Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lock on the Trailer Drama - Part 2

So, after our load out from Saturday night's show in Providence, RI, we hit a bit of a snafu.  The lock on our trailer was suddenly jammed.  The very same lock we had opened quite easily with a key only a few hours earlier to load into the venue, was now...broken.  

"Hmm, that's strange," you say.

"Strange indeed," we say back to you.   

I didn't know Rhode Island had "sketchy parts".  But it does. We left our van parked in one of Rhode Island's "sketchy parts" to go inside and play a show, and our trailer lock payed for it dearly.

We are making an assumption.  And that assumption is an earthling lurking the streets outside the club jimmied the lock in an attempt to break in.  We feel the assumption is safe. 

So, with only our assumption safe, we loaded all of our gear into the van at 1am.  Then we loaded the members of Antigone Rising and her road crew into the van in various yoga-like positions, some of us more gracefully than others.  We drove to the hotel that way, in hopes the maintenance crew could help us hack the lock off in the morning.  I mean, what hotel maintenance crew isn't prepared to do that on a Sunday morning?

Your assumption would be safe if you assumed we drove back to New York the following day with  the trailer empty, the van full of gear and heartbeats, and the lock forever locked.

Keep checking this very blog to see if we ever do get that lock off the empty trailer.  I mean, we only have to leave for our next show in T - minus 60 hours.



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  1. That was a very sketchy area. But it was also an amazing show. Loved the intro and outro moments. classic antigone.