Friday, December 3, 2010

A Blog About Ricki Lake & Emily Vitella

The other day, Lizzy and I were driving into the city. We were listening to 1010 Wins for traffic reports because that's what you do when you're in a band (read: when you're a mom). You stop listening to music and you listen to news and traffic reports in your car. At least I stopped listening to music. Except The Music Together CD from the babies class. Digressing...sorry.

As we drove through the mid-town tunnel, we heard a terrible thing reported on the 1010 Wins. They said Ricki Lake was divulging government information. Lizzy and I were taken aback.

"Ricki Lake?" I shrieked in disbelief.

"Wow...." Lizzy replied in a stunned voice.

"I went to Bucknell with her sister, Jenny." A fact I liked to reveal every single time Ricki Lake's name worked its way into a conversation.  Jenny and I weren't necessarily friends, but she was in one of my classes. I can't remember which one, in all honestly. But she was. In a class with me. And Ricki did attend her graduation. So Ricki Lake has been to Bucknell.

I loved Bucknell.


She was so great in that movie Hairspray.

And I loved her in that other movie.  You know, the one where Kathleen Turner murders someone for wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

And her daytime talk show. She practically became the Oprah of our generation. Or at least the next Sally Jesse.

And then she did a great documentary on pregnancy and giving birth called "The Business of Being Born." I basically planned my entire birth experience based on that documentary.  It was actually Thomas' birth...and my experience, right? The documentary threw Sarah into such a tailspin, she nearly ordered a birthing pool as the credits rolled up the screen.

And now...she's a terrorist? 

What a weird turn for the Ricki Lake story to take.

"Ohhhh..." Lizzy said, slightly befuddled. "It's Wiki Leaks."

"Ahhh," I confusedly replied. "I don't think his sister went to Buckell."

Then Lizzy and I sat in an Emily Vitella-like "never mind" silence for the rest of our drive.



  1. For years i used to think the song by the Chipmunks "Christmas song" or "Christmas time" or whatever the tune was with Dave yelling at Alvin had the line "we all want a boo a boo..." instead of "hulahoop."

    "A boo. A boo." For YEARS Kristen. YEARS. I shit you not.

    and bythedub...nice picture.
    So don't feel bad about Ricki Wiki confusion.

    And if you say Ricki WIki sounds like you're remixing it. Rickiwikiwikiricki..

    As you wuz...

  2. The real lyric:
    Like a rhinestone cowboy
    getting cards and letters from people I don't even know

    The assumed lyric (by my friend as a child):
    Like a rhinestone cowboy
    getting carrots and lettuce from people I don't even know

    One of the funniest things I've EVER heard.


  3. LOL you know i've never understood why anyone would wear rhinestones and be a cowboy. i imagine something would start smartin' the longer the rhinestones are worn..

    i mean really... and that also reminds me of messing up Michelle Malone's song "Traveling and Unraveling" ...I initially thought it was "Travelin Back in Maryland." She thought it was hysterical. I, on the other hand, felt like a dork.

    Aaaand scene:-)

  4. Gilda! Haha I laughed out loud at this. I love Ricki Lake! I was pumped that she made a cameo in Hairspray the musical-movie. Just for the record, John Travolta can't compare to Divine's Edna Turnblad. I grew up watching Hairspray, The Wizard of Oz, and Rockin' Mother Goose. That should basically explain any questions anyone could ever have about me.

  5. Funny. When ever anyone mentions Antigone Rising I say... "You know, I went to Bucknell with the Henderson sisters" They were in my sorority and they played at a reunion. I loved Bucknell.

  6. rikki lake just turned hiself in.... just wanted to confusingly update you on the status.

  7. I take the cake on mis-heard lyrics.From the time I was 10 ( in 1976) to about 1992, I honestly thought the lyrics in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds said : a girl with COLITIS goes by. Imagine my utter disbelief when I found out it was actually : A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.All those years I felt really bad for that poor girl with the tummy trouble.