Friday, January 28, 2011

Times Two, out April 5, 2011!

Some of you know that my partner, Sarah, and I have written a memoir called Times Two. It's due out April 5, 2011 through Free Press (an imprint of Simon & Schuster). Some of you don't know we've written a book...but actually you do now unless you didn't read the first line of this blog. The book is about our simultaneous pregnancies (yes, we got pregnant on the exact same day), the trials and tribulations that followed (being exactly the same pregnant with your person), and the subsequent births of our delicious "twiblings," Thomas & Kate.

Our friends at Free Press have very graciously donated 10 copies of Times Two to Antigone Rising's 23 Red Kickstarter promotion. Sarah and I will autograph the copies and they will ship out on March 3rd directly to your doorstep. That's 1 full month before it will be in bookstores. So if you're dying to know what I looked like in the delivery room and can't wait until April 5th, there's a picture in the photo well, not nearly as graphic as you've allowed your imagination to roam. But still. It is me. In the delivery room. Trying to figure out how on earth a baby is supposed to fit out of...well, read the book.

So, if you'd like 1 of 10 advanced/autographed copies of Times Two, please go to our page and pledge for it. If you've already pledged on something else, you can increase your current pledge amount, and then send us an email telling us what you've done. Just be sure to select the book as your new selected reward, with your combined pledge amount.

So here's some things people are saying about Times Two to help get you excited about pledging:

Kristen Henderson & Sarah Ellis have written a book so disarmingly funny, touching and readable, that you almost forget it is about all the important issues of our time...women's rights, civil rights, and family rights. The journey of Kristen and her partner, Sarah, in their quest to have a child, seems like Nora Ephron's idea of a script...hilarious at times, frustrating, maddening and, finally, a Hollywood style happy ending. This book captures the political zeitgeist of all the modern families in the country, and shows that, whatever your beliefs and affiliations, the most important component in the make-up of a family is love.
Cherie Currie
Lead singer of The Runaways
author of "Neon Angel"

Kristen and Sarah have done two things with their new book.  First, they’ve shown themselves to be two powerful writers who are so close to each other that they sometimes feel as if they write in one voice. Secondly, and more importantly, they’ve shown that love comes from two people wanting, for reasons they don’t control, to meld their lives together.  At the end you find yourself not at the end of a story, but at the beginning of a wonderful life.

Rob Thomas
Grammy award winning songwriter/songwriter

Kristen and Sarah somehow make a "slice of life" story of love, career and family into an entertaining page turner. We are reminded that the magic moments of life are found in the day to day, ordinary struggles of overcoming obstacles as well as in the fulfillment of our dreams.  This book helps to carry a movement, a shift in paradigm, that has been a long time coming. I hope Times Two reaches a wide and varied audience of readers so that this truth becomes our new norm: society needs healthy, loving, functioning families regardless of how they are made or how they look.

Kathy Valentine
Songwriter and Bassist of the pop/punk band The Go-Go's
Tweeting her own memoir 180 characters at a time at: @kvmemoir

What was it Tolstoy said? Happy families are all alike? This book proves the great Russian writer was absolutely wrong. Happy families come in all varieties. This funny and touching book is Exhibit A.

A.J. Jacobs, bestselling author of My Life as an Experiment and The Year of Living Biblically

This is a tender and touching story of two talented women falling in love and forming a beautifully unconventional family. Readers will be fascinated by their simultaneous pregnancies and dual journeys into motherhood. Times Two offers wonderful perspectives on the joys and challenges of contemporary lesbian life.

Nanette Gartrell, MD My Answer is NO…if that's okay with you: How Women Can Say No With Confidence
Principal Investigator, US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study

To pledge for an advanced copy of Times Two, just go to Antigone Rising's #23Red Fun'd on!

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  1. Words cannot express how happy I am for you and the fam. You. Rock. In case you didn't know, I'm jus' saying. You do. And you got Cherie to write about it. Wowsers. I bow to the greatness that is Kristen and Sarah:-) *hi five and hugs* Wootness.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Kristen and Sarah go on all those talk shows on TV to promote and discsuss the book. The book is timely and the title and cover image make it look like an uplifting read.

  3. Thanks to everyone who pledged for an advanced copy of the book!

  4. I see an appearance on "Ellen" in your future....with and without the band....which would be TWO appearances wouldn't it? Congrats on all your successes and best wishes to all of you. Can't wait to hear the new "album" & read the book. Keep rockin' it!!

  5. I'm with Ellen appearance is a definite must.