Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A blog About Idol & The Dead. It Can Be Done...

I'm just going through the motions now that Siobhan has left the building.  I liked her quirkiness and unpredictability, even if I didn't love the tone of her voice during the first half of practically every song she ever sang.  I don't want to see Crystal Bowersox dressed up like a lounge singer or listen to smarmy Michael Lynche tell me he's "at home" on the stage.  Eegads, Mr. Cliche, eegads.

 Last night's show was tediously boring.  I watched with my back to it surfing around on the computer figuring out a scheme to blast a busted lock off a trailer door.

Lee Dewyze is slowly becoming "the one."  Simon's insistence on mentioning he was a paint salesman every week reminds me that he's clearly got a stake in 19 Management and they already know Lee is the winner, so they're reinforcing the great "story" that is "poor struggling paint salesman Lee Dewyze."  By the way, I consider runner-up winning.  I mean, obviously...Reuben Archuleta who?   

Without being a total wet blanket, here are two positive comments.

1-Ellen is
2-Kara is less, and dare I say, pretty-ish.  Actually, maybe she's just pretty-ish, which is making her less  I'll have to think that over and get back to you next week.   

Who's going home tonight?

ps-A note to Crystal Bowersox fans:

Dear Crystal Bowersox Fans,
I find, as a rule, that you are an intensely passionate group of people.  I respect and appreciate your passionateness about your person.  I would like to clarify one thing before you bomb my blog with harsh comments.  I did not say that I do not like Crystal Bowersox.  What I said was, and I quote, "I don't want to see Crystal Bowersox dressed up like a lounge singer."

I do, however, look forward to the day when she is out on tour with The Dead ala Joan Osborne.


  1. Guilty as charged. I'm one of those Bowersox fans who can't take a joke. Do I now have to hope that she takes second place?

  2. I was wondering what happened to Joan Osborne...

  3. Kristen a Deadhead? :-) I saw Joan Osborne do two really excellant shows with the Dead at Jones Beach Amphitheater a few years back. Or was it "Joan's Beach" as some t-shirts said? As much as I like 1970's Grateful Dead, she was sooo much better than Donna Jean Godchaeux. I've heard a couple different stories as to why she left the band, but who knows.