Sunday, June 27, 2010



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  1. and I see me too, lol! It was a great show, despite the insane heat.

    Oh I'd like to add this to the "hot tips" list if you're still taking those...

    Hot Gatorade is not good.

  2. Oh, and I'm theifing the second photo for my fb album. I know you won't mind. ;)

  3. I couldn't believe the people lining the street. I thought I took a shot of it from the stage when i first got up there...I'll look for that one to post in my day after blog that will go up later today.

    And thief whatever you'd like. These are photos for the peeps!


  4. Who are the lucky people in the photo that got to drive in a golf cart through Pride 2010 - that's cool.

  5. Awesome awesome shots Hendo. Really glad everyone had a wicked time:-) I'm also glad you all didn't get lost in all the balloons lol. Wowsers.

  6. yeah, great shots! so early on i thought i'd "take [my] wings off and stay a while." PLUS they wd've SERIOUSLY obstructed the view of the nice peeps behind me! something you don't think about when rifling through the fairy princess section of H&M... ; ) don't worry, that was simultaneously the debut and probably the last appearance of that outfit for a while ; ) thanks for posting the pics and vids, @hendo and @mandaxwp. great time. next time = we're bringing confetti!