Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 - Tampa/Rock Boat XI Tour Diary

Just before my alarm went off at 5:45am yesterday morning, I opened my eyes. I took a few seconds to focus on the cable box clock. It said 5:42am. I beat my alarm clock. The joys of being a mother...

I rolled over, turned my alarm off and texted Jude to see if she and Cathy were running on time (never...Sibby, not Jude).
Kristen's text: "U on time?"
Jude's text back: "Happy Birthday"

For years, Jude had no idea how to send text messages, so she'd just use the default/preset messages her phone gave her. The "Happy Birthday" message became synonymous with the word "yes."

I couldn't believe it. Cathy and Jude were really going to be to my house by 6am? Ugh.

I got up...went about my business...dragged my luggage down the steps...saw Mikey P. walking Artie outside in the pitch blackness of the morning...and waited....then I started to wonder....we did say 6am pickup, didn't we? I'm sure that's what the itinerary said...but ever since my passport debacle two days earlier, I started second guessing everything I thought I once knew.

Our manager, Julie, sent out about 100 email remdinders to the band ever since we got booked to be on The Rock Boat XI last June.

Julie's emails: "you will need your passports for the boat. be sure they're up to date and packed with you. we don't know where the boat is going yet and you will need it to board."

Julie sent that message once a month for the first 3 months, then once a week, and about once a day since mid - December.

So on Saturday...New Year's Day...2 days before I'd be climbing into the van at 6am to drive to Florida...I decide to look for my passport. During the babies nap, Sarah pulled it out of the filing cabinet and tossed it at me while I sat at my desk.

expiration: April 10, 2010.

Oh, shit.

More to come...we have to get back on the road right now!



  1. Woooooops! I hope there are no issues getting on board. I believe a copy of your birth certificate + phot ID will get you on board. http://www.therockboat.com/FAQ/pre-cruise#1

  2. Passport fiasco? Did i miss a memo? and i STILL can't believe you all drove. even tho Chip/Vanna was in the picture..i still can't believe it.

  3. never mind.. read the last part. i'm slow today apparently. i had a cupcake.