Friday, May 14, 2010

The View From Here...

We are parked in front of The Record Collector. Im sitting in the van, and this is what I see.

First, to the right of me:

In front of me:

and to the left, to the left:

It's like we took a wrong turn and landed in Mayberry, Auntie Em.

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  1. Dear Kristen,
    Enjoy your show in Mayberry.Wish I could be there but I will be seeing Jill Sobule in my hometown tonight.
    Please don't take away my 10,000 mile trophy from me for lack of road tripping this year.

  2. Do you see what I see on display in the top-left of the first pic top->down? Hmm, reads like the title of an EP of about ten years ago...

  3. thankful it's not Providence!! HA! At least in this town you'll come home with your trailer lock intact and a few cases of homemade jam!

  4. The town looks pretty charming!

  5. While if I could have made the trip, and I REALLY wanted to, I would have been there to see you all, I have to say, shopping for music definitely would be a TIE for why I'd be up there. I mean...really. you would have to drag me AWAAAAY from the crates of music - and remind me that AR was playing, lol. #truestory.

  6. @whereskaren, The town was ADORABLE and you were missed, but at least you were seeing Jill Sobule.

    @EA, I did indeed notice the neon sign in the corner window...

    @MatchboxGinny, I'm thankful it was not that particular street in Providence, that's for sure.

    @J-Bird, they had candy too.