Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Oh, the day after Pride.  Whoops.  Make that two days after Pride.  So sad when it's over, really.  It's Christmas for gay people.  Seriously.  Make some noise.   

So here are a few more photos I never got around to posting.  I miss it already, don't you...?

 Look closely at this shot.  That's just people for blocks and blocks and blocks.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  You could have walked on heads and never touched the ground all the way from the stage until you were ordering mozarella sticks at an outdoor table at the Bus Stop Cafe.  True story, make some noise.

 These are two of my very best friends with one of my other very best friend's.  Leslie Bell, Patty Bell, and @ninicamps (in her Pride tie).  I love the Bells and I love @ninicamps, so I like that their photo can be included in the Day After the Day After wrap up Blog.

@ninicamps was especially struck by the absurdity of this photo-op.  Just beyond the sign were the sea of people photographed in the top shot.  I mean, it was quite obvious which way the PrideFest was.  But evidently it was somebody's job to hang that sign.  Quite needlessly.

  @anthonysrecords (or Tony), the band's stage manager and tech.  He's our everything.  Without him this past Sunday, we'd have been lost souls.  We're just so grateful our Tony keeps showing up.  Antigone Rising <3 Tony.  Period.   

 The following shots were sent to me by @Diane.  I love when she sends me photos.  Because then I post them to my blog.  #rock.  Make some noise.

This first shot is of @TheBird.  I'm trying to figure out what song she's playing.  Hmm.  I can't tell.  I wonder if she can...

This next shot is of me.  Oh.  And Nini and Sib too.  They sure do get tons of airtime on my blog.  It'd be nice if they started their own blogs and gave ME a little airtime for a change, don'tcha think?  It's time for a spin-off blog, bandmates.  Like when Hello, Larry spun off of Dif'rent Strokes.  Or Maude spun off of All in the Family.  Tap, tap, tap.  Is this thing on?  Private Practice Grey's Anatomy, anyone?  

Healthy eaters.  Indeed, they are...I mean, if they post it, it must be true. 

Have photos from Pride you'd like to share with "Hangin' With Hendo?"  Send them along and if we don't look too fat in them, maybe we'll post them...Though I think we've officially beaten the shit out of Pride 2010.


ps.  One more shot.  This is Bird getting an open container citation.  Oh, wait.  No, it's not.  This is Bird with her cop friend.  But let's pretend it's Bird getting an open container citation.  She's SO bad ass.  Make some noise!   

pss. Vanessa Valtre, the female impersonator who emceed our stage, used the expression "Make some noise" several times during her introduction of the band.  She remained graceful under tremendous pressure, as our intro. dragged on (no pun intended) quite a bit due to techncial difficulties.  Frankly, she was awesome.  Make some noise.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The End

Pride was awesome! Nini is officially a free shit 'ho'!

Wachovia and The Grapes Council need to pay @ninicamps.

In defense of her visor, Nini says, "it keeps the sun off my face."

For real.

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Make some noise!



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Hendos with Lt. Dan Choi

Major Pride Moment:
Hendos with Lt. Dan Choi!

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Purple Balloons!




That's really Cher!

And that's really Sibby:

and this is really our posse!

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NYC Pride

We're getting along much better backstage at this Pride event. Just sayin':


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NYC Pride Live Blog Starts Now!

After a brief and unsuccessful altercation with a police officer who would not let us pull the van up to the stage, we are now parked where we need to be...

Pride starts NOW!
Mainstage mayhem:

Backstage shenanigans:


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Friday, June 25, 2010

I think I Made this Word Up.

So.  One day I was vacationing with Sarah and friends in this little enclave in Maine.  I can't remember the name of the town, because I forget things regularly now.  But I bet some of you will know the name of it.  We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast that named rooms after gay celebrities.  We were in the Jodie Foster Suite.  I swear to god.  They had a framed photo of her up in our room.  It was.  I mean.  I can't even.

Anyway.  It was a beautiful summer beach town and we were with friends.  Does that last sentence require any commas?  We might not have stayed in the nicest place in town, but it was only one night.  We ate lobsters, we laughed, we were just happy to be together, regardless of the damp framed photos of Jodie and Lilly Tomlin hanging in our rooms.  As we sat on the water drinking cocktails, we reminisced about early friendships we'd all had.  You know.  Before we realized we were gay.  As we compared stories, we found we had something in common.  Just prior to our first gay relationship, we all had an extremely intense "friendship" with a woman that ended with a big, disastrous, friendship-ending, blow out of a fight.  We could barely recall what the friendship-ending, blow out of a fight was even about all these years later.  All we could remember was that the next thing we knew, we were all gay.

Isn't that funny?  All four of us had the same experience!

So, I decided to start calling that friendship, the one just before your first gay relationship that ends with a disastrous and dramatic blow up, a fresbian relationship.

So as not to alienate all of my straight readers, it's possible to be straight and have a fresbian relationship.  Or is that alienating you even more?  Regardless, to all my straight readers, think back...maybe you've been a fresbian to someone!  Tell us all about it here in the comments section of 'Hangin' With Hendo!'

I don't want to hear that you and your friends came up with that word already.  Because you didn't.  I did.  And I even submitted my definition to Urban Dictionary.com, where they have other, albeit incorrect, definitions of the term fresbian.  So, I am asking all of you to click on the link I will provide at the bottom of this blog, and go give MY definition a thumbs up.  I input my definition using a fake name.  I'm not sure why I did that.  But I did.  My fake name is BoysOnTheSide, after the movie that was chock full of fresbians.  So go on and give my definition a thumbs up.



Happy (NYC) Gay Pride Weekend,

fyi, my definition as it reads on UrbanDictionary.com:

Fresbian defines the intense friendship a lesbian has with her girl friends before realizing she is actually a lesbian. A fresbian relationship usually ends with an intense, and somewhat irrational blow up or break up of the friendship.
Jane couldn't understand the jealous feelings she had when her best friend, Carly, went with Jason to the prom. She was so upset by it, she drove to the prom, made a scene and ended their friendship. It wasn't until four years later when Jane was finally in a lesbian relationship with Dawn that she understood she had been in an intense fresbian relationship with Carly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Am I Late to the Shaker Weight Party?

So, last night after tucking the muffins into their cribs, I was all ready to settle into my comfy, petroleum based (shame on me), tempurpedic bed when the phone rang.  It was our editor calling to talk to Sarah about some revisions to the second draft of the book (Times Two, due out April, 2011 - shameless plug).  I told Sarah to have the conversation in our bedroom, and I'd just go down to the living room and watch TV until they were done.  I assumed, what?  Twenty minutes?  Turned out to be 140 minutes, but that's a different blog... 

I clicked on the tube and landed on one of my guiltiest pleasures, Joy Behar.  I love when her show is on.  I've seen it maybe 4 times, but every single time she's got a gay themed topic going.  I caught the last 30 seconds of two extremely articulate and handsome gay men discussing the absurdity of our country's lack of tolerance on the gay marriage issue, but that's not what this blog is about either.  Oh no, it is not.  It's about the commercial that Joy Behar or the network that hosts her fine program cut to after the debate.  Please note, I do not believe the two are related, or that the network intentionally placed this ad to run right after the discussion.  I just wanted to make the point that Joy is awesome and stands on the proper side of my issue.  Thank you, Joy.  

So.  The commerical.  I found it on You Tube, and I've come to realize that I'm a little late getting to this party as the initial air dates are from 2009.  But I still found it worthy of posting.  I'm a girl who has major flabby underarm paranoia.  It is truly my worst fear to one day discover I am the owner of saggy, swinging, underarms.  So if there's a new product on the market to help combat it, I'm interested.  But seriously?  I mean.  SERIOUSLY?

Roll the video:

Seriously.  They're serious.   


ps-BP=Brad Pitt, hence my Fight Club themed title for the BP blog.  I guess I over thought that, huh?  Cause I think only @lorraine got it...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If You Weren't at the Show in DC-ish...

This is what you missed:

Spontaneous moment gone slightly awry during "Can't Let Go."  I decided to join Dena on the drums for a moment (not on video), while Nini grabs my bass.  I finish the drum moment and join Nini front of stage while we simultaneously play the bass still around Nini's neck to the end of the song.

Planned?  Absoluely not.  Could it happen again?  You have to show up to a show to find out.  In the meantime, ROLL THE VIDEO:


ps-Thanks @joelygabs for  filming and posting the video, and for pointing out that I blogged in the third person.  #sleepdeprivation

pps- Here's part 1 with some of the drum moment:

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Sunday, June 27, 2010
Antigone Rising Live @ NYC PrideFest/StateFest 2010
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Tickets: Free!

Thursday, July 8, 2010
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Other Info: The boat boards at 7PM sharp!  Don't be late!  Departure is at 8PM!
Saturday, July 10, 2010
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Saturday, August 7, 2010
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Friday, September 10, 2010
Antigone Rising Live! @ The Tin Angel
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The final live blog of the evening...

The pre show psych up:

The crowd:

The show:

The end...

Totally have to give credit to @bademu for the awesome pig poster.  WE LOVE IT!

Sound chucking.

That's a funny typo, chucking versus checking. A few more harpoons on tap and maybe we WILL be sound chucking...

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Alexandria, VA- Dinner is Served!

The live blog starts NOW!
Iota Club, Arlington, VA free pasta dinner:

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The First Rule of Blogging - Do Not Poli-Blog!

I just broke the first rule of Hendo-Blogging.  Do not bring politics into the blog place.  Whoopsie.  Here we go...

Over the past few weeks, there's been increased chatter about boycotting BP.  For obvious reasons.  I don't need to get into all that here, right?  Everyone's up to speed on the atrocity taking place in the Gulf.

So, here's the thing.  I'm not a big boycotter of things.  In the 90s I heard something about Coors not liking gay people.  So I did stop drinking it.  But really, nobody should be drinking Coors anyway.  It's not even real beer.  @DenaTauriello will back me up on that. 

The point of this blog, though, is BP.  And the arguments I'm hearing from people against boycotting it.  That's right.  Not boycotting BP.   

I know most of us are sickened by what's taking place in the Gulf.  It's downright terrifying how we are destroying our planet, quite frankly, and BP is hardly the only guilty party.  That being said, BP has certainly fast forwarded themselves to the top of the list of the planet's worst offenders.  All in agreement say "aye".  (insert your aye in the comment section if you're with me on that.) 

So, some people are boycotting BP.

I understand that sentiment.   I've read some passionate blog posts and even some extremely succinct tweets and Facebook profile updates from people who feel very strongly that we should boycott BP.  In almost every instance, someone else posts a response against boycotting BP.  Some of the arguments against the boycott I will post here for you to read.  This first one is from Sharon Begley.  I airlifted it from her piece over at Newsweek.com:

-"Drive right on by the BP station and pull up to the pumps from Exxon, the company responsible for the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 and, more recently, one of the biggest corporate funders of the movement to tar the science of climate change. Exxon also managed to reduce the $5 billion in punitive damages awarded by an Anchorage jury for the Valdez disaster to $507.5 million; the Valdezfishermen and other victims have still not been made whole."

This next opinion was airlifted off someone's Facebook page.  I'm not naming names, so just chill (there's going to be a mad rush to de-friend me on Facebook tonight).

-"The only thing that your boycott will accomplish is hurting the local franchisee. They barely make enough to get by and you are going to boycott them?"

Here's one last airlift against a boycott that I found on Facebook.  Again, no names.  Get your panties out of that bunch.    

-"Not everyone realizes that gas stations are usually individually owned and operated by the people who work there (and their families). They're just a small business licensed to sell a specific brand of gas. Gas companies stopped owning gas stations a long ass time ago."

 I have also noticed that many people against the boycott tend to bring up Obama, and how we should vote him and incumbents in general out of office.  The argument is that pitching these politicians out of their comfy offices will send a much clearer message that accepting special interest money isn't flying with the peeps.  Putting mom and pop BP station owners out of work won't teach corrupt politicians that we think what they do sucks.

 Quite frankly, I do find the idea of voting incumbents out of office an attractive one.  I think we should do it every election cycle.  Just toss whoever's in, OUT.  You had your term, you brought your fresh ideas, by the end of your term you got tainted by corporate special interests, and now we need some fresh thinking in your office.  Toot-a-loo, Jimmy.  You're outta here.  At the very least, we'll keep the corporate special interest people extremely busy because they'll have to re-bribe and taint the brain of whoever just got voted into office.  Or does that scheme only sound fun to me?

Anyway, here's my point.  I can hear all of you begging me to make it already.  

I have great sympathy for the moms and pops that could go out of business as a result of a boycott against BP.  Sure.  But I feel even worse for all the people in the Gulf region who've been put out of work for BPs totally egregious behavior.  I also feel badly for the animals who are suffering and dying because of this unfathomable leak that continues dumping oil into the ocean.  Most of all, I feel badly for our babies who were born into a world where humans treat each other and the planet worse than a garbage dump.

So, I'm wondering.  What the fuck do we do about all this?  People talk about how we need a change.  But nothing ever changes.  It just comes back at us in some unexpected way ten times worse than our brains can even comprehend.

I do have friends who are boycotting BP.  They have a website, and if you're interested in learning more, you can check it out and form your own opinion.  http://www.weboycottbp.com

I lean toward boycotting them, yes.  But I feel like I'm doing it with hopelessness in my heart.  I'm doing it because, really, I just can't in good conscience intentionally hand money over to a corporation that is so blatantly and wrecklessly destroying the planet.  And, in my opinion, not showing any real convincing remorse for the mess they've amassed on the world.

I feel let down by our President.  I think he's well spoken, and probably at some point was well intentioned.  And I'm sure he's a good dad who loves his kids.  But what happened four miles under the ocean is the result of corruption that's been handed down from President to President.  Democrats.  Republicans.  Everyone's hands are dirty.  He may not have been the one to make whatever crooked deal on top of crooked deal on top of crooked deal got us into this mess, but I guarantee you he'll be sure to strike another crooked deal to be sure we don't find out about any of the crooked deals that came before it.  

I don't think driving past a BP or an Arco is going to make a damn bit of difference for the families that are suffering in the Gulf region tonight.  It's not going to save the animals who are drowning in oil as I blog on and on.  And it's not going to help me explain to my kids why I insisted they be born into this ticking time bomb of a world.

But it's going to make me feel like I'm doing something.

And I'm voting all idiots out of office.  I plan to figure out who they are, one by one, and I'm voting their asses out.  If you know who some of the idiots are for sure, post them here.  They need to be outed in a public forum.  And this blog might one day become that.       

Seriously.  What are you guys doing?  I want some more ideas. 

 Oil should not be the only thing spewing right now.  Post your thoughts.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Final LI Pride Live Blog of the Night...

The rain held out, for the most part...we had an amazing day and were glad to see so many of you at the show!  Be sure to tune into the next live blog on Thursday, June 17th (Antigone goes to DC-ish).  In the meantime, here are a few final photos from the day...

Twin Pride!
The babies love a good Pride Festival, especially if it interrupts a nap.  Today, the babies discovered 2 new things for the first time:

1) Dunkin' Donuts (found in the van, who us?)
2) Drag Queens (warming up backstage for their show, babies new BFFs)

No meltdowns, which is always appreciated in public places, and if you stopped by the merch. table, Kate blew you kisses.

Overall, a success.

Nini and I posed for a photo to tweet out.  This was taken only moments after she and one of the drag queen's had it out over mirror space in the dressing room.

Awkward = Understatement.

Bird and I practically dove under the table.  But Nini got her slice of mirror, so credit where credit is due.  And one of the ladies' went on to offer me hair spray, so all's well that ends well.

Moral of the story, drag queens and lesbians are like oil and water and don't mix as well as, say, drag queens and babies.  Probably not the best idea to have us all share a dressing room (add that to the rider).

Live, learn, be proud, and pass it on,


All I'm sayin' is there's a little bit of tension in this shot (up and down my left side...)

Tony Pride!

Tony is our guitar tech and little baby brother. He's been with us for five years and we'd die without him. Today, we celebrate Tony pride!


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Pink Flyer Pride

Julie creates a magical merchant table with the prideful pink flyers...

Cynthia works the crowd distributing our pink pride message of music (July 8th, NYC cruise!!)

@MarcyLang and @LizBrooks send mixed messages of pink pride with the new AR EP- Live From NYC! You can buy the new CD online now at antigonerising.com!

If you can't feel proud today, you need to rethink your shit!


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We're HERE!

A proud @lizbrooks unloads a guitar boat....

While @Ninicamps films a magical moment with The Bird:

And we stare at a blank canvas...


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Hot Pink Pride Flyers! - The Live Blog Starts.....NOW!

We're headlining at the Long Island Pride Festival today in Hecksher Park (Huntington, NY).  So if you're in the area, we go on at 4PM - rain or shine!

I created a last second flyer to distribute at the show today so we can promote our upcoming cruise around Manhattan show on Thursday night, July 8th.  Just thought to create it this morning...We've been doing this for about 15 years now.  But just thought of creating that flyer around 10am when the van leaves at 11:30am (@amanda, you get the joke here for sure).  So I ran down to Staples and had an extremely-moderately-not-that-bright-person help me.  She charged me $250 for the job.  250 flyers, 2 to a page, cut in half.  $250.

Good thing I had the where-with-all to question that number.

Turns out it was $25.  That was easy... 

Hot pink flyers for Pride. 

More to come as this day unfolds.  Remember, rain or shine...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Potty Training & The Purple Schmatta - Good Luck With That.

Potty training.

And that's not even what I need the good luck for.

I made the foolish mistake of prematurely attempting to purchase a training potty for my son. His sister is the one showing signs that she's ready to start the training process. I won't go into detail as to what those signs are, but some of you get the picture.

So she's got this Princess Potty for training. We pull it out and she sits down on it. And her brother, rightfully, is intrigued. So he sits on it too. The problem with the Princess Potty is not that it's got princesses all over it, Thomas is well adjusted and it doesn't threaten his manhood. It's that the bowl is not anatomically shaped for him. On the boy potties, let's just say, they put a "lip" on the front of the bowl that prevents, well, pee from going all over the place. So Princess Potty is just not going to work for our guy, should he get the urge to step off the sidelines and start training himself.

I had some free time last week so I conned @lizbrooks into joining me on a trip to Babies R' Us. And when I say conned, I mean she's the one who talked me into going. Babies R' Us is a suicide mission, in my opinion. You agree with me. But @lizbrooks likes the Sesame Street licensed toys. So she's always up for the trip. In fact, she usually instigates it.

While studying the various training potty options, I got that "dizzy-I-can't-handle-big-box-stores" feeling, so I gave up on finding Thomas' potty that he doesn't really need yet anyway, and decided to deal with some other items on my list.

Beach shoes. You know. Those hideously ugly water proof shoes that you slip onto babies so they don't cut their feet up on the glass. I mean the sand. Seriously, Long Island. Don't my tax dollars afford a load of new sand once a year?

Anyway, I was looking for those stylish foot gems when I noticed the entire rack were all size 2s. About 500 pairs, all hot pink, and all size 2! Not a single different size or color, until...

Eureka! I found two pairs deep in the middle of the rack! Both were electric green. And as luck would have it, one pair would fit Thomas, and one would fit Kate!

It felt like a psychological manipulation. Like Babies R' Us knew the sea of hot pink 2s would make me so happy to find the electric green pairs that I'd just buy them regardless of their hideousness. But the babies can't have the same color in different sizes! That's a quality-of-life issue I cannot cast aside.

So I ask the lady in the purple smock with the name tag that says 'Ask Me, I Like To Help', "Do you have these beach shoes in a different color? It will be too confusing if they both have the same color."

Her response.

"Good luck with that."

Naturally, I giggled. I mean. She was kidding, Right?

Of course, WRONG. Where do I think I am? The leading baby crap store?

So, exasperated, I tossed the two electric green pairs of baby beach shoes into my cart and moved to the next item on my list.

Carter's size 24 clothes.

Even if you don't have kids, you know Carter's. Popular. Cheap. I just needed some things. So I looked around, lost in aisles of clothing, and who do I accidentally make eye contact with? The lady in the purple schmatta. I just know I'm setting myself up for disaster, but I ask it anyway.

"Carter's? Size 24?"

Without hesitation, or even a glance around the clothing section, she uttered her now infamous words, "Good luck with that."

I looked at @lizbrooks. She could smell my frustration. She's tour managed me through it enough times. @Lizbrooks rolled our shopping cart filled with hot green shoes, a training potty (she ended up grabbing one without telling me), new crib sheets and a "Tickle Me Elmo" toward the lady and said, "Good luck with that."

That's why we're best friends. And she's still my tour manager. And I love her.

And off to Buy Buy Baby we went.

ps-we found everything we needed, plus a really cute Puma tennis outfit for baby Kate!