Saturday, May 1, 2010

Providence Part Tres - Van Happenings

George, our sound engineer, is driving with our Tour Manager, @lizbrooks as his co-pilot

Bench #1:

Bench #2:

Bench #3:

More later.

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  1. This is amazing. Parts one and deux had been already posted when I checked the blog, from Twitter. Checked the beautiful pic of Thomas, went back and, kaboom, here is part tres as well. Not sure whether you see the same Google ads that are inserted between entries as I see.

    They are al about sleep apnea, sleep disorders, CPAP, and baby cereals. How do they know the field I work in now? I haven't told anyone on the web yet. Or is it because you now naturally, often mention babies and sleep deprivation in your blog and so a Google feature inserts ads accordingly? Whatever @lizbrookz was talking about, it is amazing to "witness" the ride as it happens. Thank you!