Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guitar Hero is Not the Same Thing

People think that because I play guitar I must be really great at the video game Guitar Hero. 

I'm not. 

I'm pretty good on the medium setting, but the medium setting is very boring to watch and pretty unimpressive.  It's even boring to play. 

I'm barely above average on the hard setting.  I have scored in the low 90% on a few rare occasions, but as a rule I'm in the 80s and sometimes 70s.

I don't think Eddie Van Halen could play the Beat It solo on Guitar Hero's expert setting.     

Sometimes I play Guitar Hero with Liz Brooks.  I've never brought her a bottle of water while she plays, but I probably should. 

The End.


  1. :) Liz Brooks more thirsty for that game than for water? Wow!

  2. So my brother is always trying to connect with my cousin who is 15 years younger then him and they are total opposites. My brother is very straight and narrow and lets just say my cousin is not :)

    So I introduced my brother to guitar hero and he loved it! And at Thanksgiving he said to my cousin, hey, you like guitar hero, and my cousin said, ugh, that is the worst game ever. Bonding moment over. He said, because I can play the guitar, it's stupid to fake play it on a video game.

    Now this seems to make sense and me not being able to play the guitar to judge for myself, do you have fun when you play guitar hero or do you feel like, just give me my guitar!

    (I probably could have skipped all the background on that question, but I was in a typing mood)

  3. playing guitar hero is nothing at all like playing a real guitar for me. Though when I play it, people say I look like I'm playing my guitar. I'm not sure if that's an insult, cause I hit a lot of wrong notes on GH.

    And I don't put my plastic GH guitar down and feel like playing my Gibson. After playing GH I usually feel like icing my wrist from having my ass handed to me by a computer...

  4. Your sister saw the plastic guitar laying on the floor in my apartment and without even thinking... she placed it carefully against the wall (standing up)

    sooo... it's the same thing to me since i can't play one chord on the gui-tar.....

    let this girl live the dream she didn't know she had.

  5. I am SO bad at Guitar Hero. I try not to play it, but I usually get, "You're a musician!". Yes, I play things with strings and mouthpieces, not plastic buttons. haha My reasoning (aka my excuse as to why I am so bad at the game) is that as a musician, we anticipate the beat... Guitar Hero wants it right on. That always makes me feel better about myself...