Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Tips Tuesday.

 Here are a few Hot Tips for Tuesday.  I italicized the Hot Tips for Tuesday because it may become a random Tuesday event here at "Hangin' With Hendo."  Or it may just fizzle and die here today.  It all depends on what the people think (that's you).  Actually, it all depends on if I can think of anymore hot tips after these really hot ones.

A few of these tips might be expected from me.  Some are so random they'll make you scratch your scalp, or chew your cuticles, or do whatever disgusting secret thing you do while sitting at your computer reading blogs.  You don't have to answer that.

What you should do, though, is post your Hot Tip for Tuesday in the comments section once you're done reading this riveting edition of "Hangin' With Hendo."  Go get 'em, Tiger.   

-Costco Brand (Kirkland Diapers) and Target (Up & Up) Diapers  work better than Pampers and Huggies.  Pampers and Huggies are more pimped out with Disney & Sesame Street characters on them, but they leak.  In my experience, Pampers are worse than Huggies.  I pick Target over Costco mainly from a cosmetic standpoint.  Costco diapers almost look like a skirt, or like they need to be tailored.  Diapers shouldn't look like they need a taylor, in my opinion.  Costco is also more of a pain in the ass logistically.  And one time I did pull the tab clear off a Costco diaper.  So if we're ranking diapers, and I am, I'd say #4-Pampers, #3-Huggies, #2-Kirkland/Costco, #1- Target/Up & Up.

-When making home made whipped cream, use confectioners sugar over regular sugar.  It makes it much less sticky sweet.  1 tablespoon of sugar for every cup of heavy cream.  And a few drops of vanilla extract.  Seriously.  Beat it until it gets, you know, whipped looking.  But don't over beat it or it ends up like butter.  Some people recommend using a chilled metal bowl and chilled beaters.  It's not mandatory.  The hot tip here is the confectioners sugar over the granulated.  @atriflingmatter would be so proud of me.

-This could be the hottest tip of the century, especially if you drive in and out of New York City and need parking.  Go to Central Parking.com, do a search for which garage location is closest to wherever you're going, and then print out the coupon for that location.  $15.  The coupon does not guarantee they won't be rude as hell, especially at the location right near Madison Sqare Garden.  Holy Beyond Rude and Making Me Wait Endlessly on 31st and 8th Ave.  But $15 for 6 hours, which is usually long enough to get whatever it is you're doing done, is a hot tip, people.  Admit it.

-If you're looking for really awesome, really free sound effects that you can download for your You Tube videos, or whatever your personal sound effect needs are, go to FreeSound.org.  C'mon, who doesn't love free shit.

-If you like reading blogs, or didn't realize you liked reading blogs until you started reading my blog (assuming you like reading my blog), you should read this person's blog because it's the most hilariously funny, off the wall blog I've ever come across.  She's a riot.  I keep trying to find blogs just as good, and I can't find them anywhere.  Go read her blog.  The Bloggess. 

-My final tip of the day is an extremely self serving one.  Since this is my blog, I'm allowed to self serve.  I am embedding a really cool widget I created at WidgetBox.com.  (Making this a hot tip within a self serving tip, because you can go to WidgetBox.com and create your own cool, self-serving widgets)  I would like it if you would copy this widget and embed it on your blog or webpage to help me promote my blog.
Here's the widget box, now you just click on the "get widget" thing at the bottom and post it all over the place, please.

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  1. I think i'm going to enjoy hot tips tuesday. Here is a tip of my own, If you ever need a tool bar, that can catorgize, filter, and do a thousand times more than a tool bar should than go check diigo.com. What makes this tool bar better than just your regular book mark is that you can save something to read later, you can add tags and save things that you are using to research, great for students! You just have to check it out. Its amazing!

  2. thanks for the hot tip this Tuesday, @shane.

  3. I’ve got a few Hot Tips:
    1 – Loves diapers were the best for my boys. They breathe well and fit best along the waist. That’s important because no matter how well you tuck that thing down, eventually it’s going to point up and that’s usually when they decide to go.

    2 – Don’t sneeze with a mouth full of mouthwash when you’re not near a sink. The clean up is a bitch.

  4. Patti Elder ScharfJune 1, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    from Patti Elder Scharf
    Sea Cliff

    I concur. Something I learned from my older sister too and now Kristen confirms to the naysayers. Target Diapers Rock! Can I say that Diapers Awesome? Of course I can, specially when my daughter had on leaky diapers. I can also give a TIP Back at ya. CVS Diapers also are awesome! NOT the extra thin ones, just regular. Besides the price being on the lowerside, Target and CVS diapers are on call at our house, even during Toilet training. Which leads me to a TIP back at ya.... I have learned, to not force the issue. Tots get trained when they are ready. I did the unthinkable a few weeks ago during this training adventure. We were at the park and Nadine ( my daugher) said to me "Mommy I have to pee pee".. and I replied "NO worries, lets go behind the tree over there"... soo she squated and pee'd. Then we kicked dirt over it.

    Last tip from me: When you wash your hands, cover them fully with Soap and recite the Happy Birthday Song. When your done, so are the germs.

  5. Quick tip while Tuesday is still here:

    Vegas Movie Studio 9 - for all your editing needs. For whomever needs. It's worth the money. Not as intuitive as the free programs, WMM/imovie, there's a learning curve, but the tutorials are quite helpful. And it's worth learning. Doesn't degrade the A/V quality. And you can do so much more. I'm still finding things to do. And if you've used the free programs, you'll have some basic knowledge to start with.


  6. Well, I don't hae a tip, but I am going to share your blog, as I have done several times before. I hope this is acceptable, and I will share a hot tip as soon as I encounter one as worthy of the gems here!

    Do you take hot tip requests? How about some hot tips on bass playing techniques? :o)


  7. Tip 1. If you have a Starbucks gift card, go to starbucks.com to register it. It insures the card so if you lose it you get the money back (on another card they send you)instead of just having to say "bye, bye" to the money still left on the card. You also get other perks.

    Tip 2. Moth balls keep snakes away and vinegar keeps frogs away. (true story)

    K, I don't know if these are HOT tips, but I tried ;)


  8. I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to write my own blog, and to start being creative again. It is something that has been missing from my life for a long time now.

    Thank you!

  9. @patti - which park, specifically, were you at where Nadine decided she was toilet trained? Just curious...

    @mandaxwp, how much does vegas studio 9 cost?

    @Scavetts, brilliant Starbucks tip. Keeping the snakes and frogs away aren't a problem in my house, fortunately, but maybe it came in handy for some HWH readers...

    @shane, glad you're feeling insprired!

    @anonymous, LOVES DIAPERS?! Do they even make those anymore? Because I'm a girl who is trolling the diaper aisles, and don't think I've seen them EVER! I remember the ads, though.

    And how far from the sink are you wandering with mouthwash in your pie hole?


  10. @rainee, as for hot bass playing tips, I'm still just guessing myself. So my tip would be to smile and make them think you know what you're doing... ; )

  11. i've got one... when traveling from Penn Station on Amtrak instead of standing like cattle awaiting to be slaughtered (also known as waiting for your track to come up and then hurling yourself into a frantic line of crazed people pushing their way down an escalator..._

    Go find a red cap... give him $5 bucks... he will take you down to the track before the gate is announced... even if you have just you and a toothbrush... if anyone has experienced the hell of Penn they will understand how it will be the best $5 bucks you've EVER spent...

    i've been thinking and thinking about more "hot tips" to share with the interweb people. Sadly, most of my tips aren't of the "share in public" variety.

    I invite all of you to find me at a show and ask me in person what the tip(s) are....

  12. @liz- I AM HOWLING OUT LOUD AT MY DESK. A red cap? What on earth is a red cap and where do you find one on the LIRR? And this is PRECISELY why you've excelled at tour management for all these years! I love it!!!

  13. here is how the free dictionary defines red cap:

    red·cap (rdkp) n.
    A porter, usually in a railroad station.

    And amtrak makes it even EASIER to spot them as they wear... yep... RED CAPS! (they also are wheeling around dollies to carry luggage...)

    LIRR just offers a beer and wine cart so you can be hammered and get people out of the way by throwing up on them...

  14. Luvs (correct spelling now) at Target.


    As for being far from the sink: When your 6 year old calls out for a pair of socks and you have a mouth full of mouthwash so you can't tell him to get it himself. You think "I'll just run in there and get the damn socks." Open draw; pull out socks; turn for bathroom; SNEEZE.

    Another tip for sneezing. Don't do it while wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. Yuck!

  15. @Hendo - Vegas is about $80 at B&H.

    @liz - I hate Penn Station. HATE. Thank you for the tip.

    #spoiledgrandcentralgirl #pennsmellslikeatoilet

  16. Oh, I forgot... I love the widgets... except they don't love tumblr, so I can't add any of them. #boo

  17. scratch that... i've gotten it to work...


  18. Patti Elder ScharfJune 9, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    The School Park! At the elementry school.

  19. patti elder scharfJune 9, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    by the way there is a BIIIIIIG tree there at the school Park and that's where it went down.

  20. My partner and I order Luvs diapers through Amazon.com. It's cheaper, and we love the quality of Luvs brand diapers. They offer a subscription service through which they will automatically ship diapers every month, two months, three months, etc. You get 15% off the regular Amazon price, free two day shipping, and no sales tax.

    As an example, we're currently getting Luvs Size 3 (box of 204 diapers) for $30.50 ($.15/diaper).