Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Oh, the day after Pride.  Whoops.  Make that two days after Pride.  So sad when it's over, really.  It's Christmas for gay people.  Seriously.  Make some noise.   

So here are a few more photos I never got around to posting.  I miss it already, don't you...?

 Look closely at this shot.  That's just people for blocks and blocks and blocks.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  You could have walked on heads and never touched the ground all the way from the stage until you were ordering mozarella sticks at an outdoor table at the Bus Stop Cafe.  True story, make some noise.

 These are two of my very best friends with one of my other very best friend's.  Leslie Bell, Patty Bell, and @ninicamps (in her Pride tie).  I love the Bells and I love @ninicamps, so I like that their photo can be included in the Day After the Day After wrap up Blog.

@ninicamps was especially struck by the absurdity of this photo-op.  Just beyond the sign were the sea of people photographed in the top shot.  I mean, it was quite obvious which way the PrideFest was.  But evidently it was somebody's job to hang that sign.  Quite needlessly.

  @anthonysrecords (or Tony), the band's stage manager and tech.  He's our everything.  Without him this past Sunday, we'd have been lost souls.  We're just so grateful our Tony keeps showing up.  Antigone Rising <3 Tony.  Period.   

 The following shots were sent to me by @Diane.  I love when she sends me photos.  Because then I post them to my blog.  #rock.  Make some noise.

This first shot is of @TheBird.  I'm trying to figure out what song she's playing.  Hmm.  I can't tell.  I wonder if she can...

This next shot is of me.  Oh.  And Nini and Sib too.  They sure do get tons of airtime on my blog.  It'd be nice if they started their own blogs and gave ME a little airtime for a change, don'tcha think?  It's time for a spin-off blog, bandmates.  Like when Hello, Larry spun off of Dif'rent Strokes.  Or Maude spun off of All in the Family.  Tap, tap, tap.  Is this thing on?  Private Practice Grey's Anatomy, anyone?  

Healthy eaters.  Indeed, they are...I mean, if they post it, it must be true. 

Have photos from Pride you'd like to share with "Hangin' With Hendo?"  Send them along and if we don't look too fat in them, maybe we'll post them...Though I think we've officially beaten the shit out of Pride 2010.


ps.  One more shot.  This is Bird getting an open container citation.  Oh, wait.  No, it's not.  This is Bird with her cop friend.  But let's pretend it's Bird getting an open container citation.  She's SO bad ass.  Make some noise!   

pss. Vanessa Valtre, the female impersonator who emceed our stage, used the expression "Make some noise" several times during her introduction of the band.  She remained graceful under tremendous pressure, as our intro. dragged on (no pun intended) quite a bit due to techncial difficulties.  Frankly, she was awesome.  Make some noise.



  1. Make some noise! Yes. You can hear Vanessa Valtere saying just that in my video on the blog.

    That sea of people, gay sea, was having a great time.

    And for anyone who missed my Pride stuff, check the links below.




  2. so sad I couldn't come to the sea of gay!
    I was beaten up by a nasty cold,still "making noise" hacking like I smoked 3 packs a camels a day. Maybe next year you will do it again..
    pretty please!
    See ya on the boat!

  3. The sea of gay was awesome!! As was the show and it went a bit longer than I expected, so that was a pleasant surprise!

    Glad to see you fought the urge to dunk those grapes and apple in oil and fry beyond recognition.

    As Where's said...see ya'll on the boat!

  4. @mandaxwp, I plan to post some videos tomorrow. This blog just got too long and I didn't want the vids to get lost. So tomorrow I will post!

    Make some noise!

  5. @Hendo, I wasn't trying to make an unsubtle hint. This time. Just pimping myself... err... my work... nevermind. Post whatever you want, they are there for you and everyone else.

    But, people should go read the StS blog. Rainee spent a lot of time writing and I spent way too much time editing video and setting that shit up. There goes the pimping again.

    #stillsick #slightlypunchy

  6. Why thank you, blogmate :o)

    She's much better at pimping than I am.


  7. Hendo,

    Bird got a verbal warning that time! Next time, THE CUFFS come out!

  8. Gee, thanks. I'll add that to my job description.

  9. @cop friend! hahaha, that sounds kinda fun! That bird is nothin' but trouble. I may have to citizen arrest her the next time she pops open one of her breakfast beers in public...

  10. I know of someone who got one of those citations at another Pride years ago...but I'm not naming any names. She'll have to fess up for herself, if she so desires.

  11. Damn the grapes and your healthy eating habits! Gotta watch those open containers and cuffs. Could be troublesome. And exciting. Looks like it was a great time!! :)

  12. It could be both fun and exciting: depends how much you resist!!!!!

    Hendo, you guys are awesome!!!

  13. Yes, it was not my finest hour for sure. Out of the thousands of people drinking at Pride I was the only one in my crew to get one.. and I was drinking a beer inside a COKE cup. I learned that you not only get a ticket.. but you have to appear in court for it with other random crackheads. Not fun.

    See you on the boat :D


  14. Yayy you fess'ed up, lol. I wasn't going to throw you under the bus, but it's a good story!

    See ya on the boat!

  15. Ayayaye. And yet, the year that I finally show up, Tre can't be dragged away from her bed. Not even for a drag queen. OR fruity fruit OR an amazing show AND fun dress-up party to boot!
    No handcuffs here but I did have fairy wings. Bad Tre. Second citation necessary. and what's so wrong about hangin' w/crackhead(s)? ; ) See you on the boat fo'sho'.