Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mama's Rebel Rockers

So, @spitfireellis has been pushing me to get the babies into some type of organized anything, and I've been avoiding it, because, well, I always hated organized things.  I quit nursery school.  I quit day camp.  I cried every morning when I had to go to school.  I came up with every illness you can think of.  I'd put the thermometer against the radiator.  You name it.  I did it.  Organized things blew for me.

Until college.  I friggin' loved college.   And I loved my sorority even more.  Oh, indeed, you read that right.  I was in a sorority.  The President of it, even.  GO PI PHI! 

Anyway.  I worried that I might have been projecting my fear of organized things (read: forced socialization) onto my babies.  So I relented.  I'd heard about this great little Music Together class right here in town, and I signed my babies up.  For those of you pro socialization types, It's not like they're 20 years old and got home schooled (though I see absolutely nothing wrong with that, to all my voracious readers who school their children at home).  They're 18/19 months old.  There's still plenty of time to figure out how to play nice in the sandbox. 

As many of you know, I've got two little tykes.  They've got some opinions.  And they're just moving off two naps a day.  In fact, some days they still take two naps.  In double fact, most days they still take two naps-ish (if you call the afternoons where I watch them on the baby cam stripping their clothes off, jumping up and down across from each other while howling laughing in their cribs a nap).

Said Music Together class falls smack in the middle of their first nap time.  The one that they no longer, technically, take.  But since @spirtfireellis was no longer accepting the "nap excuse" from me, off we went to "music school," as I have been referring to it when speaking to the babies to prepare them for their first class.

"Coolbutts mama?" Thomas asks, whenever I tell him he's going to music school.  "Coolbutts" means school bus, and he's obsessed with them and knows you ride in one when you go to school.  And I say, "No Thomas.  Aunt Cappy's coming with you though."

And then both babies say, "OHHHHHH, CCCCAAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYYY."

All kids, at least in my family, LOVE Aunt Cappy.  And let's be honest, what's not to love?

We walk into class, remove our shoes, and see this lady wearing a guitar.  Thomas turns to me puzzled and says, "Nini?" He's wondering who this Nini imposter is wearing the guitar.  And I look at him equally puzzled that he wouldn't ask, "mama?", but instead asks, "Nini?"  And now Kate is repeating, "NeeeeNeeee, NeeeeNeeee," and I really don't want to explain to the Music Together lady my who life story so I just pretend my kids are making up words, because you can do that with the name Nini.  Sorry Neenz, but you kinda can.

Thomas refuses to ever sit down.  Kate refuses to ever move off Aunt Cappy's lap, so she's a no go on the marching moment.  Thomas wants the decorative train perched upon the highest shelf in the joint.  Kate refuses to give the drum and mallets back.  Thomas keeps heading to the door saying, "bye," long before class is over. 

Seriously.  I don't know if I projected it onto them, or if it was nap time, or what the deal was.  All the other moms/caretypes and especially the teacher, were totally cool about it, and neither of my kids were full blown melt down disasters.  But they were, hands down, the rustiest at partaking in the organized-ness of the class.

By the end of our 45 minutes, Thomas did high five the teacher, he did find the cutest girl in the class and follow her around, and he did walk around screaming "HI" to everyone in the room (granted, at the top of his lungs during inappropriate moments while the teacher was singing).  And Kate did eventually return the drum and mallets (granted, only in exchange for two stickers).

Upon exiting the buidling with Katie in my arms, she looked at me and said, "Mama, nigh nigh," which translates into "Mama, night night," which translates into "I need my nap, NOW, Mama."

One thing I do know.  Babies are not supposed to tell YOU when they need to nap...

So.  We will return next week.  We will pray the transition from 2 naps to 1 is closer to being accomplished.  And I'm secretly happy that my two little muffin heads were the biggest Rebel Rockers at the Music Together class.  But DO NOT tell them I said so...cause they're going to need to figure this socialization stuff out before mama blasts off on a big tour!  Home schooling on the bus in NOT an option!


ps-Nini's got a new blog.  Go read it. 


  1. I can picture that whole blog so vividly. Great read! Your kids sound hilarious!

  2. I love this more than I can put into words. A part of me feels that you and Cathy may have enjoyed the music class more than the babies... But that'd be ok. ;) Just don't encourage them to start a mosh pit.

    As far as "forced socialization", I hated it growing up. Much like you, I started enjoying organized things, mainly due to marching band in highschool. Talk about being organized... it's like a boot camp for band dorks.

    I still think you and Jen (Chapin) should get your babies together and have a play date. It would be the cutest thing...pretty much ever. She is on Facebook now (against her better judgement, I'm sure). :)

    Rock on, babies.

  3. I'm still stuck on the fact that you hate "organized anything" and yet you're married to SpitFireEllis.
    Isn't she the Queen of Organized?

  4. @Hendo I hate "forced socialization". Did as a kid, do now. I get you.

    And I've seen you kids running around, which was months ago. Can only imagine how they are now. Love it.

    @serensky, I was in marching band from 4th grade thru 12th. And high school included field shows. And LOTS of practice. Yet, this I enjoyed. Probably for the music element.

  5. No worries Kris...

    In all of your evading during your life (of organized stuff)....

    You didn't turn out half bad... ;-) !!

  6. Hi there so glad to hear about music together. Nadine and I took it for a season. She loved it. Your experience with the two naps brings back memories. Nadine stopped taking two naps at 2. Now she's 3 and takes one nap. Some tots take no naps....

  7. Nini needs assistance with her blog so comments can be left. *hint hint*

  8. Yep, me hatted skool, two.

    College was okay, @ times.

  9. Loved the blog, K. Loved Pi Phi too!