Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Antigone Rising's Move That Bus - Episode 3 - Mueve La GuaGua is HERE!


  1. Ha-ha-haa, the jammed lock looks like a mobile phone. And then, kaboom: rest in peace! Or was it rest in piece? :O

    Bird and Sib with that Beatles lyric "The Hendersons..." is one of the best moments I've seen on ARTV.

    And "Move el autobus" reminds me of something similarly funny: when Phil Collins once came up with the name of an instrumental that closed an album - as "Los Endos"... :)

  2. Absolutely love it!

    Mueve la guagua!

    Can I hope some of my photos may get featured some day??

  3. That wave sound effect in the beginning made me feel like I was "LOST IN SPAAACE."

    Mike is absolutely delic. show more of him;-) he's got a fan now.

    I had no idea what song was playing in the van but figured it was prooooobably the beatles.

    that is the most i think i have EVER heard Dena speak in your segments. Ever. Much more than the "LA" she said on stage one time. she remembers...i know she does.

    everytime I see you all up on stage, every single time..and see you guys having the time of your lives..i feel more disdain for my job. absolute disdain #truestory luf it luf it. and love you all for fighting the good fight.

    and TOOOOONY was in it. that made me smile too.

  4. That wave sound effect is nuts, right?
    Neighbor Mike is 1 in a million. He gets us out of lots of binds. I made him come over the other night to airlift a dying field mouse off my porch. I actually can't really speak about it and he did end up calling his wife, Janet, over to handle the dirty work. But he was able to help us navigate the situation to a peaceful resolve - literally (for us) and figuratively (for the little field mouse).

    We'll try to work him into future episodes, but he may start demanding a higher salary. Hopefully he doesn't read this blog.


    ps-we'll keep fighting the good fight for you, and WE LOVE TONY TOO! AND HIS MOM, MRS. SHU!

  5. "Janet"May 12, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    Did anyone happen to notice "Neighbor Mike's" HELLO KITTY Band aid???

    So hot!

  6. Oh my skramp, I noticed his band aid TOO!! RAWK.

  7. Loved the "HELLO KITTY" bandaid!! Had no idea your lock situation was THAT bad! Damn, next time you're in the RI/CT/MA area and get in a "jam" like that again, stop by my house (or tweet an SOS) - my husband has a garage full of power tools! Although, don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed watching your neighbor Mike operating his!

  8. I strongly contemplated pointing out the Hello Kitty band aid via a movie title, but love that it was discovered organically.

    Neighbor Mike is blazing a trail for all men weilding power tools that the Kitty is Cool.