Friday, April 30, 2010

Sit on the Toilet Seats Clean.

So, we did a show last night in Norfolk, CT.  No, I don't mean Norwalk.  I mean Norfolk.  Google it or look on a map or something.  It exists and it turns out that it's one of the nicest places on the planet.  Well, I can't be totally sure of that because I was asleep in the van when we pulled in.  But Cathy said it's a really pretty town.  I can, however, be totally sure that Infinity Hall is one of the nicest venues we've ever played in.  The place was spotless clean.  Not to be crude, but it was "sit on the toilet seats" clean.  I'm not saying we haven't played other venues that can boast such a claim.  But none are coming immediately to mind, if that's any indication.

After the show, half the band drove back to New York and the other half stayed in a hotel.  Guess who came home and guess who stayed behind.  I bet you will guess wrong.

I knew it.  You guessed WRONG!

Nini and I stayed behind and spent the night at a hotel.  Why?  Because we fuckin' could!  What are you kidding me?  You want to drive me through the night crunched up in a van with band mates to drop me off at my house at 4am only to be woken up one hour later by the babies when I can shack up at a musky and dank Quality Inn with outside doors?  You're DAMN RIGHT I'm taking the full night's sleep in a stinky motel with stained carpeting and a window looking onto the parking lot, and so is the other brand new mom in the band.  Sayonara Sibby & Bird, drive safely!

So we nestled in, snug as bugs.  I, a bit more snug than @ninicamps, got to shack up in my double bed with @lizbrooks (who didn't snore, thank the sweet baby).  We pulled the daylight shades closed and were out like lights...eventually.

I spent an hour or so tossing and turning imagining a murderer kicking in the door of our room (I did mention our room was practically IN the parking lot, right?).  That visual may have had something to do with our twenty minute discussion on the van ride up about how unnecessary a re-make of Nightmare on Elm Street is.  Don't you agree?  Why are they remaking that movie?  That annoys me.

And I awoke a few times because my nose was stuffed from the stale air in our "non-smoking" room.  And a few more times I woke up thinking about how my face was directly on the sheets of the lumpy bed I was in.  And each time I woke up, the bridge melody to our song, "Borrowed Time" was playing in my head.  It was driving me nuts, quite frankly.       

Other than those minor interruptions, and the fact that I was not comfortable sitting on the toilet seat in our hotel room, I had a heavenly night's sleep.  We drove home this morning and I've been able to spend a perfectly lovely and somewhat lucid day with the twins.  And I'm looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow night in Providence, RI.





  1. Sounds like you guys had a great show! Hopefully the toilet seats in Ohio will welcome you soon!

  2. Love you and your blog.

  3. If it was Norwalk, my trip would have been 10 mins, not 2+ hrs.

    I didn't guess wrong! But, I knew the answer. I suppose it's unfair of me to play that game.

    I loved Infinity Hall! Not their no filming/no flashes rules. But, everything else about it.

    Thank you for signing that photo. I needed a bass KH signed.

    Glad you slept well-ish.

  4. I'm annoyed at the Nightmare on Elm Street remake too! But I guess remakes are less annoying than having part 17 come out.

  5. I am annoyed at remakes in general. Either Hollyweird a. gets bored and remakes already made movies, 2. makes a movie out of a tv show (dukes of hazard anyone?) or 3. makes another dodgamn movie about wars.. i would blog about that but..i just summed it up in 2 sentences. i'm fast like that.

  6. I don't even want to comment about last nights toilets seats!!