Friday, June 4, 2010

Justin Bieber is Shane from The L Word.

It might have been a bit of a cultural stretch, say a year ago,  to assume people familiar with Shane would also be familiar with Justin Bieber.  But let's be honest.  The Justin people have made sure we all know who he is.  So even the Shane people (I'm one of them) have caught on to the boy who's more than just a twitter trend.

For those of you reading this blog wondering who Shane is, picture me reaching through cyberspace and smacking you silly (in a love tappy kinda way).  Shane is, of course, from The L Word.  The L Word was a lesbian drama airing on Showtime targeted more for the enjoyment of middle aged men than any other demographic.  Just an observation.  Don't get me wrong.  I was grateful to see strong gay characters on the TV screen and it didn't offend me nearly as much as the misogynistic ending of that Amy movie where Ben Affleck cures the gays of their gayness.  Oh, thank you so much Ben Affleck, you're so amazing and likable and you don't cower in the shadow of Matt Damon's brilliance in the least, that's why you had to date J Lo and marry Jennifer Garner.   

Anyway, where the hell am I going with this?

Right.  Shane and Justin Bieber.

I just noticed this morning while watching the young man prance around on The Today Show (much to the enjoyment of my 15 month old twins) that he bares a striking resemblance to Shane from The L Word.  What do you think?


ps-To all you middle aged L Word watching men, I never got over Dana's death.  Did you?


  1. i killed jenny. in the den. with the candlestick and the pipe. i wanted to make SURE she was dead. i don't regret it at all. she deserved it.

  2. @mandaxwp - Dana. #stillgrieving

    @This is Devon and @J-Bird, Jenny's NOT dead. Please. They're tricking us! She's coming back. They all are! I know I'm not a middle aged man, but I loved this show and miss it so much!

  3. not the way i whacked that bitch. she's cooked!! that chick was bitchcakes. didn't even make a sound in the pool..which i never quite understood. wouldn't her body have made a sound? unless she was already in the pool when she died... see what devon started..completely off your tegan and beaver topic.

    yeah. I said Tegan and Beaver. I refuse to call him Bieber. and ftr, i miss the show too.

  4. Icky Chicken/Ilene Chaiken is a sadistic egomaniac. Come on, who WANTS to kill Dana?? #ugh

  5. I'm one of those 30 something men, but I never watched the L word. Of course I heard of it, but I didn't really think there was anything in it for me, because it was about lesbians, and I am a man.....named shane.....strange, perhaps I should have seen it.

    Beiber does resemble this other "shane", even if I do feel like I am the only one.

    I do have a question though and perhaps someone can enlighten me. Boys these days are all getting the same hair cut, it's shaggy and blown forward....just like Bieber, and Zac Efron before him. What is with that? drives me nuts.

    one more thang! Boys...pull your pants up, no one wants to see your dirty underwear!

  6. I don't think ANYONE recovered from Dana's death!!

    And you really should check out the website if you haven't already seen it.

    I think it fits well with your Shane/Bieber theory! :)

  7. i am sharply focused on the Ben Affleck part of this blog program...

    May I HIGHLY recommend the following South Park Clip:

    "The Thompsons are reunited with their son, Ben Affleck. Cartman finds his funny again."

    You're welcome....

  8. They all killed Jenny.. together. a collaborative event. Is that even a word?

    Anyway, for the longest time, Kristen, I thought YOU looked amazingly like Shane (only better). I even once put a side-by-side picture of you and her on my Myspace page. You had the same hair, same pose, same facial expression! it was hilarious. Btw, I do NOT think you look at all like Justin Beiber.

  9. @scavetts, if you still have that graphic, I'll post it to the bottom of the blog...

  10. What, they look nothing alike! Shane's hand isn't even posed on her face.

    i'm kidding, this is hilarious and i agree it's uncanny, down to the angle of the head tilt.

  11. I remember that pic and you two DID look a LOT alike. It was hysterical.

  12. Angry much? ...Chasing Amy was just a movie people .Don't take so seriously.And why can't a lesbian fall in love with a man.When the opposite happens all the time.
    Ben is a nice guy too.Don't bash him because of a movie.

  13. Re: Bieber/Shane, all I got is LOL!

    Re: The Amy movie, I only saw it once years ago, and I hated it. It seemed to focus on every conceivable lesbian stereotype. However, I have grown a bit since then, and I realize that there's all sorts of gay, and labels, and non labels, etc. I would probably entertain the idea of watching it again, except I really don't like Ben Afflect or the actress who played Amy, so much that I can't recall her name.

    Re: L-word, Season 1 - 3 were great. Although I didn't like how they handled the Alice/Dana romance in Season 2. It was all about the nookie. I wanted them to be more about the love not just about the lust. And no, I'm not a prude, I just think they could have focused more on their friendship turned love than the nookie. The nookie thing had been covered from all angles with Shane. And I'm still in mourning for Dana too. RIP Dana!

  14. *oops, Ben AFFLECK, not Afflect. My apologies, Ben (if you're reading this...)

  15. @anon, I'm just tired and maybe flippant. At Ben Affleck's expense. So I'll say some positive things about Ben. Like lately when I see him in movies I can bare him. And he's handsome.

  16. No, not even close. To wit:

    Dana: I don't get it. I mean, what does Shane have that I don't have?
    Tina: It has to do with her attitude.
    Dana: I've got attitude!
    Marina: It's because she's so witholding.
    Tina: No, it's because she's so confident.
    Dana: No, it's because she's so STUPID and stupid people are too dumb to be insecure.
    Alice: [firmly] Dana, she's your friend.
    Tina: It's confidence okay? I'm telling you... it's because of her nipples.
    Dana: What do you mean it's because of her nipples?
    Tina: She has the best nipples in town and she knows it.
    Alice: Oh my God. You're so right. She has nipple confidence!
    Tina: Yeah, they're small and they're perfectly formed.
    Alice: I wonder if I could sell a story on L.A's best nipples.

  17. I never got over Dana either. I agree with you completely on the middle-aged men target of the L-word. As much as I LOVED watching Jen Beals and company get intimate with each other, it was not a very realistic interpretation of the lesbian community.

  18. Dana's death was very traumatizing and sad, yes. But who really did kill Jenny? Or was it a suicide?

  19. DANA DIED!??!?!?!???????????????

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