Thursday, July 1, 2010

Move That Bus, Webisodes Past...

We're culling our video footage from the past several shows and mentally gearing up to edit another webisode of "Move That Bus."  In the meantime, catch up on a few of the most recent ones you may have missed so you're all up to date!

Episode 5 is  when we rocked the Cherry Lane 50th Anniversary Party. 

Episode 4 is the Bandanagate webisode.  If you don't know what that means, then you just need to watch: 



  1. is cathy single? i want to date her.

  2. Me too, Anonymous! *LOL* Anyway, can you please share why it is that you call Cathy "Sib" (perhaps for sibling?) and why you call Dena "The Bird". I'm losing sleep over this. Please hurry!

  3. BTW, get a move on with that new episode of "Move That Bus" I can't stand the suspense! P.S. You're one funny-ass chick.

  4. Still waiting patiently for the answer(s). :-)


  5. @shutupchops, Sib/Sibby is short for Sibling. I started calling her that a few years ago, and then everyone else just started calling her that too. So she's everyone's Sib.

    As for The Bird, Cathy started calling her D-Bird cause it sounds like T-Bird and it just morphed into Bird, or The Bird, or Birdie.

  6. Ah-ha! So it IS short for sibling. I love it when I'm genius. Dena's nickname is abstract...quite excellent. Thanks for responding....keep rockin'.