Thursday, May 27, 2010

Debunking the American Idol Runner Up Myth...

Clearly, we need to discuss what happened last night on the television.  And I need to debunk a myth that everyone seems to toss around like factual truth.  Based on Tuesday night's performances, Crystal was most certainly robbed.  This blog is not accepting debates on the issue.

Alright, I'm being a little dramatic here to drive my point home.  Me?  Dramatic?  Oh, just wait...

Round 1:  Bobby McGee vs The Boxer, goes to Crystal
Round 2:  Black Velvet vs. R.E.M. song, goes to Crystal
Round 3:  Up to the Mountain vs. Beautiful Day, goes to Crystal
And the winner is................

Even for those of you who did not tune in to watch this season of American Idol, you know that is not a photo of someone named Crystal.

So, the one who sang better did not win.  And I think it's because she's a girl.  And that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.  But it's why she didn't win.  We're programmed at a very young age to make sure the Lees win things.  So yes.  When everyone says, "he's got the young girls votes,"  you're right.  He does.  Because we programmed them to vote for him.  Just like you've been programmed to get uncomfortable right now reading this blog.  Indeed.  And I'm going to make you more uncomfortable when I get to Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert.  But I'm not there yet.  I'm here, still.  Debunking a myth, one runner up at a time.  Here goes:

Perpetuated American Idol Myth #1:  "The Runner Up always does better...."

  American Idol Runner Up Season 1 - Justin Guarini.  Better off than Kelly Clarkson.  Well, let's think about this for a second.  No.  Then again.  Let's not think about this for a second.  It will be a waste of a good second.  He's NOT better off.  So when we say Runners Up are better off, we must mean from a different season.  Let's explore further.

American Idol Runner Up Season 2 - Clay Aiken.  Mocked.  Ridiculed.  Forced out of the closet before he was ready.  Better off than Reuben?  If you're basing it on record sales out of the gate, sure.  But if you're basing it on civilizations treatment of another human being,  than no.  Reuben was less mocked for being a fat winner than Clay was for being a gay runner up.  So what if Clay was a gay winner?  Would he have been less mocked?  Don't be silly.  We don't let gay people win American Idol.  (see Ameican Idol Runner Up Season 8 for more on that). 

American Idol Runner Up Season 3 - Diana Degarmo.  One of my all time favorite "where are they now?" Idols.   She's got a great name.  And she's so smiley and perky.  And I think we were on a morning TV show with her one time.  *And where are we now?  Whoa.  Way off blog topic.  I'm reigning it back in.  Degarmo.  Runner Up.  She's not better off than Fantasia, and that says A LOT about what being runner up did for her.  (sorry Fantasia, you're still my fave Idol).
*"Blogging for Dummies" says self deprication is a great tool for a successful blog.   

American Idol Runner Up Season 4 - Bo Bice.  OK.  Let's talk about Bo.  Um.  Well.  At one point, my management managed him.  And we did a People Magazine show with him.  No.  Wait a minute.  I'm wrong.  My manager invited me to see him play a People Magazine function.  Right.  So that makes him slightly better off than me.  But that's not what we're debunking here, is it.  He's not better off than Carrie.  That's for sure.  In fact, nobody's better off than Carrie.  God, she's pretty.  And what a voice.  Is he better off than Diana Degarmo?  Now that's an interesting question...

American Idol Runner Up Season 5 - Katherine McPhee.  She couldn't even beat Taylor Hicks.  Also on that season:  Kelli Pickler.  Say what you will.  The girl finished 5th that season and has herself a career.  Oh, and Chris Daughtry came in 4th.  Even Elliott Yamin's doing better.  He finished 3rd.  So, it seems Season 5 added fuel to the myth that Runner Up is better than winning.  But the ones doing well were not Runners Up.

American Idol Runner Up  Season 6 - Blake Whois?  I mean Blake Lewis.  Right.  Wow.  He went on to do big things.  Just like Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, David Cook...somebody stop me.

It didn't go so well for this runner up either.  And if you were now buying into the theory that it's better to finish less than Runner up, let's discuss his castmates that went on to do not so much.  Remember Melinda Doolittle?  3rd place.  Phil Stacey?  Gina Glocksen?  Lakisha Jones?  It was the season of Sanjaya who went on to "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Outta Here," fame.  Jordin Sparks, literally and figuratively proving it pays to win.

American Idol Runner Up Season 7 - David Archuleta.  Ok.  So I can see how this season may have fueled the "Runner Up" myth.  But seriously.  Based on that season, I definitely thought the baby-faced Archuleta was going to blow up like a tick - that's how big.  And he didn't.  All that much.  He's doing fine.  But he's not doing David Cook fine.  We can be real about that, yes?  A decent runner up.  But not a strong enough argument to say Crystal's runner-upness guarantees a big career.   

Oh, and that's baby Thomas to the left discovering pine cones.  Archuleta is even runner up in baby faces.

American Idol Runner Up Season 8 - Adam Lambert.  So here's the thing dawg.  Chris Allen didn't win.  It's that Adam Lambert lost.  Because he's gay.  The only thing harder than being a female in this competition is being gay in this competition.  Especially if you're "flamboyantly" gay and not ashamed of it.  I mean, the least Adam could have been was ashamed of it.  Then maybe he might have won.  But who are we kidding?  Ashamed of it or not, he wasn't going to win.  Too gay not only loses to too fat (season 2), it also loses to too boring (season 8).  Yes, I just called Chris Allen boring.  Because he is.  SO boring.

So the middle of the country voted middle of the road Chris Allen as the winner last year.  And NY and LA don't vote much.  We just watch.  So Adam lost.  Because he's gay.  And his entire career will be fueled by controversy.  Partially of his own doing and partially because what he's doing makes everyone totally uncomfortable.    

Will he become the most successful runner up in the history of American Idol?  Depends on how we're measuring success.  If salacious media coverage is our barometer, then yes.  And if we're basing the "runner up" myth on his succss, than I'd say Crystal's in trouble.  Cause she can't hold a candle to Adam's histrionics.  She's a straight up singer/songwriter with zero controversy.  Unless she and Lee turn into the Luke and Laura of American Idol.  Which, I swear to god, I can totally see happening.  Don't you think they're vibing each other?

Alright, Katie just climbed out of her crib and is rattling the nursery door.  No, she's never done that before.  Tomorrow's blog...  Gotta blast.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Could You Punch a Muppet?

For those as interested in my 2 cents as I am, Bowersox BLEW Lee out of the water last night.  So why did Simon treat him with such kid gloves?  Because it was his last night judging?  #FAIL, Simon.  We've loved you through nine seasons for one reason only.  You are our dark side!  You say the mean, nasty, hurtful things that we here in America were raised not to say.

So the fact that you sat there last night after one of three un-impressively lackluster Lee Dewyze performances and ONCE AGAIN told us that he was a paint salesman and that you wish only the best for him makes me think a few things.  1) You're already on his personal management team.  2) You're sexually attracted to him.  I know there's a fine line between being British and being gay, but sometimes the British person actually is gay, right @Ollywoodhills?  3) You're channeling the ghost of Paula Abdul.

So.  Let me just say.  I have moderately liked Crystal Bowersox this season.  I thought she was good enough.  I liked her personality.  But, for the most part, she reminded me of someone we would trade sets with at The Backfence on a Monday night until 3am.  In other words, someone who could sing cover songs in a bar that had peanut shells covering the floor.  Granted, she'd be the crowd's favorite of the night, unless, of course, she was trading sets with us.  But, fortunately, we got out of there (no disrespect to The Backfence) and I thought Crystal never would.

Well, well, well...I'm the first to say that I LOVE when I'm wrong!  That girl BLEW her way off Bleecker St. last night.  She made Lee Dewyze look like it was amateur night.  She opened with Bobby McGee, one of the most over covered songs on planet Earth, and she OWNED it.  I do believe I've blogged previously about never covering a Janis song.  Oops, me and my big mouth.  Seriously, I was like Janis Who?  I can't even believe I just typed that.

Then onto Black Velvet, a song I hate so much, I think I hate it even more than I hate The Lady in Red.  OK?  That's a lotta hate.  Not only did I not hate it when Crystal sang it last night, but I rewound it and watched it again!

Meanwhile, Lee Dewyze came out and did a mediocre rendition of The Boxer (no one will ever cover it as well as Burlap to Cashmere. @ninicamps - remember when they'd cover that?  It was so good...).

And then U2's Beautiful Day?  That wasn't even a hit for U2, was it?  Oh my god, and I'm forgetting the horrendous REM cover.  What a bad night for the paint guy.    

Yet, the judges barely criticized him.

What happened to years past when Simon awarded each contestant with a round?  Not a peep out of him.  #Whuck!  Is it because Crystal's a woman?  I'm going out on a limb here and saying it is.  The music industry is such a fuckin' boys club.  Did I just say fuck?  I did.  That's how fucked up it is.

Lee Dewyze sucked last night.  Crystal Bowersox not only swept the floor with him, but she showed up like a superstar.  And for it, the judges applauded politely, said some nice things, but did nothing in their power to make sure she takes this thing home tonight.

That gets me so pissed I could punch a muppet.  I'm sure I'll regret saying that about a muppet, but for right now I do mean it.  A less important muppet who doesn't have a lot of lines, maybe.  Or one toting a gun or knife...they do exist, you know. 


ps-Crystal Bowersox closed with "Up to the Mountain" and reminded me why I love what I do for a living....blogging about American Idol

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cherry Lane is in my Ears and in my Eyes PART TWO

More photos from Cherry Lane 50th Anniversary Celebration - live onstage and the red carpet at Brooklyn Bowl - final shot is Dena with Vinnie Amico from moe.:

Cherry Lane is in my Ears and in my Eyes

    (May 19, 2010- Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images North America)

(May 19, 2010 - Photo by Marilyn D'amato)
Last night on stage at Cherry Lane's 50th Anniversary Celebration - Brooklyn Bowl

Sibby self portrait in the bathroom at Brooklyn Bowl.  Making the bowl part slightly ironic.
Nini getting ready back at the hotel.  I might have a crush on this picture.  And that feels really weird to type that.  But holy hot shit, Nini!

All hands on board...the finishing touches.

Posing with Bird.  Who, us?

(May 19, 2010 - photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images North America)
Whatever she's singing, it's clear she means it.

We'll post more as it comes in.  Suffice to say, last night was a good day at work.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Killer Croc Bodega.

Dear Diary,
Tonight, Antigone Rising is playing a show for Cherry Lane's 50th Anniversary Party.  I bought a new outfit, even though I'm acting nonchalant about it all.  Apparently there's a red carpet and a press line, which means I could get photographed still carrying the last 5 pounds (that have turned back into the last 7 pounds) from the well over a year old pregnancy.  15 months and 17 days since giving birth, but who's counting? (update:  photos have posted from this event.  click here and click here)  

@lizbrooks and I found these support like girdle things at Filenes Basement.  Two things about that sentence.  1) I said girdle.  Is that even a word anymore since Spanx were invented?  and 2) Filene's Basement.  You're damn right.  Name brands at affordable prices.

We laughed while holding up the girdles, but I bought one.  And shit, if it tucks those 5 pounds in (that are actually 7 pounds), I'll wear it.  I'm not beyond that, people.  I'm not.

Plus, the nude color tone will make it virtually impossible to detect I'm wearing it, should my t shirt ride up while leaning over to adjust my amp volume.  Win/win.

It wasn't the best day for shopping, I'm not gonna lie to you Diary.  Some days you hit the jack pot.  And some days you can't shake a single stitch out of the mall.

After we left Filenes, we went to the mall.  In and out of every store in the joint.  Nothing.  I felt defeated.  Exasperated.  I missed an entire day of watching my babies grow and develop with nothing to show for it,  until I ventured into Bloomingdale's.

Seriously.  It would not have occurred to me, but @lizbrooks insisted.  And sure enough, in some random section, way in the back-back, really really far back, I can't stress it enough, there it was.  On a rack it didn't even belong to.  Swinging, as if someone just debated it for themselves and decided against it.  And now...I'll be wearing it over my control top nude colored girdle!  Check it out:

You're looking at a bad ass black leather jacket that fits just right, Diary.  ON SALE.  And I'll be wearing it like I mean it on the red carpet tonight.  I will not, however, be wearing the Baby Crocs caught in the lower left corner of the bad ass black leather jacket photo.

But as an fyi to any moms (or dads) out there admiring those Baby Crocs (a larger photo to the right for your viewing pleasure), there's a Killer Croc Bodega set up in the mezzanine of the Roosevelt Field Mall.  The Crocs don't actually kill, I can see how that sentence could be misconstrued.  I mean killer as in rad as in sweet.  All synonyms in the Dictionary of Kristen.  My blog.  My rules.  

The Killer Croc Bodega is right across from Auntie Anne's Pretzels (who me, what 7 pounds?). A really nice lady sells them.  Apparently, these Crocs "resist bacteria."  As she told me this detail, I realized why they call the shoes Crocs.  Anyway, tell her I sent you.  She'll remember me.  I was the girl fumbling for her credit card while juggling a diet coke and an Auntie Anne. 

Alright.  I've got to go flat iron my lid for the big show.  And when I say "big," I'm not talkin' about my muffin top.

Later Gators,

An actual Killer Baby Croc:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Analyze This: A Moderately Mortifying Blog about Rob Lowe

Depending on how you define moderately, of course.

So, when I was in 7th grade, Tiger Beat, or some such teen idol magazine did a preview on the next new hot up and coming heart throbs.  I cut two of the pictures out of the magazine and began parading them around town telling my friends these two photographed heart throbs were my cousins.

A few weeks later, the two up and coming heart throbs arrived on the silver screen in a big way, indeed.  Soda Pop and Pony Boy Curtis, it turns out, were my cousins.  Boy, were my friends impressed.  Whoops, my bad.  I had some explaining to do.  Or did I?

My friends:  "Kristen, your cousins are in The Outsiders?"
Me:  "wha?"
My friends: "Your cousins.  The models.  The ones you showed us pictures of.  They're in that new movie, The Outsiders?  That's so cool.  Your family must be so proud."
Me: "What photos?"

You're following my approach here, yes?  Just act like it never happened.  Sort've like a voluntary black-out.  Who me, wha?

Some of those very friends will likely read this blog and feel extremely vindicated all these years later.  So there you go, friends.  I just let you off the hook.  Indeed, it seems, I lied.

But why?  Seriously.  What the heck?  Was it just an adolescent weird thing?  I mean, who tells there friends such a strange lie?  And yes, that's your cue to post to my blog and confess some equally moderately mortifying thing you did in your adolescence.  So go ahead and tell  You'll feel so much better.  I know I do, assuming some of you post your equally embarrassing stories.  If nobody does, I might just delete this post and act like it was never here...

 The inspiration for this blog hit me in the shower.  I just love Rob Lowe.  I've always loved him.  From the second I saw him in Tiger Beat, I cut out his bo-hunky little face and crowned him "my cousin."  I watched The Outsiders at least fifty times.  I thought the name Soda Pop was so cool and could not understand for the life of me why the Greasers could not overcome the indignation brought upon them by lame Leif Garrett and the Socs.

As the years passed, I watched adoringly as "cousin Rob" starred  in St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night.  I believed he and Demi shared a Luke & Laura-like love.

It was bigger than love, even.  I started liking Demi as much as I liked Rob for a second or two in those days, somewhere deep in the recesses of my psyche (where I was storing the memory of lying to my friends, most likely).

But the test of time "doth not lie," as someone completely butchering the words of William Shakespeare might blog.  Some twenty odd years later, the flame in my heart still burneth bright for Rob.  For Demi the cougar, not so much. 

Which brings me to why this rant got started in the first place.  Tonight, so I've heard, they're (**spoiler alert) killing "my cousin" off of Brothers and Sisters.

But why?  Why must it always end so tragically?  Can't he just win an election and be forced to relocate to Washington D.C.?  Or, if it must be tragic, can't it just be a really ugly Kitty/Robert divorce?  That's sad, people.  Divorce is certainly tragic.  Must they, MUST THEY kill him?

Brothers and Sisters, you're forcing Parenthood to be my new favorite family dramedy, and Parks and Recreation my new sitcom of choice.  I realized in the shower today, what started with a spark from a photo in a heart throb magazine all those years ago has blossomed into my longest lasting celebrity crush (Shaun Cassidy excluded, obvi).  I've been going steady with Rob Lowe since 1983, and not in a Rosie O'Donnell/Tom Cruise kinda way.  I'm clear about the contradiction in the crush, I'm not using the crush as a diversion tactic to boost my ratings, I'm just telling it like it is.

When I was 12, I saw a photo of Rob Lowe in a magazine that inspired me to lie to my friends that he was my cousin.  And I still think he's a hottie.  WTF is up with that?

Friday, May 14, 2010

One Last Photo...

In summary:

Can you tell that's a pizza? We love pizza.

Thank you Bordentown, and goodnight.

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A Photo Essay

Sound checkin':

The Record Collector:

Sib warms her fingers up on the iPad guitar:

@thisisdevon sent me this photo while we were driving down to Bordentown. Thomas is running the bases at the ballpark while mama blogs from the van. Hmmm.

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Holy Rainstorm

It's pouring rain in Bordentown, NJ and @ninicamps' acoustic guitar is sorta fritzing out so she and I are attempting to write a set list around that minor obstacle. @ninicamps asked me to bring a back up acoustic guitar for her and I, well, forgot it. I do, however, have several video camera options at her disposal.

So here we are, at the show, without an acoustic guitar, arguably a signature ingredient to our sound. It would be ok-ish if we weren't performing what is expected to be a scaled back performance in a record store.

Soundcheck is calling.

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The View From Here...

We are parked in front of The Record Collector. Im sitting in the van, and this is what I see.

First, to the right of me:

In front of me:

and to the left, to the left:

It's like we took a wrong turn and landed in Mayberry, Auntie Em.

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The Bordentown Blog

I'm in the van with the band on our way to Bordentwon, NJ. Here's a look-see at what's happening on the various benches within Vanna's womb.

Yes, we call our van Vanna. And yes, when we're inside, we refer to it as her womb. Move on, people. There's nothing to see here.

Front row photo - driver and navigator - @anthonysrecords and @lizbrooks

First row bench, Sib is trying to print artwork out for our new live EP that I announced would be available for sale at tonight's show. And it will be, orelse. Is "orelse" a word?

And on the second bench, Lady Camps enjoys an issue of her favorite ragazine.

This live blog will get more exciting as the day unfolds. It must...

Bird is meeting us at the show in case you're wondering "where the heck is Bird?"

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The A.I. "O.-Blog"

Since my #1 choice was voted off the show, I am officially o-blogging.  That's a smooshed up word for "obligated to blog."  

 Jamie Foxx.  Ulch.  He's so...what's the word if it were opposites day here on the "o-blog"?

Humble, that's it.

 Fortunately, I started watching this week's episode of American Idol twenty minutes behind, so I could speed search through his "tales of inspiration," and didn't have to sit on the edge of my seat to see if he granted each contestant their "artist" t shirt.  I need one of those emoticon eye roll things to insert here...

Where can I get my hands on one of those t shirts, by the way?  I want to start wearing a "contestant" shirt to our shows in a subtle, yet defiant, statement to the producers of American Idol to never have Jamie Foxx as a guest mentor again.

Aren't I a sour thing since Siobhan got da boot?

Ok.  So I am now rooting for Crystal.  There hasn't been a girl in the finals in a few years.  That's bullshit, people.  Not to mention, Lee Dewyze is a poor man's David Cook is a poor man's Chris Daughty is a poor man's Bo Bice...that's a seriously slippery slope right there, if you ask me.

Why is Casey James in the top three < and NOT Sibohan >?  The words within the < > symbols mean I'm saying them on the inside.  You can choose to read them, if you really want to know what I think on the inside.  Or you can choose to avert any words within bracket symbols for the rest of this "o-blog" . < it's not as easy to do as you'd think >.

Anyway, Casey James is no Danny Gokey < I loved Danny Gokey >...he's not even Diana Degarmo, people.  Who the hell voted for him?  Especially after that snore version of Mrs. Robinson on the ukele.  I know, I know.  It was a mandolin.  Whatev, peeps.  It's my "o-blog."

Alright, talk back and set me straight.  I'd like to try to enjoy the final weeks and not have such a chip on me shoulder, as @joelygabs would say. 


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Antigone Rising's Move That Bus - Episode 3 - Mueve La GuaGua is HERE!

ARTV - Move That Bus - Episode 3 is coming.

**Update - Episode 3 is here:

We've been working on a fresh new episode of our internet web-series, Antigone Rising's "Move That Bus."  Initially, the hope was to post webisodes weekly.  But we fell behind schedule in a big way...more like 1 webisode a month.


The first two webisodes are up and running on ARTV, the band's fancy You Tube Channel.  Number 3 will post tonight, and Nini and I have pinky promised each other that we'd post new ones every Tuesday in the month of May.  So you can hold us to that.  Sort've.  I mean, go lightly on the hate mail if we post on a Wednesday morning.  We're both new moms and have a lot of shit to do.  Not to mention how sketchy iMovie '09 behaves.  But that's a whole other blog, as I like to say.     

Just to give you some background on our web-series, each episode centers around a theme or two.  No webisode is ever longer than 4 minutes, and we usually try to keep them right around the 3:30 mark.

Ideally, each episode is a mix of 3 things: 

A little funny, a little music, a little low budget.  The mix may not be even split per episode.  You may get more funny in one or more music in another.  You are always guaranteed the low budget, however, in a high dosage.  

We film with our Flip Cameras and Kodak Zi8s.  Nini and I own one of each for some reason, so we've got 4 cameras all together.  Somehow we manage to end up most places with none of the cameras on us.  The conversations usually go something like this:

Van pulling out of the station after picking up Nini:

Nini:  Oh shit.  I forgot my cameras.
Kristen:  That's alright.  I've got both of mine.  Just take one of them and keep it on you when we get to the venue.
Nini:  Cool.  I will.

Later, at the venue:

Kristen:  Oh shit.  I left the cameras in my bag.  Where's the van parked?
Liz:  We parked it back at the hotel.

And so on.

So it's a miracle we ever get any footage.  And you'll see in episode 3 how we compensate for our lack of footage with a few great still shots taken by Sharon Sholes (a former guitar student of mine, toot toot). 

Listen, we do our best.  And that's all anyone can ask of us.   

In case you're wondering how Sibby & Bird contribute to the production of "Move That Bus," they basically look for rolling video cameras and act like hams. 

Episode 3 centers around us blasting a busted lock off our trailer, then follows us up the NY State Thruway.  I don't want to give away the rest, so I'll save it for you to watch.  Expect it to post later this evening.

In the meantime, get caught up by watching the first 2 webisodes, and be sure to mark your calendars because every Tuesday of this month (starting tonight), we will be posting a fresh hot one...


Antigone Rising's "Move That Bus" Ep. 2 - Stu Stu Studio

Antigone Rising's "Move That Bus" Ep. 1 - Bird Droppings

Monday, May 10, 2010

Explain This to Me.

There are certain things in cyberspace that I cannot seem to wrap my head around.  So I'm asking you to explain it to me.  You can answer as many of these questions you are capable of answering, or you can just agree that you too are befuddled by the following.

It's extremely easy to post comments to my blog, which I will address in question #2.  So I would appreciate it if you would post today in one of two ways:  either answer as many of my questions as possible, or publicly agree that you too are as confused as I am so I don't feel all alone.  Ok.  Here we go.

Question #1 - RSS Feeds.  What?

Question #2 - Blogger vs. WordPress.
First.  For those who don't even know what Blogger or WordPress are, they are free services that allow you to create your own blog.  Hangin' With Hendo, this very blog, is hosted by Blogger.  Ok.  Now onto the question.

It seems the overwhelming majority of people are pro WordPress for their blogging needs over Blogger.  But I have a Blogger account (Hangin' With and I have a WordPress account (The mainpage).  

My Blogger account is way easier to navigate.  The WordPress account tends to be clunky and every time I log in, it feels like the first time and I have to figure everything out all over again.  The WordPress account also gets inundated with spam comments, so I've been forced to hire homeland security to protect the page, which is why we never get any comments on our main page posts.  Who wants to spend 45 minutes registering and cracking CAPTCHA codes?  Obviously, none of you do.  Meanwhile, Hangin' With Hendo, hosted by Blogger, has minimal settings in place where we are all free to comment back and forth.  And we will demonstrate that ease of commenting with today's blog post, won't we?  Indeed we will. 

So why is everyone slagging Blogger and loving WordPress?  Am I missing something?  Explain it to me. 

Question #3 - Video Podcasts vs. YouTube.
@ninicamps and I are talking about doing a video podcast.  But our brains get scrambled over a few things.  Why would we start a video podcast for you to download when you can all come to our website and stream it instead?

If the answer is - because you can download the podcast to your iPod or computer to watch whenever you feel like it - that's a fine enough answer-ish.  But you can also stream it on those devices via the internet.  So that's not a total answer.

Or maybe it's because we would be exposing ourselves to a whole new audience - those who love podcasts.  Ok.  That's a pretty good answer.  But here's the real question to this question: 

Why are there RSS Feeds involved with podcasts?  And for that matter, please refer back to question #1 because what the hell is an RSS feed?  And do any of you happen to know if I have an RSS Feed or is this something I need to create? 

Ok.  That's enough questions for one blog.

For those of you wondering why on Earth I'd be reading Blogging For Dummies, you now have your answer.


Clearly, I understood the chapter on monetizing my blog:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Holy Freezing

Too cold to type. Here are some photos:

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Happy Mother's Day/Tulip Fest Live Blog!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

The band is off to Albany to celebrate the crowning of 2010's Tulip Queen. This is a pre-departure photo of me with my little bean bags, Thomas and Kate. Love you babies, but your mama's in a band and she's off to rock some tulips! Now smile and wave to my blog readers:

Before boarding the van, Tony (@anthonysrecords) and I grabbed some breakfast at our favorite small town eatery - Bee's Kitchen - in the heart of Sea Cliff. It's the best place on earth for yummy things.

This is Tony ordering his egg sandwich:

The time at the tone is (beeeeep):

We were looking for ring dings a few weeks back at 7/11...they've been hiding right around the corner at Bee's all along, those sneaky rascals.

We'll be live blogging more from the festival grounds. Until then, I'm riding shotgun with @anthonysrecords. Can you guess what book I'm reading?

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