Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Pink Pride Flyers! - The Live Blog Starts.....NOW!

We're headlining at the Long Island Pride Festival today in Hecksher Park (Huntington, NY).  So if you're in the area, we go on at 4PM - rain or shine!

I created a last second flyer to distribute at the show today so we can promote our upcoming cruise around Manhattan show on Thursday night, July 8th.  Just thought to create it this morning...We've been doing this for about 15 years now.  But just thought of creating that flyer around 10am when the van leaves at 11:30am (@amanda, you get the joke here for sure).  So I ran down to Staples and had an extremely-moderately-not-that-bright-person help me.  She charged me $250 for the job.  250 flyers, 2 to a page, cut in half.  $250.

Good thing I had the where-with-all to question that number.

Turns out it was $25.  That was easy... 

Hot pink flyers for Pride. 

More to come as this day unfolds.  Remember, rain or shine...



  1. HAAAA! Yes, I do indeed, get the joke.

    That makes more sense. That those were the flyers you were copying... and not mine. Was confused as to why you'd be at Staples copying Albany flyers NOW.... haha

    Rock LI Pride!! Sorry I'm missing it.


  2. Rock 'em silly, ladies! Happy Pride :-D

  3. Enjoy Pride! Will get to a show SOMEDAY!!!!!! Until then...I wil follow religiously and promote to whomever will listen!!!