Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ARTV - Move That Bus - Episode 3 is coming.

**Update - Episode 3 is here:

We've been working on a fresh new episode of our internet web-series, Antigone Rising's "Move That Bus."  Initially, the hope was to post webisodes weekly.  But we fell behind schedule in a big way...more like 1 webisode a month.


The first two webisodes are up and running on ARTV, the band's fancy You Tube Channel.  Number 3 will post tonight, and Nini and I have pinky promised each other that we'd post new ones every Tuesday in the month of May.  So you can hold us to that.  Sort've.  I mean, go lightly on the hate mail if we post on a Wednesday morning.  We're both new moms and have a lot of shit to do.  Not to mention how sketchy iMovie '09 behaves.  But that's a whole other blog, as I like to say.     

Just to give you some background on our web-series, each episode centers around a theme or two.  No webisode is ever longer than 4 minutes, and we usually try to keep them right around the 3:30 mark.

Ideally, each episode is a mix of 3 things: 

A little funny, a little music, a little low budget.  The mix may not be even split per episode.  You may get more funny in one or more music in another.  You are always guaranteed the low budget, however, in a high dosage.  

We film with our Flip Cameras and Kodak Zi8s.  Nini and I own one of each for some reason, so we've got 4 cameras all together.  Somehow we manage to end up most places with none of the cameras on us.  The conversations usually go something like this:

Van pulling out of the station after picking up Nini:

Nini:  Oh shit.  I forgot my cameras.
Kristen:  That's alright.  I've got both of mine.  Just take one of them and keep it on you when we get to the venue.
Nini:  Cool.  I will.

Later, at the venue:

Kristen:  Oh shit.  I left the cameras in my bag.  Where's the van parked?
Liz:  We parked it back at the hotel.

And so on.

So it's a miracle we ever get any footage.  And you'll see in episode 3 how we compensate for our lack of footage with a few great still shots taken by Sharon Sholes (a former guitar student of mine, toot toot). 

Listen, we do our best.  And that's all anyone can ask of us.   

In case you're wondering how Sibby & Bird contribute to the production of "Move That Bus," they basically look for rolling video cameras and act like hams. 

Episode 3 centers around us blasting a busted lock off our trailer, then follows us up the NY State Thruway.  I don't want to give away the rest, so I'll save it for you to watch.  Expect it to post later this evening.

In the meantime, get caught up by watching the first 2 webisodes, and be sure to mark your calendars because every Tuesday of this month (starting tonight), we will be posting a fresh hot one...


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