Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A-Rod2 & @stacegots

When America voted A Rod2 off of American Idol during the first week, I had no choice but to quit the show.  If you don't know who A Rod2 is, then you don't follow me or @stacegots on twitter.  And that's a shame for you.   @stacegots is a twitter legend.  And me, well, I walk in the shadow of her greatness. 

For those of you wondering, A Rod was Ashley Rodriguez.  And she had it all.  The looks.  The voice.  The sense of style.
 Turns out I got duped.

She came out the first week America could vote and took a nose dive.  It was like someone was paying her.  I watched from the sidelines, helpless, knowing I'd have some explaining to do to my twitter followers.  Normally, I'd tweet in real time while watching the show.  But not that night.  Instead, I waited until morning to wipe the egg off my face.

So they voted her off and I quit the show for five days.  I told anyone who'd listen to me, "oh, I quit watching.  The show really stinks this year.  Ellen isn't being funny.  Kara is annoying.  And nobody can sing.  The one girl who could sing is already off the show, woe is me."

But then it happened.  Tuesday night came.  I tried to pretend I was going to watch Biggest Loser (I heart Jillian & Bob), but my finger pressed 705 on the remote.  And there I was.  Watching again.  Criticizing the judges.  Hating the singing.  Torturing myself and everyone in my living room.  Until suddenly, Siobhan!

Shame on the editors of this show!  They did such a shitty job getting us psyched for the contestants this year.  Siobhan flew under the radar through the first 2 months of this crappy season.  But then POOF!  Like a totally loose cannon, she blew through my screen!

Siobhan.  I can't remember her last name right this second.  But eventually I will.  Eventually, WE ALL WILL!

Just when I thought I was out (wait a minute, I am out), they pulled me back in!


ps-and Ellen is getting funnier...


  1. I only care about Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus (you're welcome).

    The rest? Blah.

    And yes, I've noticed that Ellen is turning up the funny.

    Someone still needs to stuff a sock in Kara.

  2. I think Ellen read your blog and my response that you need to replace her... she's runnin' scared.

  3. I totally agree with this. The editing stinks. I am rooting for Siobahn now too after not even noticing her for the first two months of the show.

    I love your blogs.

  4. I am a huge fan of your blogs and tweets. And I agree with the person who says you should be the judge on American Idol instead of Kara. You would be so awesome. Keep blogging.

    Thanks for the free download too. I love the new song and the sound is great. I don't know how you keep it all together with what you've got going on in your life. You're an inspiration.

    We saw you in Philly on Friday and the show was so great that we will see you this Friday at The Stone Pony.


  5. I'm not a fan of Idol at ALL, but I keep finding myself subjected to it Thursday nights when at my sister's house or the family is over at mine. My very novice opinion has nothing to do with the talents (or lack of), but their looks. Most of them look like they're "on something" and I don't say that in a judging way, but the show is all about judging anyway so I guess I can say that?!? And the outfits seem to suggest we are in for a huge 80's revival comlete with big hair and bigger earrings. The reason this saddends me most is not because I remember this stuff the first time around, but because when we finally get around to reviving the 90's looks, I will be in my golden years.

  6. I didn't know exactly how to respond to this blog. Because like Rainee, I don't do too much Idol watching..until maybe the last 5 lol. So I don't have a clue for the most part who you're talking about. But the GAWD..Siobhan is pretty kick ass. What a high note. If she dropped an album, I definitely would check it out. Again, I'm still puzzled as all get out as to why Ellen is on the panel. Funny or no, I don't get it. It's kind of like putting me in a room of salad eaters. And I have a steak on my plate. It no fits:-) Oh oh oh even better. Me with a steak on me plate in a room full of vegans. GAD ZOOKS!! The only thing I find amusing is Ryan Seacrap going after Simon. Sometimes the two of them just need to go to a bathroom and measure each other already lol.

  7. WOW from a "have been missing out" former non=Idol viewer!! Rock on Siobhan!!