just wanted you to know how I found your blog. I was looking at the Atlanta Pride site (because I sadly could not attend) and saw that AR performed. So, of course, I was interested in finding out who AR was made up of. And from there, I found your blog. I check it every single day for updates. And I am completely psyched about buying your book. As a single mother who has been pregnant six times, given birth five times and has four living children (who are now dealing with my "coming out" and love me regardless) I am excitedly anxious to read your precious story. And one day soon I hope to see Antigone Rising in concert! Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Just "B"

  3. Great soundtrack. Can't wait to get the book.......Mike Tigz

  4. Lizzy, analyzing my analytics anytime anywhere sounds appealing.
    amen for analytics.

  5. If you had any readers from CA, more specifically the Bay Area, I'm sure that they'd encourage you to come out west.

    Live music scene is amazing!

    Then again, not sure if you know of anybody living out here. I mean, out there.

  6. Cannot wait for the book! I imagine two mommies pregnant at the same time as hormone hell. There is no one sane enough to fetch the right ice cream. And whose feet get the rub down at the end of long day? Then the arrival of two bundles for two working mommies. Wow. Months of joyful, tear-stained days marked by gas pain and giggles. Come on April 5th!

  7. I'm a first-timer (via mombian). From Edmonton, Canada. And I plan to spend some good hours perusing your blog! My wife and I have a 14 month old daughter, and are working on adopting #2.

  8. Hi Kate! Congrats on your daughter, and best of luck with #2!!! And you have the best first name (I'm biased, of course, but Kate is my fave name for a girl...)