Monday, November 1, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do.

One of the babies was Monkey See.  The other was Monkey Do.  But then Monkey See peed on his costume.  So we changed him into a fireman costume.  And his sister became a butterfly.  Quite frankly, they both seemed happier. 



  1. Absolutely adoreable. Suddenly, I'm hearing "Borrowed Time."

    I loved Halloween when I could still dress mine, their stroller became a fire engine with a full crew one year, three blind mice another year, and Santa and two elves another. And then something terrible happened ... they wanted to choose for themselves, and suddenly I had Disney Princesses and a Ninja for years.

    Borrowed Time indeed.

  2. I think you should have left him in the costume and called them "Monkey Pee Monkey Doo". Love, Shelton

  3. yea, but then you woulda had 2 monkey pee's since monkey doo would have had to have copied monkey pee. it woulda been halloPEEEn before you could say boo. xoxo nini

  4. you know... you two were so chill about it that I had no idea why monkey see and monkey do didn't make it out on sunday... i mean.. that is some team work ladies.... and they looked squash-a-ble in both ensenbles...

  5. Kristen,
    What ever turned out to be the story with the red white and blue Tele you wanted to sell? Did you sell it? Did you ever learn it's history? I had contacted you years ago to let you know that it might be a very rare guitar and never learned the fate of the instrument and the suspense has been killing me ever since! Can you help me learn the rest of the story if you have a moment?

    If not, I hope you are still playing it and making music!

    Dave Serchuk
    email: daserchuk at

  6. That firefighter and butterfly look too big to be your kids (but it could be because I just happened to stumble on--and finally read, in full--the Real Simple article from a year ago last May. They were younger then, it being an article from a year ago last May, n'all (and with pix from that February, when they was newbie humans, taboot.)

    Still, they're growin' fast... (jest like atriflingmatter's kids, my favorite (n'only, but still favorite) nephew & niece...)