Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow and Thermals.

There is a serious amount of snow on the ground where I live.  I just love it.  And truthfully, it doesn't inconvenience me all that much.  Unless, of course, I have a show scheduled on the day it snows so much.  Which I did.  But we moved the show.  Because even if we risked life & limb to drive down to south Jersey in our van in these treacherous conditions, you very likely would not have.  So it was decided.  Tonight's show at The Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ has been moved to Friday, May 14th.

The thing that is going to be so cool about this show that has now been moved to May 14th is that it will be in a REAL record store.  It is to music what an old time soda shop is to ice cream.  This store actually sells vinyl records.  I'm not just saying records because I'm old and can't get used to the fact that we've moved onto CDs...I mean MP3s.  I say records because they actually sell real vinyl records.  We will NEVER be able to do a live, in-store appearance on iTunes.  I mean, yes, they can beam us in and stream it live on iTunes.  But you know and I know, that's not the same thing.   

I think the band will sound really good in a store that sells vinyl records.  If we could have been a band in the 70s, putting out vinyl records, I'm sure it would have been fun.  We will probably burn the live show onto a CD and sell it to you in the store that sells vinyl records.  It will be an intimate and rare live CD, and the show will be like nothing else currently on our tour schedule.  Afterward, maybe we'll go out for ice cream to an old time soda shop.  I bet we can find one on my iPhone.     

Enough about that.

Let's talk about the thermal shirts we just got into stock.  It's cold out.  So buy one of our new thermal shirts.  They will be available online as soon as our new website launches (and that will happen within the next few weeks).  But for now, you can buy it here, direct from my blog.  Our friend, Stephen Kellogg, posed in the shirt for us.  That was really nice of him to do.  I personally think Stephen Kellogg is extremely handsome.  Seriously.  Look how cute he is.  Anyway, this blog is not about the objectification of our friend, Stephen Kellogg.  It is about gray thermal shirts.  And if you purchase one today, Sibby will be the one to fulfill the order for you.  The band equivalent of a vinyl record store or an old time soda shop.    


Now I've got a book to write.

See you around the internets,

ps-I said vinyl a lot of times in this blog.  Duly noted.  


  1. I get paid tonight... save one for me! Are they unisex shirts? I'm weird about how my shirts fit... ('lil ocd).

  2. I have a few releases new on "vinyl" myself, Tegan & Sara, Brandi Carlile. I still have a bunch of my old rock albums too, of course. And a lot of my Dad's jazz stuff. I need a better system, but I do play them from time to time! Although, I tend to prefer the word album to vinyl. To me, vinyl is what albums were called once they started to become "vintage" and sought after. Hmmm...would it be presumptuous to hope that the shiny new Antigone Rising could record on vinyl/album...perhaps, maybe??? :o)

    I'm all for the mp3s and iPod, convenience wise, it's definitely amazing. But I do love the "vintage" feel of albums, tapes, etc. I don't know why we have to get rid of the old when we welcome the new. Can't we always enjoy both?

    Enjoy the snow day!!

  3. Serensky, the thermals are "uni."

    As for the new Antigone on vinyl, I bet we could figure something out...

  4. I bought a shirt, not that one, the black one. But, I was planning on getting the winter hat today, but since that's show has been postponed, can we purchase the hat online?

    And speaking of the postponing, thanks for rescheduling just before my bday. Appreciate it. ;)

    And another vote for an Antigone vinyl!

  5. he is cute...and i like the thermal. but i need a hat. do you have a hat.