Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tad Martin

I'm flying solo with the twins today.  Quite frankly, it's the equivalent of a suicide mission.  They're totally adorable, don't get me wrong.  And I love spending time with them.  It' just that they climb on things now.  And they climb over things now.  And we're only half baby proofed around here.  So it's hard work manning the peanuts.

I caught Kate strolling around the play area with the Costco card.  Which reminds me, I need to get myself over there and buy a box of diapers.  I could not figure out how she got her little hands on it.  Then I realized.  She shimmied herself up the couch...way up the couch.  Far enough she could reach over and grab things off the desk behind it.  She grabbed Sarah's wallet, opened it, and took the Costco card out.

You're probably wondering where I was while all that was taking place.

There's a simple answer to that question.

I was chasing my son Thomas who escaped from his poopy diaper.

So you can see how things can quickly spiral out of control here.

Back to the actual point of my story.  In an attempt to break up the monotony of our day, I strolled my posse down to the park.  It's about two blocks away from my house.  Seriously, you can't beat Sea Cliff.  This town rocks if you've got two little bean bags.

I tossed them into their swings and they chatted each other up in their 1 year old gibberish twin talk.  I believe James Cameron consulted with them when he created that silly Avatar language.  And I'm only kidding about that because I can't stand James Cameron and I wouldn't let him near my kids.

Anyway, when we got home from the park, we rolled back into the living room.  I left the TV on, because seriously, you try loading two babies into a stroller that's parked outside the house that's only half baby proofed.  So the TV was on when I walked in.

And there he was.  Just like it was 1982.  Tad F'in Martin!

All My Children, are you serious?  It's so long on one show that it can't even be considered acting anymore.  The show is on EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This guy spends so much time being Tad Martin that he can't possibly be a real person anymore!  He must have just morphed completely into being Tad Martin by now.  Right?  Seriously.  WHAT is up with that?!

It's totally freaking me out for him.  Does it freak you out too?  Or is it just because I'm flying solo with the twins today...



  1. Oh yeah, he's still on the show. He's been a twin, he's been dead, but he is still on. He's as ancient as the salad in the back of my fridge. He and Erica Kane. And he's a little heavier..a little grayer but he's still there.

    And Brooke Cudahy came back. The red head...

    They will outlive us all ya know..

    except for Betty White. She'll be around til the world comes back again.

  2. You're nuts. haha

    And that's nothing, there are actors that have played their characters on soaps A LOT longer than Michael E. Knight.

    J-Bird is right, they will outlive us all... except the devine Ms. White.

  3. Brooke (English) Cudahy almost made her way into this blog because I saw her on today's episode too! She's been on the show sice 1976 (I heart Wikipedia).

    The only thing freakier is Bo & Hope. C'mon with those two and their "bigger than love" love still going strong!

  4. Get out 1976!!!! I will forewarn you..i'm SURE Brooke will have an affair with Adam. You just watch..

    Or not..but c'mon, Redhead comes back. Heads up Tempo mag (which BTW..I almost fell off my couch when I heard "Tempo magazine")...I was a youngin' then..


  5. Having spent time flying solo with multiples, I feel your brain! Those adventures will only get bigger and more amazing. (Word to the wise: keep your vegetable oil under lock & key.) And I am right there with you about James Cameron...egomanical twerp. But I digress.

    I've often wondered how much acting is being done by people who play the same character for so long. Isn't that why when established, quality movie actors take a television role, it is with an expiration date? Holly Hunter is ending Saving Grace this year. Glenn Close has stated she will not stay with Damages much longer.
    I would imagine it would be like never writing another song, & just performing the same catalog forever. We love the old stuff, but we can't wait for the new. :::insert the Girl Scout song here about new & old friends & "one is silver and the other gold."::::

  6. I am waiting for Tad and Dixie to get back together. When that happens I will watch the show again.....
    I had twins too - a boy and a girl. They are 22 now, but your great stories really take me back. Thanks!

  7. I usually lose track of mine when I need to use the bathroom....Man I miss those days of using the toilet in private!!!! Looking forward to the book!!!!

  8. Michael Knight. Always loved him. Always will.

  9. oddly enough, Michael Knight was married to Catherine Hickland ~ her ex husband was David Hasselhoff, who played Michael Knight on Knight Rider

  10. I dont know how you do it SuperMom!! I almost hit the floor when you said that Tad Martin was still on AMC - I dont even remember his REAL name!!