Monday, June 21, 2010

Am I Late to the Shaker Weight Party?

So, last night after tucking the muffins into their cribs, I was all ready to settle into my comfy, petroleum based (shame on me), tempurpedic bed when the phone rang.  It was our editor calling to talk to Sarah about some revisions to the second draft of the book (Times Two, due out April, 2011 - shameless plug).  I told Sarah to have the conversation in our bedroom, and I'd just go down to the living room and watch TV until they were done.  I assumed, what?  Twenty minutes?  Turned out to be 140 minutes, but that's a different blog... 

I clicked on the tube and landed on one of my guiltiest pleasures, Joy Behar.  I love when her show is on.  I've seen it maybe 4 times, but every single time she's got a gay themed topic going.  I caught the last 30 seconds of two extremely articulate and handsome gay men discussing the absurdity of our country's lack of tolerance on the gay marriage issue, but that's not what this blog is about either.  Oh no, it is not.  It's about the commercial that Joy Behar or the network that hosts her fine program cut to after the debate.  Please note, I do not believe the two are related, or that the network intentionally placed this ad to run right after the discussion.  I just wanted to make the point that Joy is awesome and stands on the proper side of my issue.  Thank you, Joy.  

So.  The commerical.  I found it on You Tube, and I've come to realize that I'm a little late getting to this party as the initial air dates are from 2009.  But I still found it worthy of posting.  I'm a girl who has major flabby underarm paranoia.  It is truly my worst fear to one day discover I am the owner of saggy, swinging, underarms.  So if there's a new product on the market to help combat it, I'm interested.  But seriously?  I mean.  SERIOUSLY?

Roll the video:

Seriously.  They're serious.   


ps-BP=Brad Pitt, hence my Fight Club themed title for the BP blog.  I guess I over thought that, huh?  Cause I think only @lorraine got it...


  1. I blogged about the shaker a while back, once again, in a sleep deprived state. Yes, they are serious. Dead damn serious.

  2. That is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever seen!!! As a former personal trainer, this is a complete waste of time! There is actually no such thing as spot training. As an example, you could do 100 crunches a day and still not have a six pack. It's all about weight training (full body) and cardiovascular exercise. Thanks for making me laugh Kristen! If you ever want to come to my house to work out, you are more than welcome to as I have a home gym, I can give you a few pointers!!!! (I know I posted anonymous, just let me know!

  3. HILARIOUS. We might need to start rating commericals so kids under 17 cant click on them.

  4. @J-Bird, I need to post a page with links to other awesome blogs like yours. Can't there just be a way to shove that into my sidebar somehow? #toosleepdeprivedtofigureitout


  5. Remember, girls...."always keep the Shake Weight at least 6 inches from your face."


  6. Hmmm...I know there is on wordpress, But I don't know about blogspot. I KNOW there has to be.. and let's compare sleep deprivation stats..last night: 3 hours. I need coffee is quite possibly my catchphrase going on my epitaph. "she came, she coffeeeed." and your "shove that into my sidebar" made me laugh. i don't know why. but it did.

    the day you have flabby bat wings is the day i will eat my AR beanie. #chileplease

  7. Ellen likes to give them out to guests. Here's a clip where she gives one to Queen Latifah...

  8. "ps-BP=Brad Pitt, hence my Fight Club themed title for the BP blog. I guess I over thought that, huh? Cause I think only @lorraine got it..."

    And I thought I was late to that party in posting my comment a few days after the blog. I admit I only skimmed the comments, so I wasn't sure if anyone else mentioned Brad, but I'm still boycotting him AND BP, but that may be beacuse I nver went to BP in the first place. I'm a Raceway/Hess filler-upper.

    In regards to this blog, I will have to be late to this party as well, since I can't see the video till I get home later. But I can already tell it's nonsense.

    Oh wait, I just googled and found the site that has some of the video working for me here at the office:|sm|go|tm

    OMG that is hilarious, and a bit on the "not right" side, if you know what I mean. Eeeek.

  9. They were giving those away on The View today. They guy hocking them was serious. Seriously. While everyone else mocked. Perhaps that should be a motto, Don't hock, what will be mocked.

    And those things are redic. Lift weights, people. Or don't. But, no shaky. You just know someone will lose a tooth.

    PS. When you figure out how to feature blogs, Something To Say will be included, I'm sure. ;)

    PPS. Love Joy.

  10. The video spoofs are the best!

  11. @ergogal, that 6 inches from your face reminder is a real gem.

  12. I am not mature enough to watch this and keep it from turning into an adolescent source of naughty jokes. Enough said.


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