Friday, May 14, 2010

The Bordentown Blog

I'm in the van with the band on our way to Bordentwon, NJ. Here's a look-see at what's happening on the various benches within Vanna's womb.

Yes, we call our van Vanna. And yes, when we're inside, we refer to it as her womb. Move on, people. There's nothing to see here.

Front row photo - driver and navigator - @anthonysrecords and @lizbrooks

First row bench, Sib is trying to print artwork out for our new live EP that I announced would be available for sale at tonight's show. And it will be, orelse. Is "orelse" a word?

And on the second bench, Lady Camps enjoys an issue of her favorite ragazine.

This live blog will get more exciting as the day unfolds. It must...

Bird is meeting us at the show in case you're wondering "where the heck is Bird?"

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  1. I did wonder that..about Dena. I thought she was sleeping somewhere in the back lol..but I was also curious about the artwork..why wouldn't I be;-)?