Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Response to my Friend @ninicamps' Latest Blog.

 Nini Camps, a prolifically talented singer/songwriter turned blogger - photo by BonBon

My dear friend (and colleague) @ninicamps is blogging now.  My blog entry today is in response to her latest post titled Jon Mayer and BB Torch.  As if she and I don't talk enough on the phone, via email, through Twitter, and Facebook, we will now add cross blogging to our forms of communication.

I feel passionately that her blog post be addressed, and her obsession with the melodies of Jon Mayer nipped in the proverbial bud.

Nini.  Stop allowing Jon Mayer melodies to "hover" before songwriting.  Not because he isn't a talented artist.  And not because he doesn't write good songs.  In fact, sometimes he even writes really really good songs.  There's no arguing he's a very gifted guitar player.  Honestly, when I hear him or watch him, I'm impressed.

That does not rule out the fact that he is a giant egomaniac in need of being ignored, by all of us quite frankly, but most certainly by as gifted a songwriter as yourself.  

His songs are good, but there are BETTER songs and more talented guitarists worthy of hovering overhead as you sit down to pen the next great "Yesterday."

Ahh, let's start there.  "Yesterday."  Listen to that song.  And listen to Paul McCartney.  Any Paul McCartney.  Even the worst Paul McCartney song is better than the best Jon Mayer song.  I bet even Jon would agree.  Maybe.

And speaking of Jon's.  How about swapping out Mayer for Lennon?  Please Nini.  Please.  Please listen to Abbey Road or Rubber Soul or Sgt. Pepper's.  I'm begging you.

Great guitarists.  May I point in the direction of Mr. Warren Haynes, a prolifically talented songwriter as well as a godly gifted guitar player.  Listen to SoulShine, Old Before My Time, or Beautifully Broken.  Warren Haynes is My Reason for Reason...And speaking of Reasons for Reason, allow me to suggest the melodies of Mr. Rob Thomas if you're in search of inspiration (or accidentally blocking yourself from being able to write a melody).

Derek Trucks is indisputably (according to Sibby & me) the greatest guitar player of our time.  He's the heir to Duane Allman, and that's the ghost all the greats are chasing.  Duane sits on Derek's shoulder.  Not Clapton's.  Not Beck's. And certainly not Mayer's. 

Let Patty Griffin hover overhead when you sit down to write (I know, she literally already does, with her b&w 8x10 hanging on your beam).  And while I realize blocking ourselves is not the end result we seek when listening to great artists, Shawn Colvin is ideal listening if you're looking to shut yourself down creatively.  Sheryl Crow's also great for blocking both your writing spirit and your production spirit.

Stepping away from blocking ourselves, may I suggest Jason Mraz.  He's current.  He's a good guitarist.  And he seriously knocked it way the hell outta the park with "I'm Yours" - way further out of the park than anything Jon Mayer has ever written.  Seriously.  Ever.  That Jason Mraz guy keeps figuring out ways to cross over to top 40 radio DESPITE the misery of the record business.  Invite him to hover.   

To all the Jon Mayer fans I've completely offended, I must be honest.  I think JM is incredibly talented.  His voice even kinda melts me.  I just think he should quiet down a touch (he's claiming to have done that already, but he still needs to take it down another social media notch).  I'm not saying don't listen to him.  I'm just telling Nini to let someone else less obnoxious hover when sitting down to write.

As for your phone issues, typos on iPhones are becoming part of the venacular.  Hahaha = Havana, which is always a lot of fun to explain to your lead singer of Cuban descent.  Stick with the iPhone, not because you can or can't send emails, but because you can download that killer guitar tuning app.


Be sure to read Nini's new blog, "In Ink...A Working Title" and leave her comments because comments make bloggers feel good.


  1. Thank yoooouuuu!!

    Mayer is a douche... Yes, he is talented. Very. But, even douches can be talented. We all know that.


  2. as I said to Nini ... I am thoroughly enjoying being eavesdropping on your tete' a tete', but shouldn't you be writing songs?
    I can't download your blogs to enjoy on a long ride.
    Unless you two decide to record them, and I can literally listen in. :-)

  3. Susan Werner. There's a songwriter. Check her out, Hendo.

    Carole King. Leiber & Stoller. Stevie Wonder. SPRINGSTEEN. ooo John Hiatt.

    And yes, John Mayer is a tool. Perhaps even a toolbox. A talented toolbox, but a box of tools, nonetheless.

  4. Cassidy is a c@&!, but that didn't stop me from enjoying AR back in the day... Ha!

  5. When will AR come out to LA for a concert????
    Lots of AR fans out here..