Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day/Tulip Fest Live Blog!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

The band is off to Albany to celebrate the crowning of 2010's Tulip Queen. This is a pre-departure photo of me with my little bean bags, Thomas and Kate. Love you babies, but your mama's in a band and she's off to rock some tulips! Now smile and wave to my blog readers:

Before boarding the van, Tony (@anthonysrecords) and I grabbed some breakfast at our favorite small town eatery - Bee's Kitchen - in the heart of Sea Cliff. It's the best place on earth for yummy things.

This is Tony ordering his egg sandwich:

The time at the tone is (beeeeep):

We were looking for ring dings a few weeks back at 7/11...they've been hiding right around the corner at Bee's all along, those sneaky rascals.

We'll be live blogging more from the festival grounds. Until then, I'm riding shotgun with @anthonysrecords. Can you guess what book I'm reading?

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  1. That is the most yummiest pic of you and the kids I have EVER God so adorable. And really? Blogging for Dummies?? No WAY do you need that book.. Happy Mother's Day to you and Sarah. And to all who reads the blog.


  2. First pic top down is absolutely beautiful and I can't believe a book with such a title could be not only in your van but anywhere around you either.

  3. Oh! They are getting so big...that pic is so cute!

    Blogging for Dummies? This doesn't surprise me. Not that you need it, but because you'd have it.

    So, you left the rest of the band in DE? To make their own way to the tulips?

    Happy Momma's Day! Rock it.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments on the pic of the babes...if you read my latest blog post, you will see that yes indeed I am eligible to be reading Blogging for Dummies.

    And I did not leave the band in DE. We all hiked back up north and spent Saturday night and Sunday morning in our respective homes, and left for the Tulips Sunday a.m.