Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Final LI Pride Live Blog of the Night...

The rain held out, for the most part...we had an amazing day and were glad to see so many of you at the show!  Be sure to tune into the next live blog on Thursday, June 17th (Antigone goes to DC-ish).  In the meantime, here are a few final photos from the day...

Twin Pride!
The babies love a good Pride Festival, especially if it interrupts a nap.  Today, the babies discovered 2 new things for the first time:

1) Dunkin' Donuts (found in the van, who us?)
2) Drag Queens (warming up backstage for their show, babies new BFFs)

No meltdowns, which is always appreciated in public places, and if you stopped by the merch. table, Kate blew you kisses.

Overall, a success.

Nini and I posed for a photo to tweet out.  This was taken only moments after she and one of the drag queen's had it out over mirror space in the dressing room.

Awkward = Understatement.

Bird and I practically dove under the table.  But Nini got her slice of mirror, so credit where credit is due.  And one of the ladies' went on to offer me hair spray, so all's well that ends well.

Moral of the story, drag queens and lesbians are like oil and water and don't mix as well as, say, drag queens and babies.  Probably not the best idea to have us all share a dressing room (add that to the rider).

Live, learn, be proud, and pass it on,


All I'm sayin' is there's a little bit of tension in this shot (up and down my left side...)


  1. Don't mess with Nini Camps. #truerwordsneverspoken #gladiamonhergoodside

  2. 1. You ladies were phenomenal!
    2. Bootie bump the drag queen out of the way!
    3. Twins and Nini's son...ADORABLE!
    4. Parents were SUPER sweet.
    5. So a few of us are wondering....Kristen and Nini are both with long-term partners and have beautiful babies...what is Cathy and Dena's story? (gay, straight, single, happy? we don't care...we love you...we are curious! someone in particular seemed a little thrown when the drag queen may have called them a lesbian!)
    6. YES fans are nosy!

  3. KH - from under this bus all i can say is.. take a good look at that pic and tell me.. do you have a mirror for your pretty little face? yes, you do, and you're welcome! NC

  4. Haha! @ninicamps, I bow at your feet. I envy your...what's the word? Chutzpah! Great for blog ratings! Keep it coming!!

  5. i am officially scurrrred of the Nini. Always be wary of the little ones;-) Glad you all had a blast. Happy pride to all.

  6. that you call it "DC-ish". Muuuuch better:-)

  7. You girls rocked yesterday. Worth waiting in the rain. Thanks for the Smiles :)

  8. I spy the groovy gator shoes...(or whatever they're called)...on babies.