Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Weekend with Nini and the band!

Just getting back from a great weekend of dates with the band!  This is the first time we've done a "string" of dates since March, 2008 - it felt so great to be back out doing what we love.  Thanks to everyone for coming out to support us.  It was so great to see all the familiar faces in the audiences.  In Northampton we actually had several brand new people who had never seen us before.  I had to reprogram my brain for a minute!  This is the only AR they've ever known!  No comparisons to be made.  They loved what they saw and I could've kissed them full on the lips!

In Philly we got to have dinner with Jenny Z. and her husband Marc, and our old friend Marcy Lang opened the show.  Again, loads of familiar faces including some fans who first saw us in 1997 - the original AR lineup with Peppy (lead vox), Suzanne (backing vox), Cathy (lead guitar),  Teri (bass) and me on drums!  They said this latest version of AR reminds them of those early days when the band was comprised of best friends from Bucknell.  I knew exactly what they meant by it.  Nini has become a very good friend over the past few years, and I'm glad people can feel that in the audience.  Bandmates getting along is such an important element to what makes the chemistry work.

And last night in New York City I thought I stepped into a time machine.  It was OLD SCHOOL AR for sure.  So good to see all the fans who helped create the Traveling Circus!  It's been so long since we've seen many of you and we're glad to have you back out at shows.

We hope to keep this energy and excitement alive over the next few months as we focus on recording some studio tracks for you.  We will be doing as many local shows as possible and plan on hitting the pavement much harder in the new year.  In the meantime, many of you who were in attendance know, Nini Camps is 7 months pregnant and due in late November!  We're thrilled for her, obviously, and want to be sure she has the time she needs to get through the next few months in the healthiest way possible.  She is a confessed workaholic, so studio tracks will definietly be in the works.  But touring will have to wait until the new year.  Like I said, though, local shows will continue as long as they can and I'm sure they will start up as soon as Nini feels up to it after she delivers.

In the meantime, we will be doing another show at Caserta Vecchia on Wednesday night - October 14th.  Again, it will be a 3 course dinner deal plus US!  And when I say US, I mean Dena too.  It will be a mellower version of the show with Dena's set up being much sparser than usual.  Intimate.  And fun.  And the food is outstanding, so everyone's a winner.  Make your reservations now for a really great night of food and music.

Also, we will be loading a few of the Inst-Antigone Live! recordings from this weekend's run into our Snocap store.  It takes me a few minutes to get it all done these days, so bare with me.  We will send out a mass email this week once everything is posted.

In the meantime, keep checking back to our ARTV channel on You Tube.  We've started posting backstage and behind the scenes footage from this run of dates.   Four clips just posted from our Iron Horse date in Northampton, MA on 09.10.09.  Also, Amanda has posted several videos from our NYC show on 09.12.09.  Be sure to check out her You Tube Channel as well!

Lastly, after a short hiatus, the message board is back up and running.  We were having a fairly intense spam problem that we were unable to keep up with about a month or so ago.  We've installed a few more security features and hope to have things a bit more under control.  Please feel free to post your thoughts and comments on the board and email us if you see anything you really didn't expect to see, if you know what I mean.

Keep checking back!


  1. Man, "Slide" southern rocks! Also, Kristen, wasn't Autumn (nee Worthington, married Martini) on bass before Teri Avella? Autumn is happily married in Florida, she's still all about playing bass and she still holds a great respect for the band. The last part is also valid for most of us, I guess.

  2. Whoo hoo! Sounds great with Nini. I wasn't there (stupid distance), but I can tell how much fun you guys were having. I'm telling ya--- add some Trina to the studio works. haha :)

    But glad to see that AR is alive and kickin'!!!

    Also, is my Antigone Four t-shirt a collectors item!? :D

  3. Edi, you are totally correct. The band line up from 1997 was all the original members, except for Teri Avella. I consider the original line up to be Peppy, Suzanne, Cathy and me. We played out as a foursome for 2 years before we began adding bass players into the mix. And actually, a bass player by the name of Myra Adams sat in with us even before Autumn Worthington. And both play bass tracks on our 1996 studio release, "She's Gone a Little Mad."

    Autumn's a great player. Glad to hear she's still doing it.

  4. Great show in Northampton Thursday night. We thought you ladies were awesome! Thanks for chatting with us after the show (we're the ones who talked your ear off). We'll be sure to tell everyone how great the band sounded! So glad to see you come around again to our neck of the woods!

  5. So sorry I missed ur Bitter End show but my 2 week old nephew needed a babysitter..I know you understand :) Thanks to Amanda I got to see some amazing performances and have to say...WOW...I think magic is happening again. I felt that old time AR excitment coming thru my computer. I mean ... "Slide" was ridiculously cool. So happy you have Nini & are making great music again. Also cool that u had Marcy Lang open for you. Hope there will be more shows with her here in NY. I know her & am a fan & love her sound. She's got that new CD comin out with Dena on percussion. What a nice mix of talent. Thnks to Amanda & ARTV for bringing those of us at home the shows. Keep on Rockin Ladies.....And all the best to Nini for a healthy delivery...Many Blessings for her new baby!!!!
    Peace, Rie

  6. Kristen,
    I agree. The chemistry and sheer joy was obvious at the Bitter End. I can't overstate how happy I am that you ladies are sounding great and clearly enjoying yourselves. It did feel like old times. I am looking forward to seeing more shows. But unfortunately, probably can't make the Oct. 14th due to work committments.

  7. Thanks for the youtube channel pimping, Hendo. :)

  8. I think Kristen just called me "old"! HAHA!
    I had a great time with you all on Friday in Philly! It's wonderful to see everyone looking so happy, energized, and loving the music again! You were having fun, rocking out, and had every single person in the room feeling the exact same way! I'm glad that I got to be a part of it in Philly! Anytime ladies! Anytime!