Friday, September 10, 2010

An Official Statement from the Office of Kristen Henderson.

 A photo of Kristen in her office being interupted at work by her sister, Cathy.

I woke up this morning compelled to make this public proclamation. 

October is my favorite month of the year.

I will lay forth my reasoning in an effort to pre-empt the hysteria that will likely ensue in the comments section of this blog. 

October is neither too hot or too cold.  This means people cover up enough of their bodies with clothing so that we don't have to see things we never wanted to see in the first place, but we don't have to bust out heavy duty parkas.  I always wanted to use the word parka in one of my blogs.

Like toes, for example.  All summer long I am forced to look at peoples toes, and many of you don't really take care of business the way you should.  Toe nails shouldn't be too long, people.  They also shouldn't be too short or non existent.  And I shouldn't know that they are.  In October, your toes are covered.  Thank you for this, October.  

And thighs.  And belly buttons.  Unless you're, ya know, on TV where you've surgically altered yourself to look outstanding, I prefer not to see it, #TBT.

The leaves are changing, but they haven't completely fallen off the trees.  So it's not a mess and it looks really pretty.

October smells good.  You can still barbeque and sit out on your porch.  You don't sweat to death doing so.  Sea Cliff has an amazing mini mart that rocks.  Pumpkins.  And Halloween.


I blogged.  I'm back.


If you can guess what TBT is an acronym for, I'll send you something free from the Antigone Rising online store.  Maybe.  Depending on how many of you guess right.  Good luck.



  1. One big DITTO to you Hendo! I flove October! And for all the reasons you stated, well not the Sea Cliff one, because I wouldn't know. I love knowing I can wear jeans everyday, no more iffy-ness of September. And I love my hoodies! The air is cool and refreshing when you walk outside. And there's no need for the AC. #$$$saving

    #TBT... to be truthful?

    Have a great show tonight! See ya on Halloween-ish!

  2. PS. October is just another reason I was excited about my living room show last year. Good times.

  3. October has Halloween and apple cider donuts from this great apple orchard/farm place in the mountains of north Georgia. Nothing better.

  4. I think Liz got it. My brain was in the right area, but missed the spot. It's very early, for me. I'm blaming that. haaaa

  5. You forgot the best thing about October: my birthday.

  6. In October, Libras are born. They are well balanced people who contribute to the greater good of society. Everyone is excited to learn and it's too soon to know for sure that you're failing a class. Even if it has been a long time since you have been in school, there is a strong association with being excited to see people, show off your fading tan and the idea that you can start fresh with some areas of your life...more than at the new year when we make new year's resolutions, which are simply statements about things in our lives we need to accept we will always fail at. I love october too!

  7. Let us not forget Scorpio's. We're born in October too!!!

    I use to be a spring time person, but as I've aged (yes, I'm ancient), I figured out that that in the spring, things are starting to grow, but, mostly it's dusty.

    In the fall, things still ARE green :), well, more or less.

    And, being a Scorpio, I have a bithday in October. So, it's a good month (and, I'm married to a Libra!)

  8. I don't know,,,Telia Tequlia....I know bad spelling.....3 beers in..
    Mike Tigz

  9. Danielle says.... I agree with truth be told but why the #? To alert an acrnoym to come? Loved the show last night. So fun seeing the girls and pretending to be a roadie! but oatmeal beer? Really?

  10. October. Means. PIE.


  11. Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie! How did I forget that?

  12. "This means people cover up enough of their bodies with clothing so that we don't have to see things we never wanted to see in the first place..." Speaking of... I was at the store last night and saw a HUGE tub of cheese balls. I'll never be able to enjoy them ever again. Stupid Michfest.

    Also, this is marching band season! I miss it. Just something about hearing the brass on a crisp fall day! (band dork, what?!)