Monday, March 22, 2010

Reinvent the Dream - A Blog Inspired by The Runaways...

This is not a movie review blog.  I am not a movie reviewer.  I don't see enough movies to know how to review them.  I can't remember the last movie I saw before The Runaways.  Oh yeah, Precious.  Whoa, that movie was SO heavy.  I couldn't talk about it for days after seeing it.  I still can't.  

But last night I saw The Runaways.  And it was equally heavy for me in certain ways.  My heart hurt at the end, for sure.  My instinct was to fix it.  Just get back in the booth, Cherie!  Don't fuck this up for us!  I mean for you guys.  See?  It hit a nerve for me.

Cathy and I were born dreaming of starting an all female rock band.  And when we got into Jr. High, our music teacher fueled it for us.  Mr. Campbell (he played keyboards on our 'From the Ground Up' CD), had a drum set and an electric guitar with an amp set up in his class room.  So Cathy and I would hang in his room after school and play I Love Rock n' Roll.  We made one of our girlfriend's sing, and another one play bass.  And we talked Mr. Campbell into letting us use his instruments to play the Jr. High School talent show.

It never once occurred to me to have a guy in our band.  It's not that I didn't like guy bands (hello, VAN HALEN).  I just knew there were all girl bands, like The Runaways & The Go Gos. That's the type of band I wanted to be in.  Those girls had no idea they were paving the way for me and my sister and countless other girls who went on to start bands or pick up instruments.  They were just doing what they loved.  And subsequently, I was just doing what I loved.

In 1998, our lead singer, Peppy, told us she was leaving the band.  My heart sank.  I had no idea what we were going to do.  But we were working with a producer who swore we could figure it out.  A producer, who, incidentally, did not throw dog crap at us while we rehearsed, thank you very much.

She told us we'd find the right girl who could sing the songs.  I was skeptical.  And it took a few tries.  But we did figure it out.  And I learned the most important life lesson ever.  If you're chasing your dream, toss out the road map.  Because there is no page in that Rand McNally Atlas that's going to help you figure it out.  Seriously. 

I grew up with a Joan Jett poster on my wall.  It hung there because I thought she rocked.  And I wanted to be just like her.  I was too young to get all the other stuff.  But when Cherie Currie walked out on The Runaways, Joan Jett didn't give up her dream.  She just reinvented it.  And because she did, I knew I could...And I'll do it again. (Joan Jett - Love is Pain)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A-Rod2 & @stacegots

When America voted A Rod2 off of American Idol during the first week, I had no choice but to quit the show.  If you don't know who A Rod2 is, then you don't follow me or @stacegots on twitter.  And that's a shame for you.   @stacegots is a twitter legend.  And me, well, I walk in the shadow of her greatness. 

For those of you wondering, A Rod was Ashley Rodriguez.  And she had it all.  The looks.  The voice.  The sense of style.
 Turns out I got duped.

She came out the first week America could vote and took a nose dive.  It was like someone was paying her.  I watched from the sidelines, helpless, knowing I'd have some explaining to do to my twitter followers.  Normally, I'd tweet in real time while watching the show.  But not that night.  Instead, I waited until morning to wipe the egg off my face.

So they voted her off and I quit the show for five days.  I told anyone who'd listen to me, "oh, I quit watching.  The show really stinks this year.  Ellen isn't being funny.  Kara is annoying.  And nobody can sing.  The one girl who could sing is already off the show, woe is me."

But then it happened.  Tuesday night came.  I tried to pretend I was going to watch Biggest Loser (I heart Jillian & Bob), but my finger pressed 705 on the remote.  And there I was.  Watching again.  Criticizing the judges.  Hating the singing.  Torturing myself and everyone in my living room.  Until suddenly, Siobhan!

Shame on the editors of this show!  They did such a shitty job getting us psyched for the contestants this year.  Siobhan flew under the radar through the first 2 months of this crappy season.  But then POOF!  Like a totally loose cannon, she blew through my screen!

Siobhan.  I can't remember her last name right this second.  But eventually I will.  Eventually, WE ALL WILL!

Just when I thought I was out (wait a minute, I am out), they pulled me back in!


ps-and Ellen is getting funnier...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tad Martin

I'm flying solo with the twins today.  Quite frankly, it's the equivalent of a suicide mission.  They're totally adorable, don't get me wrong.  And I love spending time with them.  It' just that they climb on things now.  And they climb over things now.  And we're only half baby proofed around here.  So it's hard work manning the peanuts.

I caught Kate strolling around the play area with the Costco card.  Which reminds me, I need to get myself over there and buy a box of diapers.  I could not figure out how she got her little hands on it.  Then I realized.  She shimmied herself up the couch...way up the couch.  Far enough she could reach over and grab things off the desk behind it.  She grabbed Sarah's wallet, opened it, and took the Costco card out.

You're probably wondering where I was while all that was taking place.

There's a simple answer to that question.

I was chasing my son Thomas who escaped from his poopy diaper.

So you can see how things can quickly spiral out of control here.

Back to the actual point of my story.  In an attempt to break up the monotony of our day, I strolled my posse down to the park.  It's about two blocks away from my house.  Seriously, you can't beat Sea Cliff.  This town rocks if you've got two little bean bags.

I tossed them into their swings and they chatted each other up in their 1 year old gibberish twin talk.  I believe James Cameron consulted with them when he created that silly Avatar language.  And I'm only kidding about that because I can't stand James Cameron and I wouldn't let him near my kids.

Anyway, when we got home from the park, we rolled back into the living room.  I left the TV on, because seriously, you try loading two babies into a stroller that's parked outside the house that's only half baby proofed.  So the TV was on when I walked in.

And there he was.  Just like it was 1982.  Tad F'in Martin!

All My Children, are you serious?  It's so long on one show that it can't even be considered acting anymore.  The show is on EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This guy spends so much time being Tad Martin that he can't possibly be a real person anymore!  He must have just morphed completely into being Tad Martin by now.  Right?  Seriously.  WHAT is up with that?!

It's totally freaking me out for him.  Does it freak you out too?  Or is it just because I'm flying solo with the twins today...


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I Need From Ellen.

I am a self professed "flip-flopper."  And I am unapologetic about it.  I can feel both ways about things, sometimes simultaneously.  That's because I'M HUMAN!  People who feel the need to keep their opinion because it's the opinion they've always had bore me to death.  Beat it, punks.  

So when AI launced in 2002 with Paula Abdul as a judge, I was first on line to scoff at it.  "Paula Ab-who'l?  Where'd they find her?"  That's not a literal quote, but it was certainly my frame of mind at the time.

As the seasons passed, so did my rekindled love for the lady whose song I used to swing from the rafters to at the SAE house at Bucknell University.  #Takemyrunonsentence.  "Straight Up" rocked my 18 year old world.  And now fifteen years later, I loved her all over again.  Do not take my Paula away.  I hung on her every fopa.  She made American Idol essential to watch TV.

Now she's gone and I'm left to follow @PaulaAbdul on twitter.  She's not nearly as unpredictable, irrational or quirky.  She tweets really generic "don't worry be happy" type tweets.  And there's no interaction between her and Simon.  Don't try to comfort me with rumors of her being on whatever the new Simon show is.  Until it happens, I'm inconsolable.  Just let me be.  

When they announced her departure whenever that was (I was in a hormone haze and still am), I quit the show.  It was over for me.  It could never be the same.

Until they announced.......ELLEN!  I love Ellen!  I've always loved Ellen.  She's "laugh out loud" funny to me, and not many people or things are.  "Arrested Development" is laugh out loud funny.  Sarah Silverman is laugh out loud funny as often as she isn't at all (an example of my flip flopp-edness)  And Ellen.  At least old Ellen was laugh out loud funny.  Ellen nowadays has gotten a little bizarre.  The crying over the puppy incident that I could barely follow because it made me uncomfortable to watch was a little bizarre.  But my love and appreciation for Ellen could overcome that strange incident.  Oh, and Anne Heche.  I could overcome that too.  The news of her replacing Paula Abdul was acceptable to me.  I was willing to watch with an open mind.

But here's my first question:
Why couldn't they get rid of Kara?

I don't care if she's a songwriter or a producer.  She's a cheese dog.  I mean, c'mon.  She's no LINDA PERRY.  Now that would have been a bad-ass, cool judge to add to the panel.  That I'm into.  But this Kara girl.  I just don't care.  I don't care I don't care.  She's not Paula.  She's not Linda Perry.  She's gotta go. 

Here's my second question:
Why isn't Ellen being FUNNY?

We don't need a serious Ellen.  That Kara is serious enough for the whole panel.  She's so serious she should be her own Sunday morning talk show.  For crissakes.   

 Ellen needs to cut the crap.  She needs to stop judging.  We don't need her judgements.  Simon tells the truth.  Kara takes herself seriously.  Rand(om)y talks about Journey.  And Ellen needs to be FUNNY.  Just say funny things.  Everytime it's your turn.

That's what I  need from Ellen.

 ps-so close to being done with Chapter 8.  SO CLOSE!