Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chapter 7 and Elliott Yamin

I just finished writing chapter 7.  It's all about the third trimesters of our pregnancies.  It brought back a lot of great memories, like my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome.  Boy was I being sarcastic when I said it brought back great memories like my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome.  That wasn't a great memory AT ALL!  My hands would fall asleep all day long.  They'd go numb while I was driving.  I could barely lift a slice of pizza to my mouth.  

I was retaining a serious amount of water while I was pregnant.  Now that I'm 6 pounds away from my "goal weight,"  I don't mind saying I put on way more lbs. than the average pregnant lady.  It was so fun being pregnant.  I ate anything that wasn't nailed down.  

Anyway, back to more serious things at hand - no pun intended.  I've been trying to finish this chapter all day long but have heard news about this terrible earthquake in Chile.  I also heard that Elliott Yamin, former American Idol contestant, is tweeting live from the scene.  Apparently he was in Chile for a gig.  And from what his tweets were saying prior to the quake, it was a really bad gig.  That aside, CNN and ABC have been contacting him as their source on the scene.

My cousin Kelly and I were just wondering what ever happened to Elliott Yamin.  We even joked that the guy walking into the Subway shop where we were eating lunch WAS Elliott Yamin.  Clearly, it was NOT.  Because Elliott Yamin was in Chile for a crappy gig that has now turned into a pretty serious news casting gig.  If you're on twitter, follow him @elliottyamin

One day you're eating a sandwich talking smack about a guy, the next he's your primary news source for a catastrophic world event.  You cannot make this stuff up.


ps-That's some SERIOUS dental work, wouldn't you agree?



  1. Smiles-a-lot I was JUST thinking about Eliot too. His first cd is 5 bucks at Amazon and well...I can't pass that up. I also noticed he released a second cd and I thought "Whaaat?" I had no idea. I always loved his voice. And I thought he had a good chance. It is funny how the tides turn (no pun intended) and he is the go to guy. That's downright freaky even..especially his transformation. Wowsers. I'm glad you finished another chapter. Celebrate with zeee subway sammich.

    Is what we experienced...thinking of someone and then they just appear in the news called Serendipity? It sounds like it.

  2. I'm dealing with some carpal tunnel numbness too, on and off, but more on during the times when I practice guitar, which isn't nearly as much as it should be....(hangs head in shame)....Anyway, if you're saying that pregnancy induced carpal tunnel had to do with the pregnancy weight gain, I could say for myself, that keeping to a diet and dropping some pounds could relieve my numbness a bit too? I know you can't really answer that for sure, and I should see a doctor. But, for every other ailment I've seen a doctor for, it seemed to create more problems, and never really took care of the initial one. And don't get me started on my mother and her legion of about writing a book. I think I will someday too.

    Anyway, ignore my ranting/venting. I'm going to google some carpal tunnel treatments and preventative methods now. If you had any particular treatment (stretches, banging your hand against a brick wall, etc) you did during your carpal tunnel time, I would surely appreciate hearing about it, and I hope others would too.

    Thanks, and congrats on the completion of Chapter 7, keep on writing!

    Later -

  3. Serious dental work. Agreed.

    One of my co-workers won a radio contest and got to meet him and listen to him sing live at the radio station. She said he's really short and really nice. So that's really my only encounter with him. He will probably get a nice announcing gig of some sort for being their go to person right now...

  4. Elliot Yamin is currently in Chile and low on insulin. He was there to perform at a music festival and the earthquake hit and now he is stuck there, but he didn't pack enough diabetes supplies and he has put out public statements saying how worried he is. I really need to stop reading Perez Hilton!!!!